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Academic Members

Dr Balcombe

Dr Paul Balcombe
MEng, PhD, CEng, MIChemE, FHEA

Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering and Renewable Energy
Specialises in developing unique technology-specific, probabilistic emissions/cost modelling of energy supply chains, particularly relating to methane emissions from natural gas, as well as hydrogen and ammonia supply chains.
Email p.balcombe@qmul.ac.uk

Prof Sir Bhadeshia

Prof Sir Harry Bhadeshia

Professor of Metallurgy
I work on the theory of solid-state phase transformations with emphasis on the prediction and verification of structural development in complex metallic alloys, particularly multicomponent steels. Theory for the interaction of hydrogen with iron and its compounds. Subjects covered: physical and chemical metallurgy, steels, phase transformations, mathematical modelling, design of alloys, materials algorithms. Development of freely available teaching resources in metallurgy.
Email h.bhadeshia@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Boek

Dr Edo Boek

Reader in Chemical Engineering
Research in the group of Dr Edo Boek focuses on sustainable energy and earth resources engineering. Our group investigates novel technologies to help solve the Energy Trilemma, including 1) sustainable drinking water treatment, e.g. PFAS ("forever chemicals") remediation, using fluidised / granular bed reactors and image analysis; 2) separation and harvesting of nutritionals, biofuels and pharmaceuticals from cultivated micro-algal suspensions; 3) Geothermal Energy Engineering, incl. development of sustainable and HTHP stable colloidal drilling fluids; 4) smart design of carbon materials for electrochemical devices, including Redox Flow Batteries, using Molecular Dynamics simulations, pore-scale imaging and reactive multi-phase flow modelling.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 2964     Email e.boek@qmul.ac.uk

Prof Briscoe

Prof Joe Briscoe
MSci (Hons), PhD, FHEA, CSci, MIMMM, MInstP

Professor of Energy Materials and Devices
My group's research is focused on the use of thin films and nanostructured materials for renewable energy applications, including: semiconductor photocatalysts, photoelectrocatalysis (PEC) & solar fuels; photovoltaic devices; ferroelectrics for solar energy conversion; piezoelectric energy harvesting. We have a particular interest in the use of polar (ferroelectric & piezoelectric) materials and nanomaterials in these devices with expertise in solution-based synthesis of materials, material characterisation and device fabrication and testing, including flexible devices.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 3552     Email j.briscoe@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Buchan

Dr Andrew Buchan

Senior Lecturer in Engineering Science
I design numerical models for predicting the behaviour and understanding the uncertainties in the operation of nuclear reactor cores and other nuclear processing facilities. In particular I develop mathematical models to accurately predict neutron and gamma transport within nuclear reactors, and couple these to thermal hydraulic codes that model coolant flows and heat transfer within a core. I am particularly interested in analysing both current nuclear reactors as well as those due to be built within the UK in the coming years, in particular the boiling water reactors, small water reactors. I am also heavily involved in the design of new mathematical models that predict the progression/state of a nuclear reactor's core in the event of severe accident scenarios.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 6087     Email a.buchan@qmul.ac.uk

Prof Busfield

Prof James Busfield

Professor of Materials
Examining the physical behaviour by experiment and modelling techniques of soft matter such as elastomers and rubber materials. Properties of interest include abrasion, friction, fracture, creep, fatigue, viscoelastic behaviour, modulus enhancement, self healing, recycling, ageing and composite filler reinforcement. Developing smart soft materials that can sense their environment and soft actuating materials that can change shape in response to a physical stimulus.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 8866     Email j.busfield@qmul.ac.uk

Prof Bushby

Prof Andy Bushby
BSc(Eng), PhD, FIMMM, FRMS, MInstPhys

Professor of Materials Science
Understanding how materials are stronger when at small size scales: This behaviour is being commercialised in the spin-out company 'Ultima Forma' in advanced engineering applications such as the protection of composites from harsh environments such as heat and erosion damage, and containment of hydrogen for clean energy and zero carbon transport. Materials characterisation: such as micromechanical testing and 3D electron microscopy.
Email a.j.bushby@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Crespo-Ribadeneyra

Dr Maria Crespo-Ribadeneyra

Lecturer in Green Energy
The overarching aim of my research is to make the manufacture of energy materials sustainable; from using renewable feedstocks to introducing compliance and self-regenerating properties to the materials and architectures to enhance their lifespan. My vision encompasses a material-agnostic, multi-length scale redesign (material, cell and device) to enable long-lasting battery components for the transition to a net-zero energy economy.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 3119     Email m.ribadeneyra@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Crick

Dr Colin Crick

Senior Lecturer in Materials Science
Research group leader in the development of Novel Functional Materials, focusing on the engineering of surface chemistry and morphology for targeted applications. This includes; water repellent materials, water purification, anti-biofouling and self-cleaning surfaces. Expertise encompasses a wide range of materials and coatings synthesis methodologies, advanced characterisation techniques, and performance benchmarking. Dr Crick works closely with a range of commercial and academic partners to target real-world impact.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 6886     Email c.crick@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Cullen

Dr Patrick Cullen
MChem, PhD, FHEA

Senior Lecturer in Renewable Energy
My expertise is in synthesising scalably made nanomaterials and embedding them into energy devices for increased performance. These include devices such as Li-ion batteries, Na-ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. I also develop novel operando techniques for probe the materials in energy devices as they work. My work takes place in the lab at Queen Mary or at neutron or synchrotron X-ray sources such as ISIS and Diamond.
Telephone +44(0)20 7882 6596     Email p.cullen@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Fenwick

