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School of Engineering and Materials Science
Research Student Awards

NameThesis TitleSupervisor(s)


JIVANI, SaqibInvestigations on Marangoni Condensation of Binary MixturesHuasheng Wang


ANDERSON, Ann LouiseDye sensitized solar cells for energy efficient glazingRussell Binions
Steve Dunn
ASARE, EricSmartNanoHeat - Self-regulating heating compoundsEmiliano Bilotti
James Busfield
BAUMARD, ThomasFatigue life prediction in aircraft tyresJames Busfield
CHEN, BinElectric Breakdown of Dielectric Elastomer Actuator MaterialsFederico Carpi
James Busfield
COLAK, BurcuMicro-patterning of peptide-based biomaterialsJulien Gautrot
Hazel Screen
GAO, HuiComposite inorganic particles/polyelectrolyte microcapsules: fabrication and applicationGleb Sukhorukov
HUANG, XuejiaoDesign, Modelling and Fabrication of a Robotic Retractor for Colorectal SurgeryPihua Wen
Ettore Barbieri
HÜKELHEIM, JanHigh Performance Flow Control & Shape Optimisation SolverJens-Dominik Mueller
Sergey Karabasov
LI, YanNanosynth – In-situ exfoliation of graphene in resinsEmiliano Bilotti
Ton Peijs
MAO, RuiMechanics of cellulose nanopapersTon Peijs
Asa Barber
MOZAFARI, SahandOptimal pump characteristic design for MCS devices suitable to different stages of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)Theodosios Alexander
Fariborz Motallebi
OLLAR, JonathanVassili Toropov
RAJI, Halimat-shaddiyaWear and corrosion testing of modular hip prosthesesJulia Shelton
SHEN, XiangExperimental and Numerical Study of Surface Curvature Effects on the Performance of the Aerofoils Used in Small Wind TurbinesTheodosios Alexander
Eldad Avital
TAO, TianyiDesign modelling and control of a miniature robotic system for surgical applicationsM Hasan Shaheed
Ranjan Vepa
UDEZE, ChineyeThe Effects of Loading Frequency on Tenocyte MatabolismHazel Screen
WANG, YangRobust and Stable discrete adjoint solver development for shape optimisation of incompressible flows with industrial applicationsJens-Dominik Mueller
Eldad Avital
WANG, ZhenMotion of deformable capsules in complex flowsYi Sui
WHEATLAND, JonathanThe Investigation of the Fine Scale 3D Characteristics of Sediments Employing Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscopy (FIB-SEM)Andy Bushby
WIJEWARDANA, SingappuliModel Predictive Controller design for an Efficient Hybrid Energy Wind/Solar/FC/BS Power System.M Hasan Shaheed
Hua Sheng Wang
WU, GuangchangPredicting tyre compound wear.James Busfield
Emiliano Bilotti
YU, ChuyingThe role of high frequency loading in the treatment of tendinopathyHaixue Yan
Asa Barber
ZAHABI, HediyehDevelopment of materials and applications for electroactive compositesJames Busfield
Federico Carpi
ZHANG, FengfengElectrospinning high toughness biomimetic polystyrene nanocompositesAsa Barber
Himadri Gupta
ZHAO, LiFabrication of non(low) permeable microcapsules and further studyGleb Sukhorukov
Himadri Gupta


