School Management Team

Prof Screen

Prof Hazel Screen
BEng MRes PhD(Lond) CEng

Head of School
Professor of Biomedical Engineering

My research aims to understand how our tissues are built to be able to withstand the loads they experience in the body. I am particularly interested in understanding tendon and heart valve; how and why they get injured, and ways to prevent this happening. By looking at the ways a tissue is supposed to work when it is healthy, we can identify how small changes in the structure, such as those which occur with age, can make injury more likely and look to prevent or treat these specifically.
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Prof Busfield

Prof James Busfield

Deputy Head of School and Director of Strategy
Professor of Materials

Examining the physical behaviour by experiment and modelling techniques of soft matter such as elastomers and rubber materials. Properties of interest include abrasion, friction, fracture, creep, fatigue, viscoelastic behaviour, modulus enhancement, self healing, recycling, ageing and composite filler reinforcement. Developing smart soft materials that can sense their environment and soft actuating materials that can change shape in response to a physical stimulus.
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Dr Fenwick

Dr Oliver Fenwick

Director for Industrial Engagement
CDT in Plastic Electronic Materials Mangement Team
Senior Lecturer in Materials Science

Developing materials for electronic devices such as LEDs, transistors and thermoelectric generators. The materials include organic semiconductors, carbon materials and halide perovskites, as well as self-assembled monolayers for the control of interfaces in devices. I have a particular interest in controlling nanoscale morphology and self-assembly to tune functional properties.
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Dr Romero-Gonzalez

Dr Maria Romero-Gonzalez
MSc, PhD

Director of Education for SEMS
Director of Learning Development - Queen Mary Engineering School (QMES), Xi'an, China
Reader in Science & Engineering Education

Biomineralization, surface chemistry, biomaterials, environmental chemistry, engineering and sustainability. Flipped learning, student centred learning, curriculum design.
Prof Sui

Prof Yi Sui
PhD, MInstP, Fellow HEA

Director of Research
Professor of Fluid Mechanics

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Mrs Tuohy

Mrs Michelle Tuohy
MA (HPE), BA hons, FCMI, FlnstLM, Assoc.CIPD