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January 2023

Professor Sir Harry Bhadeshia

A Q&A with Professor Sir Harry Bhadeshia: "I discovered that steel is complicated."

30 January 2023

Professor Sir Harry Bhadeshia will deliver his inaugural lecture at Queen Mary Presents on 8 February 2023. Queen Mary Presents is a new programme which ensures that everyone, everywhere, can be part of Queen Mary’s discussions. From question and answer sessions, to panel discussions and podcasts, we aim to provide … [more]


Congratulations to Nabila, Ruixin and Luoguang on passing their PhD vivas

24 January 2023

Congratulations to Nabila Naz, Ruixin Lu and Luoguang Zhao who passed their PhD vivas on the 9th, 23rd and 24th January 2023, respectively, with minor corrections. All three students are from the Biofluid Mechanics Lab led by Professors Yi Sui and Wen Wang. They have been working on topics including mechanical … [more]

Proposed mechanism and optimised structures of reaction intermediates for the oxygen evolution reaction of sIr/hematite photoelectrocatalyst system.

Single Atom Iridium on Hematite for Solar Water Splitting: Catalyst or Spectator? SEMS Leads an Innovative Study that Brings New Understanding on the Processes Controlling Solar Water Oxidation

12 January 2023

Single-atom catalysts (SACs) on hematite photoanodes are efficient co-catalysts to boost photoelectrochemical performance. However, the specific role of SACs on hematite photoanodes is not fully understood yet: Do SACs behave as a catalytic site or a spectator? By combining spectroscopic experiments and computer simulations, a research led by Ana Sobrido … [more]

A group of PhD student and staff celebrating in the Octagon after the graduation ceremony

SEMS' Winter Graduation

6 January 2023

The winter graduation ceremony returned to the Great Hall on the Mile End campus once again 2023. The venue was filled with a cast of hundreds of SEMS graduates and their families and friends. The largest cohort was made up our MSc students from last year, but there was a good … [more]

Philip Hurrell receiving the award at the IOM3 (Image credit from the IOM3)

Philip Hurrell awarded the James S Walker Award by IOM3

5 January 2023

Philip Hurrell, a MSc graduate Materials Research in SEMS from 2021, has been presented with the 2022 James S Walker Award from IOM3 for his MSc project on "Wear of carbon black reinforced natural rubber compounds" at an Awards Ceremony on the 8th December 2022. This national award and £450 prize, … [more]

Salvatore at the 2022 Special & Publication Awards Lunch Reception

Salvatore Grasso and co-authors presented with the Pfeil award by the IOM3

4 January 2023

Salvatore Grasso and co-authors including Theo Saunders were presented with the Pfeil award by the IOM3. The Pfeil Award is presented annually for published work of particular merit in the field of ceramics. Eligible papers must be published 2 years before the award is presented in a relevant IOM3 Journal, … [more]

Andy Lewis being Presented with the Gold Medal

Andy Lewis presented the Gold Medal by the IOM3

3 January 2023

Prof Andy Lewis was presented with the Gold Medal at an Awards Ceremony at the IOM3 on the 8th December 2022. The Gold Medal is awarded for significant contribution to the industrial application of materials. The award was given in recognition of Andy’s work developing novel drug-device combination products … [more]

Han Zhang being Presented the Silver Medal and Prize of the IOM3

Han Zhang is presented the Silver Medal and Prize by the IOM3

2 January 2023

Han was presented with the Silver Medal and Prize at an Awards Ceremony at the IOM3 on the 8th December 2022. The Silver Medal is a Premier award for an early career researcher making an outstanding contribution within the materials field. The award was given in recognition of Han’s … [more]

Dimitrios Papageorgiou being Presented the Rosenhain Medal

Dimitrios Papageorgiou is presented the Rosenhain Medal & Prize by the IOM3

1 January 2023

Dimitrios was presented with the Rosenhain Medal at an Awards Ceremony at the IOM3 on the 8th December 2022. The Rosenhain Medal and Prize is a highly competitive award that recognises distinguished achievement in any branch of materials science. The award was given in recognition of Dimitrios’ research which has … [more]