CHANA, NavinderpalDevelopment of a 3D Perfusion System to Monitor Response of Osteoblast-like Cells Incubated on Synthetic Bone Graft Substitute Granules with Varied Hierarchical Porosities under Dynamic ConditionsKarin Hing
CHEN, KanSynthesis and Thermoelectric Properties of Layered Compound BiCuSOMike Reece
Haixue Yan
CHEN, ShuqunThin Films Deposition for Energy Efficient Windows and Solar CellsRussell Binions
Steve Dunn
CHEN, XiaInvestigating the effects of cholesterol on phospholipid bilayer with molecular dynamics simulations.Wen Wang
Yiling Lu
DALBAY, MelisRoles of primary cilia in hMSC in differentiationMartin Knight
DONG, DongDeformation in small dimensions studied by thin wires in torsionAndy Bushby
David Dunstan
HE, WeiModelling, optimisation and control of osmotic energy extraction from natural salinity gradients using pressure retarded osmosisM Hasan Shaheed
Theodosios Alexander
HUANG, MenglongThe Strain Dependent Dielectric Behaviour of Carbon Black Filled Natural RubberJames Busfield
Emiliano Bilotti
IHRACSKA, BalazsCombustion of Alternative Fuels: Opto-Mechanical Design and Optical InvestigationTheodosios Alexander
JIA, LiyongMicro-structure reorganisation of the aortic heart valve under a biaxial loading conditionHazel Screen
Wen Wang
KAO, AlexInvestigating Epidermal and Dermal Mechanics by Atomic Force MicroscopySteve Dunn, Asa Barber
KRISHNAMOORTHY, MahenthaDeveloping Cationic Nanoparticles for Gene DeliveryJulien Gautrot
John Stark
LACERDA NETO, ArmandoModified TiO2 Photocatalysts for the Degradation of Organic Pollutants and H2 generation via Solar Energy Conversion.Steve Dunn
LI, ZhengRoom Temperature Single Phase MultiferroicsHaixue Yan
Mike Reece
LIN, MiaoInteraction between the circulating blood and vascular endothelial cells in health & disease. Cell Mechanics for endothelial glycocalyxWen Wang
Asa Barber
MARINOVIC, AdamCarbon quantum dots via hydrothermal carbonizationMagdalena Titirici
MCKINNON, RuthGrain Size Effect in Lead-Free Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-based Materials: Exploring The Ferroelectric BehaviorHaixue Yan
Mike Reece
PATEL, DharmeshA novel fibre composite system to investigate tenocyte metabolism under physiological and pathological loading conditions.Hazel Screen
PATEL, Iffat FatimaNaturally Inspired Multi-layer Composite Films on Planar and Modulated SurfacesGleb Sukhorukov
Ton Peijs
RAN, HaoTo Fabricate and Study the Properties of the Intelligent Microencapsulated Liquid Particles Containing Biologically Active CompoundsGleb Sukhorukov
RUIZ HINCAPIE, PaulaPerformance Characteristics of Centrifugal Pump Impeller for Heart Failure Therapy: Numerical and In-vitro ApproachTheodosios Alexander
SHAUKAT, RabiaExperimental and numerical study on heat transfer and pressure drop during mPCM slurry flow in microchannelsHua Sheng Wang
Steve Dunn
SU, FangParallelization solutions for the YNANO Discontinua Simulations in 2DAnte Munjiza
Pihua Wen
WANG, ZhaoThe effects of the rate of hypo-osmotic challenge and IFT88 mutation on the biomechanics of chondrocytes.Martin Knight
Wen Wang
WOOD, CharlieBuoyancy-Driven Two-Phase Flows of Liquid Metal contributing to the Generation of Electricity from a Fusion Reactor by Magnetohydrodynamic Energy ConversionChris Lawn
Hua Sheng Wang
XI, LiBone Quality Changes at the Nanoscale in Metabolic Bone Diseases assessed by Synchrotron X-ray ImagingHimadri Gupta
YANG, JunyaoThe role of HDAC7-related peptide in stem cell differentiation towards endothelial cellWen Wang
YILMAZ, PelinFunctional MaterialsSteve Dunn
Russell Binions
YU, BaoqiThe synergistic role of mechanical stimuli and VEGF treatment in stem cell differentiation to endothelial cellsWen Wang
ZHANG, HanHybrid CFRP-CNT Micro-nanocomposites with Improved Fracture Toughness and Integrated Damage Sensing Capability.Ton Peijs
Emiliano Bilotti
ZHANG, YiBiomimetic Layered Nanocomposites with Tunable Dynamical Mechanical Properties: Synthesis, Imaging and CharacterisationHimadri Gupta
Nicola Pugno
ZHU, XiaojingProcessing and switching mechanism of ferroelectric copolymer P(VDF/TrFE)Mike Reece
Ton Peijs