Dr Oliver Fenwick

Reader in Materials Science
Developing materials for electronic devices such as LEDs, transistors and thermoelectric generators. The materials include organic semiconductors, carbon materials and halide perovskites, as well as self-assembled monolayers for the control of interfaces in devices. I have a particular interest in thermal measurements, controlling nanoscale morphology and self-assembly to tune functional properties.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 3150     Email o.fenwick@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Grasso

Dr Salvatore Grasso

Senior Lecturer in Ceramics
His current research is around the use of intense Electric (voltages up to 10kV and current up to 0.6 MA) and Magnetic fields (15 Tesla) to develop novel processing techniques to design unprecedented materials properties. Multi fields assisted processing is a key component of his current research vision. The focus is on ceramic materials, including textured ceramics, battery materials, thermoelectrics and transparent oxides. Low energy processing and sustainability are key aspects of his research vision. He is currently Editor of the European Ceramic Society, Associate Editor of both the American ceramic society and International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology. Keywords: Functional ceramics for energy: Fuel cells and solid state batteries Sustainable manufacturing: Ultra-fast high temperature sintering and Cold sintering Advanced material processing: Strong magnetic field alignment, Field Assisted Processing, Thermal shock synthesis
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 2773     Email s.grasso@qmul.ac.uk

Prof Sir Humphreys

Prof Sir Colin Humphreys

Professor of Materials Science
Graphene and graphene electronic devices, from basic science through to manufacturable graphene devices. Advanced electron microscopy. Gallium nitride materials and devices, for example LEDs.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 3450     Email c.humphreys@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Ismail

Dr Ahmed Ismail

Lecturer in Fluid Dynamics
My work focuses mainly on multiphase flow in micro-scale. This includes capillary jets, microdroplets and also electrohydrodynamics. The main objective of my research is to understand the physics in such small scale and then use this knowledge to develop different technologies . I use experimental tools such as high speed imaging, theoretical approaches such as dimensionless analysis and development of scaling laws, and numerical methods to tackle challenges that arise from industry in areas such as 2D printing, additive manufacturing and micro-encapsulation. Keywords: Electrospray, Direct Printing, Microfluidics, Drops & Bubbles, Microencapsulation, Capillary jet.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 6272     Email a.ismail@qmul.ac.uk

Prof Jiang

Prof Xi Jiang
PhD, CEng, FIMechE, AFIChemE

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
The expertise of Prof Jiang is primarily in Energy/Environmental Engineering Applications, using Advanced Modelling/Simulation. The Applications include: Cleaner combustion utilisation of alternative and sustainable fuels; Combustion under extreme conditions; Geological carbon storage; Internal combustion engines and gas turbine combustors; Thermal management of batteries and computers/servers; Waste utilisation and management. The Modelling/Simulation techniques include: Big data analytics for energy utilisation applications; Digital Twin for marine engine decarbonisation / digitalisation; High-performance computing (HPC) for thermofluid applications; Large-eddy simulation / direct numerical simulation for fluid flow, heat transfer and combustion; Machine learning (with applications to fuel property and combustion emission predictions); Molecular dynamics simulation; (Multi-scale) modelling of flow in porous media; (Simplified) engineering modelling approach: 1D modelling of heat transfer applications.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 5009     Email xi.jiang@qmul.ac.uk

Prof Jorge Sobrido

Prof Ana Jorge Sobrido

Professor of Sustainable Energy Materials
Dr Sobrido's research focuses in the development of new sustainable materials for energy storage and conversion applications. Her group develops new materials, mostly in the freestanding form, for devices including redox flow batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells and water electrolysers. Some of the synthesis and processing techniques include electrospinning and 3D printing. Her group is also interested in developing materials for CO2 conversion and photoelectrochemical water splitting.
Telephone +44(0)20 7882 6782     Email a.sobrido@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Karimi

Dr Nader Karimi

Reader in Mechanical Engineering
My research is in the general area of thermofluids with an emphasis on Sustainable Energy and Fuels. This broadly includes investigations on climate-neutral fuels and thermal management of energy storage systems. Examples of the former involve a series of ongoing works on production and utilisation of hydrogen, biosyngas, ammonia and other e-fuels. The latter includes projects on thermal management of batteries and electrolysers with the aim of improving their performance. I also work on the optimisation of hybridised energy systems. Members of my research group conduct computational modelling (including data-driven approaches) and experimental studies at both fundamental and applied levels.
Email n.karimi@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Li

Dr Zhe Li
MPhys, PhD, FHEA

Senior Lecturer
The research of my group is focused on the development of high performnce, high stabiltiy and environmentally friendly solution processed semiconductors and devices for photovoltaic applications and beyond. We have a particular interest in understanding the materials structure-function-stability-exotoxicity relationships of solution processed organic, perovskite and quantum dot semiconductors and utilise such relationship to develop sustainable solar cells and other types of optoelectronic devices.
Telephone 020 7882 6887     Email zhe.li@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Liu

Dr Haibao Liu

Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering
Dr Haibao Liu specialises in experimental characterisation and numerical modeling of composite materials. He is currently focused on developing high-fidelity approaches for assessing the performance of composite structures and exploring the use of recycled fibres to create high-performance fabrics and composites.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 8732     Email haibao.liu@qmul.ac.uk

