Centre for Research in Engineering and Materials Education

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Welcome to the Centre for Research in Engineering and Materials Education (CREME). CREME was established to develop activities in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning to support the School of Engineering and Materials Science in contributing to Queen Mary’s aims to “be the most inclusive and diverse Russell Group University and ensure that anyone who is able to flourish at Queen Mary can join us, irrespective of their background” and to “ensure that the holistic education and learning experience we provide is world-leading, co-created with students and employers, as appropriate, and reflects our diverse and international community.”

Our work covers the following main themes.

  • Academic inclusion
  • Professional skills for engineers
  • Experiential learning
  • Team based dynamics
  • Assessment and feedback in STEM subjects

We are the lead Centre for our undergraduate degrees in Design, Innovation and Creative Engineering (DICE) and our Centre members join with colleagues in the other Research Centres to contribute to student education in all other degree programmes, both in London and at the Queen Mary Engineering School at Northwestern Polytechnic University in Xi’an, China.

Leadership Team

Dr Karen Shoop
Education Lead
Dr Karen Shoop
Ms Faith Nightingale
Employability Lead
Ms Faith Nightingale
Dr Andy Spowage
Industrial Engagement Lead
Dr Andy Spowage