AN, YiranRate-dependent Interfacial Nanomechanics in Biological Composite StructuresAsa Barber
Ton Peijs
BAI, XinNumerical Simulation of a Marine Current Turbine in Turbulent FlowJohn Williams
Eldad Avital
BERGER, AndreNumerical Modelling of Composite Materials Based on a Combined Manufacturing-Crash SimulationFabian Duddeck
CAMPION, CharlieEnhancing Osteogenesis in Porous Bone Graft Substitutes Through Control of MicroporosityKarin Hing
CASTAGNA, VivianaInvestigation of Protein Mediated Control of Oteoinductivity in Porous Bone Graft Substitutes using Fluorescent ProbesKarin Hing
Alice Sullivan
CHEN, ChenHigh Temperature Piezoelectric eramicsMike Reece
Haixue Yan
CUI, YongfeiArtificial Photosynthesis using Functional CatalystsSteve Dunn
DEO, Devendra InderMicrocapsule for targetted drug delivery to diseased tissuesWen Wang
Gleb Sukhorukov
DI FEDERICO, EricaComplex mechanical conditioning of cell-seeded constructs can influence chondrocyte activityJulia Shelton
Dan Bader
EMBERSON, DavidExperimental and Modelling Studies of Auto-Ignition and Soot Formation of Diesel Surrogate FuelsTheodosios Alexander
HASAN, MdModelling and Interactional Control of a Multi-fingered Robotic Hand for Grasping and ManipulationM Hasan Shaheed
Henri Huijberts
JALALI, NimraPiezoelectric zincoxide nanostructures for energy harvestingSteve Dunn
Haixue Yan
LI, Wei-QiElectrical stimulation on cell-cell interactions in vitroWen Wang
LOH, LeonardEnhancement of N-Type Semiconductor Photovoltaics with MultiferroicsSteve Dunn
Mike Reece
LU, ZhengjunMicrofluidics for a novel bioreactorWen Wang
Pankaj Vadgama
LUKAS, TomasDevelopment of Parallelisation Solutions for the Combined Finite-Discrete Element MethodAnte Munjiza
John Williams
MAI, FangBio-based All-Polymer Composites: Processing, Structure and PropertyTon Peijs
Emiliano Bilotti
MALHOTRA, AnjumLow Velocity Edge Impact on Composite Laminates: Damage Tolerance and Numerical SimulationsMike Reece
PARISH, AlanMonitoring of Bone Quality and Penetration in Osteoinductive Scaffolds with Varied Strut PorosityKarin Hing
PICOT, OlivierFunctional Films and Fibres based on Liquid Crystal CoatingsTon Peijs
Cees Bastiaansen
PORWAL, HarshitGraphene Reinforced Nano-CompositesMike Reece
RAYAMAJHI, MilanEfficient Methods for Robust Shape Optimisation for CrashworthinessFabian Duddeck
Jens-Dominik Mueller
ROMERO NUNEZ, Luz MariaElectric Field Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition Processes on Titanium Dioxide Thin Films for PhotocatalysisRussell Binions
Mike Reece
SALEH, ZainabAn investigation into Turbine Blade Tip Leakage Flows at High SpeedsEldad Avital
Theodosios Alexander
SELLAM, CharlineProcessing & Properties of Graphene NanocompositesTon Peijs
SINGH, GursharanjitA Study of the Fluid Dynamic Coupling Between LP Steam Turbine and its Exhaust HoodAndrew Wheeler
Jens-Dominik Mueller
SLIOGERYTE, KristinaMechanical properties of stem cells using micropipette aspirationMartin Knight
David Lee
TUNNICLIFFE, LewisThe development of a novel nanostructured silica filler for high friction and low rolling resistance rubber applications.James Busfield
VEIGA DE MACEDO ALMEIDA, FilipeMechano-transduction within the nucleusSteven Dunn
Asa Barber
WANG, JianCombined Impedance and Fluorescence Imaging of Polymeric Microcapsules using Photocurrent Measurements at silicon/SAM/electrolyte Field Effect StructuresSteffi Krause
WANG, XiaocongThe Role of DKK3 in Vascular Smooth Muscle DifferentiationWen Wang
XU, ShenrenNumerical shape optimisation of flow around turbomachinery bladesJens-Dominik Mueller
Andrew Wheeler
YU, XiaotianFunctional impact of microRNA-34a on stem cell differentiation towards smooth muscle cellWen Wang
ZEINELABDEEN, MudatherModelling Condensation on Banks of Plain TubesAdrian Briggs
Huasheng Wang


ALI, ShaukatDirect Quadrature Conditional Moment Closure for Turbulent Non-Premixed CombustionTerese Løvås
Alexander Vikhansky
AREVALO PECES, RaquelPreparation and Characterisation of Binder-Free All-Cellulose CompositesTon Peijs
ASARE, SamuelFailure of Rubber Components under FatigueJames Busfield
BAI, XinNumerical Simulation of a Marine Current Turbine in Turbulent FlowJohn Williams
Eldad Avital
CHENG, XiaoyuApplications of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) in exploring materials property-property correlationsMike Reece
CRUZ BLANCO, CarlosMPhil: Effect of Temperature in Cathodic Electrodepostion of Anatase TiO2 Films on Conductive GlassMike Reece
DE VILLIERS, Danielle SimoneAccelerated wear protocols for understanding clinical wear in modern hip prosthesesJulia Shelton
Martin Knight
HUNKELER, StephanTopology Optimisation in Crashworthiness Design via Hybrid Cellular Automata for Thin Walled StructuresFabian Duddeck
KAMRAN, MuhammadNumerical and experimental investigation of room temperature magnetic refrigerators/heat pumpsHua Sheng Wang
Adrian Briggs
KHALIQ, JibranEffect of Doping and Defect Structures on Thermo Physical Properties of Thermoelectric MaterialsMike Reece
Haixue Yan
LIU, WeizhiMicrocapsule internalization be cells in vitro caused by physical and biochemical stimuliGleb Sukhorukov
Wen Wang
MALHOTRA, AnjumLow Velocity Edge Impact on Composite Laminates: Damage Tolerance and Numerical SimulationsMike Reece
Felicity Guild
NOOR, FahadExperimental Study of Oxidation, Ignition and Combustion of Aluminum Based NanomaterialsDongsheng Wen
Theodosios Alexander
QIU, LinNovel polymeric matrix and its interaction withbiological cellsWen Wang
Ton Peijs
REZAIENIA, MohammadDesign of a Cardiovascular Blood Flow Simulator and Utilization in Hemodynamic Evaluation of Mechanical Circulatory Support DevicesTheodosios Alexander
SHORTER, RobThe behaviour of hollow sphere filled rubber materials under strainJames Busfield
WANG, CongweiMonitoring micro- and nano-scale deformation in graphene oxide paper using in-situ AFM and synchrotron FT-IR spectroscopyAsa Barber
Ton Peijs
YAO, JianHigh Strength and High Modulus Electrospun NanofibresTon Peijs