Prof Livingston

Prof Andrew Livingston
BEng(Hons) MSc(Economics) PhD CEng FIChemE FREng FRS

Vice-Principal (Research) and Professor of Chemical Engineering
Molecular Separations. Membrane fabrication, membrane characterisation, membrane transport processes, membrane process simulation. Chemical and biochemical processes. Synthesis of exact polymers, including oligonucleotide therapeutics, peptides, PEGs and Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC). Membrane processes in organic systems. Organic Solvent Nanofiltration (OSN). Defined monomer sequence synthetic polymers. Polymer therapeutics. Scale up of chemical processes. Scale up of membrane fabrication processes. Creation of new technology platforms for oligo synthesis, peptide synthesis, advanced ADC, PEGylation of biopharmaceuticals.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 3006     Email a.livingston@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Lu

Dr Xuekun Lu

Lecturer in Green Energy
My research group focuses on (1) revealing the interplay between 3D microstructure and the performance/failure mechanisms of the electrochemical energy devices (e.g., lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells etc) across multiple spatial and temporal domains using correlative (in operando) characterisation techniques; (2) multiscale multiphysics modelling (continuum and 3D microstructure-resolved) of the mass transport and electrochemical performance at the electrode, device and system level; (3) developing scalable and sustainable engineering solutions to fabricate advanced electrodes with tunable microstructure to unlock the full potential of the energy, power density and cycle life of next-generation lithium-ion batteries.
Email xuekun.lu@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Macdonald

Dr Tom Macdonald
BTech, BSc (Hons), PhD

Senior Lecturer in Materials Science
Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials for application in photovoltaics.
Email t.j.macdonald@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Mueller

Dr Jens-Dominik Mueller
Dipl-Ing, MSc, PhD

Reader in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Optimisation
Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Biofluids, Shape Optimisation, Adjoint methods, Mesh adaptation, Sensitivity Analysis, Systems Engineering, Data-driven modelling
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 5421     Email j.mueller@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Papageorgiou

Dr Dimitrios Papageorgiou

Senior Lecturer in Materials Science
My research interests lie in all aspects of the relationships between structure and multifunctional properties of polymers and composites. My work also explores the application of strain on nanomaterials and nanocomposites for the understanding of their deformation mechanisms, their intrinsic mechanical properties and their phase changes under strain. By incorporating concepts of materials science, physics, chemistry and biology, my research targets several technologies that will impact our society in the future such as high-performance nanocomposites, bio-based polymers and composites, energy generation and storage, sensitive sensors and actuators.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 2650     Email d.papageorgiou@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Park

Dr Jae-Hwan Park

Senior Lecturer in Engineering Management
National Strategy on Sustainable Development, Economic and Industry Strategy, Data Sharing Systems, Systems Innovation, Industry Transition, Regional Development, Technological Innovation, Digitalisation, Ecological Governance
Email jae-hwan.park@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Paykani

Dr Amin Paykani
PhD, FHEA, CEng, MIMechE

Lecturer in Sustainable Propulsion Systems
Thermal propsulsion systems; zero/low-carbon Fuels; computational multiphysics; reduced order modelling; thermal management
Email a.paykani@qmul.ac.uk

Prof Pugno

Prof Nicola Pugno

Professor of Materials Science
Bio-inspired, Bionic, Nano, Meta Materials and Mechanics (including Fracture Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Tribology, Wettability, Adhesion, Scaling laws, etc.)
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 6310     Email n.pugno@qmul.ac.uk

Prof Reece

Prof Michael Reece

Professor of Functional Ceramics
Processing and electromechanical properties of functional materials, including ferroelectrics, thermoelectrics and high entropy ceramics
Email m.j.reece@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Shaheed

Dr Hasan Shaheed
PhD (Sheffield), PGCAP (London), SFHEA, MIEEE, CEng, MIET, NTF

Reader in Robotics and Renewable Energy
(a) Systems/Applications: Aerial Robotics, Solarcopter, Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems, Osmotic Power, Blue Energy, Medical Robotics including Miniature Robots for Extreme Environment, Endoscopic Capsule Robots, Leader-follower Robots, Medical / Surgical devices, Prosthetics, Water Desalination and Cancer. (b) Approaches: System Design, Modelling, Identification, Control, Optimisation, Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic), Machine Learning (Whale Optimisation, Grey Wolf Optimisation, Ant Colony etc.) Biomedical Signal Processing, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology with application to Cancer Prognosis and Classification.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 3319     Email m.h.shaheed@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Slavchov

Dr Radomir Slavchov
BSc, MSc, PhD

Lecturer in Chemical Engineering
(i) Adsorption of surfactants and electrolytes; (ii) capillary shapes, capillary flows, wetting, biomechanics; (iii) theory of surface electric phenomena; (iv) chemical physics of mixtures, quadrupolar solvents, fuel chemistry; (v) combustion engines.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 8938     Email r.slavchov@qmul.ac.uk

Prof Smoukov

Prof Stoyan Smoukov

Professor of Chemical Engineering
My interests and expertise are in growing material robotics - programming matter as inspired by nature, to produce microscopic micro-robots that are both multifunctional and autonomous. We are developing sustainable manufacturing methods for bottom-up assembly from molecules, using phase transitions in confined geometries, the artificial morphogenesis process we have discovered for producing regular geometric shapes. Our work spans experiments in colloids and interfaces, molecular dynamics simulation of phase transitions, drug delivery platforms, as well as studying the fundamentals of the origin of life.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 5305     Email s.smoukov@qmul.ac.uk

