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Research Degree Programmes

Engineering Research Degree Programmes

H1ER PhD 1 Postgraduate Research Associate Engineering
H4ZM PhD 4 Aerospace Engineering (Full Time)
H8EC PhD 4 Chemical Engineering (Full Time)
H3ZF PhD 4 Mechanical Engineering (Full Time)
H3ZM PhD 4 Medical Engineering (Full Time)
H4ZN PhD 7 Aerospace Engineering (Part Time)
H8ED PhD 7 Chemical Engineering (Part Time)
H3ZP PhD 7 Mechanical Engineering (Part Time)
H3ZN PhD 7 Medical Engineering (Part Time)

Materials Research Degree Programmes

J5ER Postgraduate Research Associate Materials Science
J5ZM PhD 4 Biomedical Materials (Full Time)
J5ZF PhD 4 Materials Science (Full Time)
J5ZN PhD 7 Biomedical Materials (Part Time)
J5ZP PhD 7 Materials Science (Part Time)