ALI, HassanMarangoni condensation of steam-ethanol mixtures on horizontal smooth, low finned tubes and bank of tubes.Hua Sheng Wang
ASIF, MuhammadModification of silorane based dental resin and its chemical/mechanical characterization (MPhil)Ihtesham Rehman
CAO, XuInvestigation into the use of carbon nanotubes networks as gate electrodes in field-effect gas sensors with increased functionalitySteffi Krause
CHAUDHRY, SairaA Biomechanical Characterisation of Eccentric and Concentric Loading of the Triceps Surae ComplexHazel Screen
CHEN, Hui-JiuanNanoparticle mediated heating for non-invasive thermal therapiesDongsheng Wen
CHRISTAKOPOULOS, FaidonSensitivity computation and shape optimisation in aerodynamics using the adjoint methodology and Automatic DifferentiationJens Mueller
HATCH, SabinaInvestigating the effect of materials processing on ZnO nanorod properties and device performanceSteve Dunn
IMRAN, ShahidExperimental and Numerical Investigation of Performance and Emissions in Compression Ignition Engines with Alternative FuelTheodosios Alexander
IRIANTO, JeromeNuclear Related Responses to Osmotic Challenge in ChondrocytesDavid Lee
Martin Knight
JIMENEZ PALOMAR, InesMechanical Properties of Bone at the Sub-lamellar LevelAsa Barber
KARUNARATNE, Malintha P. A.Analysis of Alterations in Matrix Quality at Nanoscale in Metabolic Bone Diseases using Synchrotron X-ray DiffractionHimadri Gupta
KHAN, Rachel MarinaA study of bioreactor surfaces for cell interactions and sensingPankaj Vadgama
MANSOURI, NouraCarbon Management for Sustainable Development: An examination of potential transition paths for the Saudi Arabian national system of innovation' towards a clearer energy economyTheodosios Alexander
MILSOM, BenThe Effect of CNTs on the Sintering Behaviour and Properties of Structural Ceramic CompositesMike Reece
PATEL, HarishHemp Fibre Reinforced Sheet Moulding CompoundsTon Peijs
RONG, ZimeiDiffusive Mass Transport Studies Using BiosensorsPankaj Vadgama
SAKULKAEW, KartpanTearing of rubberJames Busfield
SATNAM SINGH, Jasminder K.The Nanostructure of Impant-Induced Fibrosis (MPhil)Himadri Gupta
SCHIAVA D'ALBANO, GuillermoComputational and Algorithmic Solutions for Large Scale Combined Finite-Discrete Elements SimulationsAnte Munjiza
John Williams
THOMPSON, ClaireInteraction between primary cilia length and hedgehog signalling in response to mechanical and thermal stressMartin Knight
WAI YIN WONG, DorisToughening of epoxy carbon fibre composites using dissolvable phenoxy fibresTon Peijs
YAO, JianHigh Performance Electrospun FibresTon Peijs
Cees Bastiaansen
YI, QiangyingUV-Triggered Encapsulation and Release by Multilayer MicrocapsulesGleb Sukhorukov