Prof Tanner

Prof Elizabeth Tanner
OBE, FREng, FRSE, PhD (Hon Caus), MA, DPhil, FIMMM, FIMechE, FIPEM, CEng, CSci

Bonfield Professor of Biomedical Materials
My research interests are in the development, testing and use of biomaterials for bone and joint replacement. In particular composites of bioactive ceramics and polymers which can encourage bone ongrowth yet have sufficient mechanical properties to be used for load bearing applications. These are based on either non-degradable or degradable artificial or natural polymers depending on application. In parallel I have interests in the mechanical properties of bone and the effects of pathology on these properties.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 6785     Email k.e.tanner@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Volpe

Dr Roberto Volpe

Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering
I design pyrolysis and gasification experiments to study the fundamental aspects of biomass thermal decomposition. My expertise ranges from the investigation of the pathways to thermo-chemical breakdown of solid biofuels to the synthesis of gaseous/liquid energy vectors and renewable carbon materials for catalysis and environmental applications such as water remediation.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 7748     Email r.volpe@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Vukusic

Dr Sulafudin Vukusic

Senior Lecturer in Materials Chemistry
Polymer Science, Chemical Education, Engineering and Materials Education
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 2963     Email s.vukusic@qmul.ac.uk

Prof Wang

Prof Huasheng Wang

Professor of Thermofluids Engineering
Dr Wang's research interests are in the areas of enhanced heat transfer, condensation, boiling, solid-liquid phase change heat transfer, measurement method, molecule dynamics simulation, multi-scale simulation, advanced refrigeration, sustainable thermal energy systems and intelligent buildings.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 7921     Email h.s.wang@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Yan

Dr Haixue Yan

Reader in Materials Science and Engineering
My research aims to understand the relationships between structures and properties of functional materials including dielectrics, piezoelectric and ferroelectrics. By studying these relationships, we can design and develop materials with optimised properties for different applications.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 5164     Email h.x.yan@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Zhang

Dr Han Zhang

Senior Lecturer in Materials Science
Han's expertise in the field of polymers and composites range from manufacturing to characterization of advanced polymer composites and nanocomposites, especially of multifunctional composites for future lightweight structural applications. His current research focuses on the sustainable development of advanced composites, including energy efficient sustainable manufacturing, integrated health monitoring and easy repairing functionalities for extended components' life.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 2726     Email han.zhang@qmul.ac.uk

Postdoc Research Associates

Dr Abadikhah

Dr Hamidreza Abadikhah

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Email h.amadikhah@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Andrew Livingston

Dr Al-Kadhimi

Dr Mustafa Al-Kadhimi
BSc, MSc, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Email m.al-kadhimi@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Andrew Livingston

Ms Burggraef

Ms Maria Burggraef

Research Assistant and Early Career Researcher
Email m.burggraef@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Andrew Livingston

Dr Burrows

Dr Stephen Burrows
MEng, MSc, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Telephone 07999088315     Email s.burrows@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Stoyan Smoukov

Dr Da Silva Machado De Freitas

Dr Rodolfo Da Silva Machado De Freitas
PhD, MSc

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Synthetic Fuel Utilisation
Telephone +44 (0) 7442920811     Email rodolfo.dasilvamachadodefreitas@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Xi Jiang

Dr Gaffney

Dr Piers Gaffney

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Email p.gaffney@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Andrew Livingston

Mrs He

Mrs Qinrong He

Research Assistant
Email q.he@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Han Zhang

Dr Jiang

Dr Zhiwei Jiang

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Email zhiwei.jiang@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Andrew Livingston

Dr Kaur

Dr Anureet Kaur

Research Assistant
Email anureet.kaur@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: James Busfield

Dr Li Volsi

Dr Anna Li Volsi

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Email a.volsi@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Andrew Livingston

Dr Manzoor

Dr Faisal Manzoor

Experimental Technologist (KTP Associate)
3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, Fused Deposition Modelling, Orthopedic Implants, Biomaterials, Nanotechnology, Material Science, Hydroxyapatite, Doped Hydroxyapatite, Electrospinning, Biomineralization
Email f.manzoor@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Radomir Slavchov

Dr Meng

Dr Li Meng

My primary research interest is focused on organic and inorganic/organic hybrid materials for application in solar cells.
Email meng.li@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Zhe Li

Dr Min

Dr Ganghong Min

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Email g.min@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Tom Macdonald

Dr Mingoes

Dr Carlos Mingoes

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Email eey087@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Ana Jorge Sobrido

Dr Misra

Dr Ravi Misra

Postdoctoral Research Assiatnt
Halide perovskite photovoltaics (PPVs), fullerene and non-fullerene acceptor (NFA) containing organic photovoltaics (OPVs), their upscaling, accelerated stability assessment of PV materials and devices under concentrated sunlight, electrolyte gated organic field effect transistor (EGOFET) based chemical sensors, and materials for water purification.
Email r.kantmisra@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Joe Briscoe

Dr Mondal

Dr Subrata Mondal

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Lipid Nanoparticles, Functional Materials, Drug Delivery, Protein-Ligand Interaction, Protein Aggregation, Spectroscopy & Microscopy, Biophysics of Proteins & Peptides,
Email s.mondal@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Stoyan Smoukov

Dr Murillo Herrera

Dr Luis Mauricio Murillo Herrera

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Organic synthesis, computational chemistry, catalysis, ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents.
Email l.m.murilloherrera@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Ana Jorge Sobrido

