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SEMS Publications

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  • Kong D, Megone W, Nguyen KDQ, Di Cio S, Ramstedt M and Gautrot JE (2018). Protein Nanosheet Mechanics Controls Cell Adhesion and Expansion on Low-Viscosity Liquids. Nano Lett  DOI Abstract
  • MATA A (2018). A fluidic device for the controlled formation and real-time monitoring of soft membranes self-assembled at liquid interfaces. Nature Publishing Group  Scientific Reports  DOI Abstract
  • Lingwood RJ, Appelquist E, Schlatter P and Alfredsson PH (2018). Turbulence in the rotating-disk boundary layer investigated through direct numerical simulations. European Journal of Mechnics / B Fluids  Abstract
  • MUELLER J, banovic M, MYKHASKIV O, AURIEMMA S, Walther A and Legrand H (2018). Algorithmic Differentiation of the Open CASCADE Technology CAD Kernel and its coupling with an Adjoint CFD Solver. Optimization Methods and Software (Goms)  DOI Abstract
  • Pandey P, Hawkes W, Hu J, Megone WV, Gautrot J, Anilkumar N, Zhang M, Hirvonen L, Cox S, Ehler E, Hone J, Sheetz M and Iskratsch T (2018). Cardiomyocytes Sense Matrix Rigidity through a Combination of Muscle and Non-muscle Myosin Contractions. Dev Cell  vol. 44, (3) 326-336.e3. DOI Abstract
  • TU Y, CHEN S, LI X, GORBACIOVA J, GILLIN WP, KRAUSE S and Briscoe J (2018). Control of oxygen vacancies in ZnO nanorods by annealing and their influence on ZnO/PEDOT:PSS diode behaviour. Royal Society of Chemistry  Journal of Materials Chemistry C  DOI Abstract
  • Pedrielli A, Taioli S, Garberoglio G and Pugno NM (2018). Gas adsorption and dynamics in Pillared Graphene Frameworks. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials  vol. 257, 222-231. DOI Abstract
  • Caine M, Zhang X, Hill M, Guo W, Ashrafi K, Bascal Z, Kilpatrick H, Dunn A, Grey D, Bushby R, Bushby A, Willis SL, Dreher MR and Lewis AL (2018). Comparison of microsphere penetration with LC Bead LUMIā„¢ versus other commercial microspheres. J Mech Behav Biomed Mater  vol. 78, 46-55. DOI Abstract
  • Herou S, Schlee P, Jorge AB and Titirici M (2018). Biomass-derived electrodes for flexible supercapacitors. Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry  vol. 9, 18-24. DOI Abstract
  • WEN P and Korakianitis T (2018). Medical Applications for 3D Printing: Recent Developments. Missouri Medicine  vol. 115, (1) 83-89.
  • Li D, Sharili AS, Connelly J and Gautrot JE (2018). Highly Stable RNA Capture by Dense Cationic Polymer Brushes for the Design of Cytocompatible, Serum-Stable SiRNA Delivery Vectors. Biomacromolecules  DOI Abstract
  • Wang X, Lei L, Wang H, Su L and Zhao L (2018). Decomposition of group-velocity-locked-vector-dissipative-soliton and the recombination. Optical Society of America  Applied Optics  DOI Abstract
  • Hartweg M, Edwards-Gayle CJC, Radvar E, Collis D, Reza M, Kaupp M, Steinkoenig J, Ruokolainen J, Rambo R, Barner-Kowollik C, Hamley IW, Azevedo HS and Becer CR (2018). Ugi multicomponent reaction to prepare peptide-peptoid hybrid structures with diverse chemical functionalities. Polymer Chemistry  vol. 9, (4) 482-489. DOI Abstract
  • Yang J, Xu J, Danniel M, Wang X, Wang W, Zeng L and Shen L (2018). The interaction between XBP1 and eNOS contributes to endothelial cell migration. Exp Cell Res  DOI
  • Gowers SAN, Hamaoui K, Cunnea P, Anastasova S, Curto VF, Vadgama P, Yang G-Z, Papalois V, Drakakis EM, Fotopoulou C, Weber SG and Boutelle MG (2018). High temporal resolution delayed analysis of clinical microdialysate streams. Analyst  vol. 143, (3) 715-724. DOI Abstract
  • Colak B, Di Cio S and Gautrot JE (2018). Biofunctionalised Patterned Polymer Brushes via Thiol-Ene Coupling for the Control of Cell Adhesion and the Formation of Cell Arrays. Biomacromolecules  DOI Abstract
  • Liu X, Xue S, Li F, Ma J, Zhai J, Shen B, Wang F, Zhao X and Yan H (2018). Giant electrostrain accompanying structural evolution in lead-free NBT-based piezoceramics. Journal of Materials Chemistry C  vol. 6, (4) 814-822. DOI
  • Tian Z, Tian M, Zhang Y and Wen P (2018). An iteration method for solving the linear system Ax=b. Computers and Mathematics With Applications  DOI
  • Zhang H, Liu Y, Huang M, Bilotti E and Peijs T (2018). Dissolvable thermoplastic interleaves for carbon nanotube localization in carbon/epoxy laminates with integrated damage sensing capabilities. Structural Health Monitoring  vol. 17, (1) 59-66. DOI
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