ALEROH, DicksonSynthesis and Characterization of Novel Low Band Gap Semiconducting Polymers for Organic Photovoltaic and Organic Field Effect Transistor ApplicationsMartin Heeney
Steve Dunn
ANSSARI-BENIM, AfshinStructure-Function Relationships in the Aortic ValveHazel Screen
BAI, KeSpatial distribution, temporal development and mechanical properties of the endothelial glycocalyx in vitroWen Wang
CHANG, HongStudy of protein membranes formed by interfacial crosslinking using microfluidic flowPankaj Vadgama
Steve Dunn
CIAMPONE, SandraMethods for Seated Posture RecognitionPeter Dabnichki
GAO, ZhipengPerovskite-Like Layered Structure A2B2O7 Ferroelectrics and Solid SolutionsMike Reece
GARCIA SOUTO, Maria del PilarTemperature and comfort monitoring systems for humansPeter Dabnichki
HOTHI, Hardip SinghThe Impact and Deformation of Press-Fit Metal Acetablular ComponentsJulia Shelton
James Busfield
IKRAM, ZaheerNumerical investigation of the effect of free-surface flow past submerged bluff and streamlined bodiesJohn Williams
Eldad Avital
LINKE, SebastianLaser scanning system for microscopic and macroscopic investigations of chemical semiconductor sensorsSteffi Krause
LIU, YankaiModelling studies on biological tissue property and mechanical responses under external stimuliWen Wang
LOWE, DavidNatural Rubber/Organoclay NanocompositesJames Busfield
MAFINA, Marc-KrystelleNovel Fluorescent probes for Analysis of Protein interactions under truly physiological conditions with real Medical devicesKarin Hing
NAYEBOSSADRI, ShahrzadComputational and Experimental Study of Nasal Cavity Airflow DynamicsEldad Avital
Fariborz Motallebi
PAVLOV, AntonMultilayer Microcapsules for Delivery, Control and Triggered Release of Bioactive CompoundsGleb Sukhorukov
PRAVINCUMAR, PriyankaViscoelastic Response of Cells and the Role of Actin Cytoskeletal RemodellingMartin Knight
ROYLE, MatthewInfluence of coatings on ion release from large diameter metal-on-metal hip bearingsJulia Shelton
SADOWSKA, AnnaFormation control of nonholonomic mobile robots: the virtual structure approachHenri Huijberts
ZHANG, YingA spectroscopic study of the degradation of polyurethane coil coatingsRay Smith
Asa Barber


AHMAD, ArsalanExperimental Aeroacoustics Study on Jet Noise Reduction Using Tangential Air InjectionEldad Avital
Chris Lawn
John Cater
AHMED, FarhatMultiscale Quantitative Imaging of Human Femoral Heads using X-ray MicrotomographyAndy Bushby
AL-MUSLEH, AhmedDevelopment of a Framework for Total Quality Management Principle in the Construction Companies with special reference to the Construction Companies in the state of Qatar.Ihtesham Rehman
ALI, Hafiz MFree-convection condensation on single horizontal pin-fin tubesAdrian Briggs
BAKLAR, MohammedProcessing Organic SemiconductorsNatalie Stingelin
Ton Peijs
CHAI, ChanyuanCan Interface Conditions be Modified by Support Surfaces to Minimise the Risk of Pressure Ulcer Development?Wen Wang
Dan Bader
CLARKE, HenryA Novel Cryogenic Energy System for Zero Emission VehiclesDongsheng Wen
DJUMANOV, DilshatbekIntelligent Technologies for Real-Time Monitoring and Decision Support Systems (MPhil)Peter Dabnichki
EKERS, Tanya W.Nanoindentation as a Method to Interrogate the Mechanical properties of Polymer CoatingsAndy Bushby
FITZGERALD, ClaireForced-convection condensation heat-transfer on horizontal integral-fin tubes including effects of liquid retentionAdrian Briggs
GEA, SaharmanInnovative Bio-nanocomposites Based on Bacterial CelluloseTon Peijs
HANG, FeiIn-situ nanomechanical investigations of boneAsa Barber
HORIKIRI, KanaAerodynamics of wind turbines (MPhil)Theodosios Alexander
HOSNY, NeveenDevelopment of a non-invasive method to detect pericellular spatial oxygen gradients using FLIMMartin Knight
HU, DaweiMaterials capacity on Radar Cross Section Reduction using nanomaterialsDavid Dunstan, Ren Guo
JEENJITKAEW, ChoothumKissing Bonds in Adhesive Joints: A Holistic Approach for Surface Chemistry and Joint MechanicsFelicity Guild, Zofia Luklinska
LU, DunNanomechanics of limpet teethAsa Barber
LUO, ZhenlingmicroRNAs play a role in human embryonic stem cell differentiation into endothelial cellsWen Wang
MA, JiaProcessing of Polymer-based Systems for Improved Performance and Controlled ReleaseGleb Sukhorukov
Ton Peijs
NAMASIVAYAM, AshandCombustion, Performance and Emissions Characteristics of Compression Ignition Engines Fuelled by Sustainable FuelsTheodosios Alexander
NAYESBOSSADRI, ShahrouzDevelopment of Li-N-H Hydrogen Storage System: An investigation on the Dehydrogeneration reaction mechanism and kinetics of the systemXiao Guo
NING, HuanpoPerovskite-like Layered Structure A2B2O7 Ferrlelectrics with Super-High Curie PointsMike Reece
SHUWAIHI, Abdullah SalemThe determinants of FDI flows into Natural Resource Sectors Capital versus Technology and Human Capital Intensive sectors: The Case of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)Dr Marian Rizov, Dr John Behiri
SIVASUBRAMANYAM, Kruba SankarOsteoinduction by biomaterials; towards unravelling the underlying processJoost de Bruijn
THANJAL, NarinderjeetOptimisation of interfacial bond strength of glass fibre endodontic post systems (MPhil)Andy Bushby
TU, WeiComeld Joints: Optimisation of Geometric Parameters of the ProtrusionsPihua Wen
Felicity Guild
Paul Hogg
WANG, YiwenMechanical and Chemical Modifications of High-Capacity Hydrogen Storage MaterialsXiao Guo
Mike Reece
WARD, Philip AThe influence of test parameters and surface modifications on the wear of total hip replacementsJulia Shelton
YE, Shang JunComputational modelling of flows in porous scaffold materials using a lattice Boltzmann methodWen Wang
ZHANG, Chi ChiGeometric and Scale Effects on Energy absorption of Structural CompositesPaul Hogg