Dr Nabais

Dr Rita Nabais

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Email a.nabais@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Andrew Livingston

Dr Naderizadeh

Dr Sara Naderizadeh

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
I am currently working on BFTT, or Business of Fashion, Textiles and Technology project, funded by AHRC-UKRI. This project is a five-year industry-led project, which focusses on delivering sustainable innovation within the entire fashion and textile supply chain. There are several academic and industrial partners around UK in this project. The main project that I involved is in collaboration with Nurvv company, to develop a wearable sensing technology that enables monitoring physical gait and body health with sports, ageing, and healthcare applications.
Email s.naderizadeh@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: James Busfield

Dr Ontaneda

Dr Jorge Ontaneda

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
DFT simulations of solid-state materials, including but not limited to: ferroelectric materials, enantioselective heterogeneous catalysis, heteroepitaxial systems, and supported 2D materials.
Email j.ontaneda@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Joe Briscoe

Dr Pal

Dr Subhajit Pal
MSc, PhD, MInstP

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Investigation of the physical properties of dielectric, piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials are the main topics of my research interest. In particular, the studies of ferroelectric photovoltaic, photo-ferroelectric and electrostriction phenomena in both centro and non-centrosymmetric systems. My current research focuses on synthesizing nanostructured ferroelectric thin films for the development of next-generation solar cell devices, which is an ERC-funded project. We use the AFM technique to characterize the nanostructured thin film.
Email subhajit.pal@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Joe Briscoe

Dr Peeva

Dr Ludmila Peeva

Research Fellow
Telephone +44(0)2078822814     Email l.peeva@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Andrew Livingston

Dr Rajabi

Dr Alireza Rajabi
BSc, MSc, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
My research is focused on searching for new technologies for producing small droplets, as they are used in many applications including printing, food production, painting, and energy conversion. We study and use affecting parameters (pressure, surface tension, viscosity and electric stresses) in order to control liquid jets and droplets in small scales, that is below one millimeter down to sub-micrometer.
Email a.rajabi@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Ahmed Ismail

Miss Sadler

Miss Emma Sadler

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Materials Science
Email emma.sadler@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Colin Crick

Dr Serrano Claumarchirant

Dr Jose Francisco Serrano Claumarchirant

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Synthesis of conductive polymers and development of hybrid materials for thermoelectric applications. I am particularly interested in the development of wearable thermoelectric generators.
Email j.f.serrano@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Oliver Fenwick

Mr Suena Galindez

Mr Eugenio Sebastian Suena Galindez
MEng MInstP AMIMechE

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Thermoelectrics, Thermodynamics, Transient Electronics, Printed Electronics
Email exx322@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Dimitrios Papageorgiou

Dr Thielke

Dr Michael Thielke

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
My research is focussed on electrospinning of bio-based materials to produce submicron and nanosized carbon fibres for the use as electrode materials in flow batteries. I am developing novel strategies to control the fibre morphology and the chemical composition of the carbon fibres to obtain ideal materials to further improve the stability and performance of the batteries, while focusing on the development a green strategy for future applications that can be realised from fully sustainable resources.
Email m.thielke@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Ana Jorge Sobrido

Dr Thomas

Dr Marjolaine Thomas

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Polymer/Exactymer Synthesis
Email marjolaine.thomas@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Andrew Livingston

Dr Wan

Dr Xinyi Wan

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Email xinyi.wan@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Andrew Livingston

Dr Zaidi

Dr Naveed Zaidi

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Email n.zaidi@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Andrew Livingston

