Associate Staff

Mr Aboud

Mr Alex Aboud

Devices Project Facilitator - Engineering
Cardiovascular Devices Hub,
Centre for Cardiovascular Medicine & Devices,
William Harvey Research Institute

Dr Akutagawa

Dr Keizo Akutagawa

Visiting Professor

Rubber elasticity / Polymer physics / Tyre mechanics
Prof Barron

Prof Neil Barron

Royal Academy Professor of Design

Prof Bushby

Prof Andy Bushby
BSc(Eng), PhD, FIMMM, FRMS, MInstPhys

Professor of Materials Science
Director of Ultima Forma Ltd

Understanding how materials are stronger when at small size scales: This behaviour is being commercialised in the spin-out company 'Ultima Forma' in advanced engineering applications such as the protection of composites from harsh environments such as heat and erosion damage, and containment of hydrogen for clean energy and zero carbon …
Dr Carpi

Dr Federico Carpi

Visiting Professor in Biomedical Engineering and Biomaterials

The main research focus is on biomedical & bioinspired mechatronic devices made of soft smart materials. Core activities deal with the development of innovative devices based on electromechanically active polymer transducers (EAPs) and, in particular, dielectric elastomer (DE) transducers. DE actuators exhibit a mechanical response to an electrical stimulus, while offering, …
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Charles Coster

H&S Manager (S&E) & Chemical Safety Advisor

Prof de Bruijn

Prof Joost de Bruijn

Visiting Professor of Biomaterials

Hard tissue replacement, bone tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, synthetic osteoinductive materials, bioreactor systems for adult stem cell expansion
Miss De Lucia

Miss Chiara De Lucia

Visiting Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Prof Greenwald

Prof Steve Greenwald

Asst. Director of IRC in Biomed. Materials/Prof Vasc. Mechanics

Mechanical factors in cardiovascular disease, arterial wave propagation, non invasive measurement of arterial elasticity, histomorphometry
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Dr Hannen

Dr Rosalind Hannen

Blizard Institute

Skin culture, Keratinocytes, Advanced skin culture methods
Mr Horler

Mr Andrew Horler

Industrialist Visitor
Senior Product Development Engineer

Synthetic osteoinductive materials, bone tissue engineering, with a keen interest in 3D printing, mechanical engineering and component design.
Prof Kennedy

Prof Phillip Kennedy
PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons)

Visiting Professor
Chairman of Nanoforce Technology Ltd

Industry-Academia Liaison, New Product Development Processes, DMAIC Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma, Technical Management, Innovation Management Systems, Process Improvement, Customer Insights
+44 (0)20 7882 2773
Dr Kramer

Dr Onno Kramer
Ph.D. M.Sc. B.Sc.

Visiting Senior Lecturer
Senior Process Technologist, Water Solutions Innovator at Waternet

Professional fields: Drinking Water Engineering, Multiphase Flow, PFAS Remediation, Technology, Research and Development, Education, Modelling, Future-Oriented Vision Exploration, Art and Media, Personal Coaching
Prof Lawn

Prof Chris Lawn
MA PhD(Cantab) CEng FIChem.E FIMechE

Emeritus Professor of Thermo-fluids Engineering

Turbulent combustion, gas turbines, thermo-acoustic engines, tidal power generation, heat transfer in fusion reactors
+44 (0)20 7882 5279
Prof Lewis

Prof Andrew Lewis

Visiting Professor

Biomedical Polymers, Drug Delivery, Biomaterials, Combination Products
Mr Prout

Mr Tony Prout
MSc, BSc(Eng), DIC

Visiting Lecturer

Sustainable and Renewable Energy systems; Management of high technology projects; Commercialisation and exploitation of new technologies;
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Prof Rose

Prof John Rose
BScEng PhD DScEng(Lond) CEng FIMechE FASME

Research Professor in Mechanical Engineering
Emeritus Professor

Heat transfer, convection, phase change, condensation, dropwise condensation, condensation of mixtures, condensation of metals, kinetic theory of phase change, molecular dynamics of phase change, integral finned tube, microchannels, refrigeration, air conditioning, enhanced heat transfer.
+44 (0)20 7882 5275
Mr Selopal

Mr Pash Selopal

Careers Consultant, QM Careers and Enterprise

Pash is the Careers Consultant for Schools of Engineering and Materials Science and Physical and Chemical Sciences. Book an appointment via careershub.
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Dr Shahid

Dr Saroash Shahid

Senior Lecturer in Dental Biomaterials and Dental Anatomy

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Mr Smith

Mr Matthew Smith

Head of Software Engineering

Mr Soderman

Mr James Soderman

Faculty Liaison Librarian: Science and Engineering - Student Services

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Prof Stark

Prof John Stark
BSc(Exon) MSc(Man) PhD(Lond) FRAS FRAeS

Professor of Aerospace Engineering
Emeritus Professor

Electrospray technology, spacecraft propulsion, Spacecraft Design, Direct printing
+44 (0)20 7882 8875
Ms Thornton

Ms Kate Thornton

Technical Resources Manager â?¢ Principal, Office Of The

Prof Vadgama

Prof Pankaj Vadgama
MB, BS, PhD, FRCPath, CPhys, FInstP, EuSpLM

Emeritus Professor of Clinical Biochemistry

Development of enzyme and antibody based biosensors for Point of Care Testing. Electrochemical sensors for in vivo monitoring of oxygen and metabolites for application to critical care and diabetes. Polymeric membranes and laminates designed for enzyme based biosensors for optimised sensitivity, selectivity and bio-stability. Laminates and composites developed for biodegradable …
+44 (0)20 7882 5151
Prof Varma

Prof Su Varma
BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD CChem FRSC FIMMM

Visiting Professor

Dr Weiszer

Dr Michal Weiszer

Teaching Fellow

Optimisation, metaheuristics, operational research and their applications such as airport operations.
Ms Yue

Ms Qi Yue

Education Manager in QMUL-NPU JEI