ADETORO, OluwamayokunNumerical Structure for Milling Proceses of Thin Wall StructuresPihua Wen
AHMADI, RahelehInjectable Cell-Based Tissue Engineered Bone FormulationsJoost de Bruijn
AJAMI, ElnazDevelopment of a Self-Assembly Technique for HA Coatings and Antibiotic Delivery for Titanium- Based ImplantsXiao Guo
AMINI, NegarFabrication of Porous Carbon Structures for Biological Fuel CellsXiao Guo
AREVALO PECES, RaquelBiobased Resin-Free All-Cellulose Panel MaterialsTon Peijs
CHEN, YulongDiscovery of New BaTiO3-based Positive Temperature Coefficient Resistors by Thick Film Combinatorial MethodsShoufeng Yang
CHOUDHRY, SadafThe characterisation of articular chondrocyte seeded chitosan hydrogels for cartilage tissue engineeringRay Smith
EL-HABTI, MohamedFinite element analysis of Composites Integral ArmourFelicity Guild
FIANTI, NoorGoing against the Grain: the De-Maturity of the European Textile IndustryStuart Peters
Mike Reece
GABRIEL, PhilipInvestigation and Modelling of Rubber FrictionJames Busfield
GU, QiongSelf Assembly for Surface Functionalisation to improve biocompatibilities in Ti-based implants and Enzyme immobilisation of Biofuel cells.Xiao Guo
HAMAKHAN, Idres AzzatDesign of High Efficiency Turbomachinery BladesTheodosios Alexander
HAPUARACHCHI, T DhanushkaDevelopment and Characterisation of Flame Retardant Nanoparticulate Bio-based Polymer CompositesTon Peijs
HSU, Hung-LiangThe Preperation and Characterisation of Porous Degradable Chitosan Structure for Tissue EngineeringRay Smith
JAGADEESH, Sakaleshpur ChetanDynamics of vortex shredding from slender conesMike Gaster
KUWATA, ManabuMechanisms of Interlaminar Fracture Toughness using Non-Woven Veils as Interleaf MaterialsPaul Hogg
Ton Peijs
LI, ShuangwuSurface properties of Electrospun NanofibresAsa Barber
LIAO, RuiTransmission power control in wireless networksHenri Huijberts
LUO, JinInvestigtion of the Properties of Dental Cements in Minimal Invasive RestorationAndy Bushby
MD ZHAHIR, Md AmzariAdaptive Filtering Applications to Satellite NavigationRanjan Vepa
PATTAPPA, GirishCharacterisaction of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Metabolism during Proliferation and DifferentiationDavid Lee
Joost deBruijn
RAMLOGAN, AnilStem Cell Expansion and Bioreactor DevelopmentJoost deBruijn
RUSSO, ManuellaTitanium oxide hydrates: optical properties and applicationsNatalie Stingelin
RYAN, CharlesInfluence of electrostatics upon electrospray with the intention of application to colloid thrustersJohn Stark
SCHOENLEBER, MonikaStudiesod polymeric membranes modified for application to amperometric H202 and p)2 sensing with needle-type electrodesPankaj Vadgama
SHAHID, SaroashGlass Ioner cements: Investigations into secondary setting mechanism and kinetics of fluoride release.Robert R Hill
SHELDON, AndrewVisualization of fluid motions inside Taylor cones using dye tracerJohn Stark
SONG, PengxiangExperimental & Numerical Study of Energetic Nanoparticles for Potential Energy ApplicationsDongsheng Wen
SUPHADON, NutthanunViscoelastic Properties of Elastomer under Complex LoadingJames Busfield
TAN, ZhikaiMechanisms involved in the electrospray of biological macromoleculesJohn Stark
TEZCAKAR, MerveTechno-economic Transition towards a Hydrogen EconomyStuart Peters
Mike Reece
TOORANI, ShimaThe Influence of Microstructure on the Mechanical Behaviours of TendonsHazel Screen
Julia Shelton
VIOLA, GiuseppeDomain switching dynamics in ferroelastic and ferroelastic/ferroelectric perovskitesMike Reece
XU, BotaoExperiment and Modelling of Structural Epoxy Adhesive in Critical ApplicationsFelicity Guild
ZHANG, YimingApplication of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNS) in Several Different Materials Research FieldsShoufeng Yang