Professional Services

Current PhD Projects

Thesis TitleSupervisor
Models development for integrating membrane-based desalination with Pressure Retarded Osmosis as power generationHasan Shaheed
Affect of mechanical deformation of solar cell performanceJoe Briscoe
Granular Imaging Analysis for Irregularly Shaped ParticlesEdo Boek
Organic Solvent NanofiltrationAndrew Livingston
Enhancing Battery Materials through Magnetic Field AlignmentSalvatore Grasso
Numerical simulation and experimental investigation of heat pump for domestic heatingHuasheng Wang
Thermal Management of BatteriesNader Karimi
Low Dimensional Halide Perovskite Derivatives and Metal Halides for Thermoelectric ApplicationsOliver Fenwick
A Miniature Low-cost Assistive Robotic System for Disabled and ElderlyHasan Shaheed
Impact of Indoor Light-Induced Degradation Mechanism on Structural, optical and optoelectronic properties of Cation and Anion Incorporated Wide Bandgap Perovskite Solar Cell MaterialsZhe Li
Membrane enhanced peptide synthesis by one-pot nanostar sieving (updated 29/8/2023)Andrew Livingston
Unravelling surface chemistry - Electrochemical 2022 SEMS AJAna Jorge Sobrido
2023 SEMS JBTom Macdonald
Investigation of selective electrocatalysts for CO2 reductionAna Jorge Sobrido
2023 SEMS JBJoe Briscoe
Investigating Pyroresistive Conductive Polymer Composites with Improved Thermal StabilityHan Zhang
Nanomaterials with photoactive and antimicrobial propertiesColin Crick
Early-stage detection of colon cancerColin Humphreys
Photophysics of Tin-Lead Halide Perovskite for Tandem PhotovoltaicsTom Macdonald
Reducing emissions from gas supply chainsPaul Balcombe
Lifetime predictions of ElastomersJames Busfield
Nano-engineered Smart Coatings for Multifunctional CompositesHan Zhang
Solar-powered VTOL Unmanned Aerial System Design and ControlHasan Shaheed
Modelling and Control of a Robotic Active Capsule EndoscopeHasan Shaheed
Durable 3D nanostructured Zn anodes for rechargeable Zn-airPatrick Cullen
Cesium based perovskite material for perovskite solar cellsJoe Briscoe
Towards ferroelectric-enhanced solar energy conversion; the effect of ferroelectric fields on charge carrier dynamicsJoe Briscoe
Phase transitions in Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3 based ferroelectrics.Haixue Yan
Biobased and multifunctional polymer nanocomposites for sustDimitrios Papageorgiou
Improving the quality of Drinking Water using Liquid-Solid fluidisation and filtration methodsEdo Boek
Light Activated Antibacterial Membranes for Hernia RepairElizabeth Tanner
Scalable aerosol-assisted chemical vapour deposition and post-treatment of hybrid perovskite photovoltaicsJoe Briscoe
Membrane Separation in API Manufacture ? Scoping and Performance PredictionAndrew Livingston
Modeling and control of a robotic retractor for minimally invasive colorectal surgeryHasan Shaheed
Advanced materials for multilayer ceramic capacitorsHaixue Yan
Raman Spectroscopy on in situ upgraded Bio-oilsRoberto Volpe
Development of a Prosthetic HandHasan Shaheed
Prediction of battery cooling processes in electric vehiclesNader Karimi
Energy filtering in polymer-nanotube composites for thermoelectricsOliver Fenwick
Interstitial Hydrides of High Entropy AlloysMichael Reece
Synthesis of polymeric/pyrolytic carbons composite heart valvesRoberto Volpe
Piezo-photocatalysts for pollution treatment and solar fuelJoe Briscoe
Elucidation of Smear Wear MechanismJames Busfield
Carbon black reinforcement of tyre tread compoundsJames Busfield
Multiscale characterisation of Graphite/Si electrodesXuekun Lu
Ultra-stable Hydrophobic Membranes for Molecular SeparationsAndrew Livingston
High Entropy ThermoelectricsMichael Reece
Sustainable composites with easy repairing capabilitiesHan Zhang
Membrane Separation in API Manufacture ? Scoping and PerformAndrew Livingston
Study on the Behaviour of Micro/Nano Droplets Subject to Temperature VariationStoyan Smoukov
Promotion of the C-C coupling reaction by Nanoparticles embedded in MOFs catalysts Dr Patrick Cullen is now Primary SupervisorPatrick Cullen
Shape optimisation of winglets and wing appendages using CAD-based shape optimisationJens-Dominik Mueller
PIM networks for OSN and chiral separationAndrew Livingston
Design of vanadium based cathode materials for aqueous zincTom Macdonald
N-Type Organic Materials for Thermoelectric ApplicationsOliver Fenwick
Thermal Management of Electric Traction MotorsAmin Paykani
Synthesis of carbon based catalysts for the sustainable upgrade of agro-waste pyrolysis products into biofuelsRoberto Volpe
Thermoelectric Metal-Organic Frameworks: Design, Synthesis and AssessmentOliver Fenwick
