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Queen Mary University of LondonQueen Mary University of London

Welcome to the School of Engineering and Materials Science

The School of Engineering and Materials Science (SEMS) provides outstanding degree programmes coupled with internationally leading research which is reflected in all our undergraduate programmes.  Our taught postgraduate programmes are similarly first class and provide students with a fantastic opportunity to engage with cutting-edge research in: Aerospace Engineering and Fluid MechanicsBioengineeringChemical Engineering and Renewable EnergyMaterials Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, Robotics and Design. The skills developed by our students and our extensive industrial connections provide graduates with excellent employability in stimulating and well-paid careers. 

Queen Mary University of London is a Russell Group university. We are ranked ninth in the UK for research and provide an attractive campus environment within the heart of London.

Events and seminars

Add this event to your calendar Tue 12 Nov 2019Aero Division Research meeting new
16:00 - 17:00
Add this event to your calendar Wed 20 Nov 2019Industrial Liaison Forum
10:00 - 17:00

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Recent publications

  • Yang P, Wang L, Zhuzhang H, Wang R, Titirici MM and Wang X (2019). "Photocarving nitrogen vacancies in a polymeric carbon nitride for metal-free oxygen synthesis." Applied Catalysis B: Environmental  vol. 256,

  • Gijsen F, Katagiri Y, Barlis P, Bourantas C, Collet C, Coskun U, Daemen J, Dijkstra J, Edelman E, Evans P, van der Heiden K, Hose R, Koo B-K, Krams R, Marsden A, Migliavacca F, Onuma Y, Ooi A, Poon E, Samady H, Stone P, Takahashi K, Tang D, Thondapu V, Tenekecioglu E, Timmins L, Torii R, Wentzel J and Serruys P (2019). "Expert recommendations on the assessment of wall shear stress in human coronary arteries: existing methodologies, technical considerations, and clinical applications." European Heart Journal  vol. 40, (41) 3421-3433.

  • Volpe R, Bermudez Menendez JM, Ramirez Reina T, Volpe M, Messineo A, Millan M and Titirici M-M (2019). "Free radicals formation on thermally decomposed biomass." Elsevier Bv  Fuel  vol. 255, 115802-115802.


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