BEDARD, MatthieuOptically addressable, integrative composite polymer microcapsulesGleb Sukhorukov
BILOTTI, EmilianoPolymer - Sepiolite Clay NanocompositesTon Peijs
BLASE, ThomasDevelopment of a Continuous Wire Casting TechniqueMike Reece
Xiao Guo
CHEN, LiInvestigation into the Sensitivity and Resolution of Scanning Photo-Induced Impedance MicroscopySteffi Krause
CHI, XiaopengMicro-Extrusion of fine Ceramic LatticeworkShoufeng Yang
GUO, LeiNovel biosensors and Their application in Mass TransportWen Wang
Pankaj Vadgama
HAKIMI, OsnatComparative studies of Silkworm and Spider Silk as potential scaffoldPankaj Vadgama
HAQUE, FezaNanoindentation of Polymer and Protein Films (MPhil)Andy Bushby
Pankaj Vadgama
HOSSEINI, Seyed Mohammad RezaNon-Linearities in the Thermoacoustic response of a premiscied swirl burnerChris Lawn
HOU, XiaodongGeometrical size effects in the plasticity of metals by micromechanical testingAndy Bushby
INAM, FawadDevelopment of Ceramic – Carbon Nanotube (CNT) NanocompositesTon Peijs
Mike Reece
JAMSHIDI, Mohammad SA Process for Recycling Thermosetting Foams and the Incorporation of Recycled Foams into Structural Composite PanelsPaul Hogg
Ton Peijs
JHA, VineetkumarCarbon Black Filler Reinforcement of ElastomersJames Busfield
JIN, Jian FengMultiscale Quasicontinuum Simulations of Onset Plasticity of Nanostructural Al and Cu FCC MetalsXiao Guo
KHAN, Abdul SamadSynthesis and characterisation of a novel bioactive restorative compositeIhtesham Rehman
LA MANTIA, MarcoAnalysis of hydrodynamic forces on flapping wingPeter Dabnichki
LEI, YangFirst-principle simulations of hydrogen/water interactions with carbon nanostructures for hydrogen storage and supply.Xiao Guo
LI, RuzhenMolecular dynamic simulations of BiointerfacesXiao Guo
MA, Chun JieSythesis and characterization of chitosan grafted poly (vinyl alcohol)Ray Smith
MA, JianminNumerical analysis of flow structures and bed entrainment in turbulent open-channel flowJohn Williams
MOHD DAHAN, RozanaProcessing and characterization of aligned ferroelectric PVDF-TrFE thin filmsMike Reece
MOVASAGHI, ZanyarSpectroscopic Investigation of Cancerous TissuesIhtesham Rehman
PETRATOS, PythagorasValuation of nanotechnology using the international private equity and venture capital valuation guidelines and factors influencing itJohn Behiri
Mike Reece
RAHIDEH, AkbarModel Identification and Robust Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of a Twin Rotor MIMO SystemHasan Shaheed
REHMAN MALIK, Khalil UrAn examination of innovation and disruptive technology in the medical devices and implant industry (MPhil)Mike Reece
ROOHPOUR, NimaPolyurethane Membranes for Encapsulation of Implantable Medical DevicesIhtesham Rehman
ROUGIER, EstebanDiscreet element method for simulation of gas microflowsAnte Munjiza
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ZHANG, RuiConductive TPU - CNT Composites for Strain SensingTon Peijs
Mark Baxendale
ZHANG, WanruiAdvanced spectroscopic studies into the degradation of Polyester/Melmine Coatings before and after exposure to natural and accelerated weathering testsRay Smith
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ZHU, FuyouAdvanced materials for composite armourAsa Barber
ZHU, TingtingMicrometre-scale plasticity size effects in metals and ceramics theory and experimentAndy Bushby