Nanostructured hematite with crosslinked PEDOT:PSS hybrid photoelectrodes for photoelectrochemical applicationsJoe Briscoe
In-situ study of biomass pyrolysis and the utilisation of its solid products in Reverse Water-Gas Shift reactions.Roberto Volpe
Sustainable Future Footwear and Fashion TechnologyJames Busfield
Engineered Bone Bioengineered Interface to model osteolytic breast cancer metastatic nicheElizabeth Tanner
Prosthetic Hand Control with ML/AI MMG Signal ProcessingHasan Shaheed
Sustainable High-Performance CompositesDimitrios Papageorgiou
Filler Reinforcement of ElastomersJames Busfield
Methane emissions in Europe: by how much can they be reduced and how do we get there?Paul Balcombe
A Membrane-based Platform for Polymer SynthesisAndrew Livingston
Development of ferroelectric nanocomposites for solar energy devicesJoe Briscoe
Optimisation of a Novel Polymeric Heart ValveJames Busfield
Project Title Hydrodynamic printing of complex biomaterialsAhmed Ismail
Intrinsic surface dipole moment and surface dipole-ion interactions on fluid interfacesRadomir Slavchov
Optimisation of Tyre Wear PerformanceJames Busfield
Ferroelectric PolymersMichael Reece
Replacing Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) with next-generation graphene in electronic devicesColin Humphreys
Plant-Based/Sustainable Food-Grade Liquid Repellent CoatingsColin Crick
Analysis of charge carrier dynamics of ferroelectric nanocomJoe Briscoe
Nanostructured Reinforcing Fillers to Enhance Physical and Mechanical PropertiesJames Busfield
The Systematic Design and Fabrication of Applied Superhydrophobic MaterialsColin Crick
Graphene based transparent electrodes for tuneable optical devicesJames Busfield
2D Energy Materials: Modifying Hard Carbon via Potassium Vapour Transport for use in Sodium Ion Battery AnodesPatrick Cullen
Dielectrophoretic manipulation of liquid exfoliated 2D materials on a chipPatrick Cullen
Molecular dynamic simulation of lipid-water interphasesStoyan Smoukov
A Comparative Study of Ammonia and Hydrogen Fuel Cells using Life Cycle AssessmentXi Jiang
3D printed metamaterials for functional applicationsDimitrios Papageorgiou
Investigation of combustion of ammonia blends for power and heat generationNader Karimi
Development of a novel hybrid membrane-crystallisation based liquid phase synthesis of TidesAndrew Livingston
Machine learning based prediction of combustion chemistryAmin Paykani
Fully printed thermoelectric devices.Oliver Fenwick
Innovative Tactile and Optical Sensing and Actuating DevicesJames Busfield
Advanced Thermal Management of Batteries For EVHuasheng Wang
Extraction of lipids from algae suspensions for biofuel applicationsEdo Boek
The investigation of high strength composites for fabricating superhydrophobic materials.Colin Crick
Relaxor ferroelectrics for energy harvestingHaixue Yan
Disintegration of liquid fragmentsAhmed Ismail
Multifunctional composites with integrated sensing and easy repairing capabilitiesHan Zhang
Strain engineering of polymer nanocomposites reinforced with 2D materialsDimitrios Papageorgiou
Processing and Properties of High Entropy CarbidesMichael Reece
Controlling Droplet Impact and PenetrationAhmed Ismail
Sustainable antibacterial electrospun fabrics for masks and medical applicationsAna Jorge Sobrido
Nanoparticle mRNA theranosticsStoyan Smoukov
High Entropy DielectricsHaixue Yan
Brazing of Ceramics and MetalsMichael Reece
2023 SEMS AJSAna Jorge Sobrido
Energy efficient manufacturing of multifunctional fibre reinforced compositesHan Zhang
Developing new and sustainable methods to extract valuable natural materials from cultivated microalgae suspensionsEdo Boek
Pb-free ferroelectrics for solid-state refrigerationHaixue Yan
Experimental and theoretical investigation of organic Rankine cyclesHuasheng Wang
Combined Molecular Dynamics and Experimental Study of Soot Formation during Biomass PyrolysisXi Jiang
Intelligent Miniature Aerial Vehicles for Disaster Sensing and Monitoring in Extreme EnvironmentHasan Shaheed
Printed hybrid thermoelectric generatorsOliver Fenwick
Investigation of the near-wall reacting flows over heterogamous catalystsNader Karimi
Polymer-based dielectric films with high thermal conductivityMichael Reece
Development of BiFeO3-based photo-ferroelectric materials for photoelectrochemical water splittingJoe Briscoe
Seaweed-based nanocomposites for packaging applicationsDimitrios Papageorgiou
Numerical simulation in composite-metal joint analysisHaixue Yan
Advanced Intelligent Control for Building Management SystemHuasheng Wang
Flexible hybrid energy harvesters based on ZnO nanogenerator and perovskite solar cellsJoe Briscoe
Spider silk bio-inspired composites for high thermal and mechanical propertiesDimitrios Papageorgiou

Past PhD Projects

Thesis TitleSupervisorYear
Investigations on Marangoni Condensation of Binary MixturesHuasheng Wang2018
High Performance Flow Control & Shape Optimisation SolverJens-Dominik Mueller, Sergey Karabasov2017
Model Predictive Controller design for an Efficient Hybrid Energy Wind/Solar/FC/BS Power System.M Hasan Shaheed, Hua Sheng Wang2017
Design modelling and control of a miniature robotic system for surgical applicationsM Hasan Shaheed, Ranjan Vepa2017
Effect of Electric Current on Ceramic ProcessingMike Reece2017
SmartNanoHeat - Self-regulating heating compoundsEmiliano Bilotti, James Busfield2017
The Investigation of the Fine Scale 3D Characteristics of Sediments Employing Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscopy (FIB-SEM)Andy Bushby2017
Robust and Stable discrete adjoint solver development for shape optimisation of incompressible flows with industrial applicationsJens-Dominik Mueller, Eldad Avital2017
Electric Breakdown of Dielectric Elastomer Actuator MaterialsFederico Carpi, James Busfield2017
Fatigue life prediction in aircraft tyresJames Busfield2017
Predicting tyre compound wear.James Busfield, Emiliano Bilotti2017
Development of materials and applications for electroactive compositesJames Busfield, Federico Carpi2017
The role of high frequency loading in the treatment of tendinopathyHaixue Yan, Asa Barber2017
Synthesis and Thermoelectric Properties of Layered Compound BiCuSOMike Reece, Haixue Yan2016
Biomimetic Layered Nanocomposites with Tunable Dynamical Mechanical Properties: Synthesis, Imaging and CharacterisationHimadri Gupta, Nicola Pugno2016
Modelling, optimisation and control of osmotic energy extraction from natural salinity gradients using pressure retarded osmosisM Hasan Shaheed, Theodosios Alexander2016
Buoyancy-Driven Two-Phase Flows of Liquid Metal contributing to the Generation of Electricity from a Fusion Reactor by Magnetohydrodynamic Energy ConversionChris Lawn, Hua Sheng Wang2016
Experimental and numerical study on heat transfer and pressure drop during mPCM slurry flow in microchannelsHua Sheng Wang, Steve Dunn2016
Grain Size Effect in Lead-Free Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-based Materials: Exploring The Ferroelectric BehaviorHaixue Yan, Mike Reece2016
Room Temperature Single Phase MultiferroicsHaixue Yan, Mike Reece2016
Processing and switching mechanism of ferroelectric copolymer P(VDF/TrFE)Mike Reece, Ton Peijs2016
The Strain Dependent Dielectric Behaviour of Carbon Black Filled Natural RubberJames Busfield, Emiliano Bilotti2016
Deformation in small dimensions studied by thin wires in torsionAndy Bushby, David Dunstan2016
Graphene Reinforced Nano-CompositesMike Reece2015
Electric Field Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition Processes on Titanium Dioxide Thin Films for PhotocatalysisRussell Binions, Mike Reece2015
Low Velocity Edge Impact on Composite Laminates: Damage Tolerance and Numerical SimulationsMike Reece2015
Enhancement of N-Type Semiconductor Photovoltaics with MultiferroicsSteve Dunn, Mike Reece2015
The development of a novel nanostructured silica filler for high friction and low rolling resistance rubber applications.James Busfield2015
Modelling and Interactional Control of a Multi-fingered Robotic Hand for Grasping and ManipulationM Hasan Shaheed, Henri Huijberts2015
A Study of the Fluid Dynamic Coupling Between LP Steam Turbine and its Exhaust HoodAndrew Wheeler, Jens-Dominik Mueller2015
Piezoelectric zincoxide nanostructures for energy harvestingSteve Dunn, Haixue Yan2015
Numerical shape optimisation of flow around turbomachinery bladesJens-Dominik Mueller, Andrew Wheeler2015
Modelling Condensation on Banks of Plain TubesAdrian Briggs, Huasheng Wang2015
Efficient Methods for Robust Shape Optimisation for CrashworthinessFabian Duddeck, Jens-Dominik Mueller2015
High Temperature Piezoelectric eramicsMike Reece, Haixue Yan2015
Applications of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) in exploring materials property-property correlationsMike Reece2014
MPhil: Effect of Temperature in Cathodic Electrodepostion of Anatase TiO2 Films on Conductive GlassMike Reece2014
The behaviour of hollow sphere filled rubber materials under strainJames Busfield2014
Numerical and experimental investigation of room temperature magnetic refrigerators/heat pumpsHua Sheng Wang, Adrian Briggs2014
Failure of Rubber Components under FatigueJames Busfield2014
Effect of Doping and Defect Structures on Thermo Physical Properties of Thermoelectric MaterialsMike Reece, Haixue Yan2014
Low Velocity Edge Impact on Composite Laminates: Damage Tolerance and Numerical SimulationsMike Reece, Felicity Guild2014
Marangoni condensation of steam-ethanol mixtures on horizontal smooth, low finned tubes and bank of tubes.Hua Sheng Wang2013
Tearing of rubberJames Busfield2013
The Effect of CNTs on the Sintering Behaviour and Properties of Structural Ceramic CompositesMike Reece2013
Sensitivity computation and shape optimisation in aerodynamics using the adjoint methodology and Automatic DifferentiationJens Mueller2013
Natural Rubber/Organoclay NanocompositesJames Busfield2012
Perovskite-Like Layered Structure A2B2O7 Ferroelectrics and Solid SolutionsMike Reece2012
The Impact and Deformation of Press-Fit Metal Acetablular ComponentsJulia Shelton, James Busfield2012
Nanoindentation as a Method to Interrogate the Mechanical properties of Polymer CoatingsAndy Bushby2011
Multiscale Quantitative Imaging of Human Femoral Heads using X-ray MicrotomographyAndy Bushby2011
Optimisation of interfacial bond strength of glass fibre endodontic post systems (MPhil)Andy Bushby2011
Perovskite-like Layered Structure A2B2O7 Ferrlelectrics with Super-High Curie PointsMike Reece2011
Mechanical and Chemical Modifications of High-Capacity Hydrogen Storage MaterialsXiao Guo, Mike Reece2011
Investigation and Modelling of Rubber FrictionJames Busfield2010
Investigtion of the Properties of Dental Cements in Minimal Invasive RestorationAndy Bushby2010
Techno-economic Transition towards a Hydrogen EconomyStuart Peters, Mike Reece2010
Domain switching dynamics in ferroelastic and ferroelastic/ferroelectric perovskitesMike Reece2010
Going against the Grain: the De-Maturity of the European Textile IndustryStuart Peters, Mike Reece2010
Viscoelastic Properties of Elastomer under Complex LoadingJames Busfield2010
Model Identification and Robust Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of a Twin Rotor MIMO SystemHasan Shaheed2009
Carbon Black Filler Reinforcement of ElastomersJames Busfield2009
An examination of innovation and disruptive technology in the medical devices and implant industry (MPhil)Mike Reece2009
Development of a Continuous Wire Casting TechniqueMike Reece, Xiao Guo2009
Nanoindentation of Polymer and Protein Films (MPhil)Andy Bushby, Pankaj Vadgama2009
Development of Ceramic – Carbon Nanotube (CNT) NanocompositesTon Peijs, Mike Reece2009
Processing and characterization of aligned ferroelectric PVDF-TrFE thin filmsMike Reece2009
Micrometre-scale plasticity size effects in metals and ceramics theory and experimentAndy Bushby2009
Valuation of nanotechnology using the international private equity and venture capital valuation guidelines and factors influencing itJohn Behiri, Mike Reece2009
Geometrical size effects in the plasticity of metals by micromechanical testingAndy Bushby2009
Synthesis of nanostructure materials for lithium ion batteriesMike Reece, Xiao Guo2008
Syntheses and characterisations of nanostructural magnesium based hydrides for hydrogen storage applicationsMike Reece, Xiao Guo2008
Micro-Mechanical Properties and Composite Behaviour of Bone’Andy Bushby2008