ACHILLI, LucaPhysically Crosslinked Chitosan Based Hydrogels for Biomedical ApplicationsRay Smith
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David Lee
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CERATO, ValentinaThe Issue of Recycling from a Vehicle Manufacturer’s PerspectivePaul Hogg
Ton Peijs
CHAUDHRY, Aqif AContinuous Hydrothermal Flow Synthesis and Characterisation of Nano-bioceramics and their Rapid Consolidation Using Spark Plasma SinteringAsa Barber
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GARDANO, PaoloModelling of hydrodynamic propulsive forces generated by the human armPeter Dabnichki
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GUTH, KatharinaMechanisms of the improvced Biological Response with Silicate Substitution in Hydroxy Apatite.Karin Hing
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Julia Shelton
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Ton Peijis
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WU, ZhaoyunSynthesis of nanostructure materials for lithium ion batteriesMike Reece
Xiao Guo
YAN, XiaoyuLife cycle energy demand and green house gas emissions in China's road transport sector; Future trends and policy implicationsRoy Crookes
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Xiao Guo
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David Lee
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LI, Chen
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ZHANG, XiadongElectromechanical properties and thermal depoling behaviour of perovskite and aurivillius phase ceramicsMike Reece


BARIA, KatherineModulation of the effect of tensile strain on fibroblasts by extracellular matrix molecules and serumDavid Lee
Martin Knight
BERKETIS, KyriakosWater Immersion and Impact Damage Effects on the Residual Compressive Strength of CompositesPaul Hogg
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Dan Bader
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KELLICI, SuelaCleaner Routes to Nanoparticle Synthesis from Supercritical Fluid MixturesIhtesham Rehman
LU, YWen Wang
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Martin Knight
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WANG, Dazhi2D and 3D electrohydrodynamic atomization print-patterningPaul Hogg
WANG, JianCombinatorial ink-jet printing for ceramic discovery (removed from roll of honour - requested by the student)Julian Evans
YIN, XProtein changes associated with embryonic stem cell differentiation to vascular smooth muscle cellsWen Wang
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CHEN, BiqiongPolymer-clay nanocompositesJulian Evans
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DEMOSTHENOUS, ASoot formation and oxidation in a high-pressure spray flameRoy Crookes
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KINIMO, ThierryDevelopment of dirt resistant polymer coatingsRay Smith
LI, YongActive control of boundary layer instabilitiesMike Gaster
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Dan Bader
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AKBARI, GPeter Wormleaton
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CAUCHI-SAVONA, SilvanoEnergy absorbing composites for crash energy managementPaul Hogg
HUDSON, ZA multi-media approach to establish the mechanical integrity of the ACL deficient kneeDan Bader
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JEE, CarolineExperimental investigation and molecular dynamic simulation of binder removal in powder compactsXiao Guo
RASHID, AzuraAn investigation of the effect of ageing on the physical properties of natural rubberJames Busfield
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Julia Shelton
SHANG, CoxiaMechanochemical synthesis of magnium-based hydrogen storage materialsXiao Guo
TZETZIS, DimitriosFeasability study on the vacuum infusion of composite to composite in-field repairsPaul Hogg
WILLIAMS, KellyHigh temperature uniaxial fatigue of oxide ceramicsMike Reece


BEELEY, NathanDevelopment of a novel powder-coated fibre pre-processing route for cost-effective production of metal matrix compositesXiao Guo
BERRY, CatherineThe influence of tensile strain on fibroblasts in culture.David Lee
Julia Shelton
BLUGAN, GurdialA systematic study of the effects of alumina, yttria and zirconia sintering additives on the microstructure and high temperature creep properties of silicon nitrideMike Reece
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CHOWDHURY, TTRole of nitric oxide and PGE2 in chondrocyte mechano transduction.David Lee
Dan Bader
DING, RongPredictive modelling of microstructural evolution and plastic flow of polycrystalline materials during thermal mechanical processingXiao Guo
GARKHAIL, Sanjeev KComposites based on Natural Fibres and Thermoplastics MatricesTon Peijs
NG, Wei HannStiffness and fatigue failure prediction of bonded elastomer components (MPhil)James Busfield
YAMAGUCHI, KenThe mechanical and electrical behaviours of carbon black filled elastomers under strainJames Busfield


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BLEACH, NicolaOptimisation of degradable bioactive polymer compositesLiz Tanner
CORTES HERNANDES, DoraDevelopment of novel bioactive composites for bone replacementLiz Tanner, Paul Hogg
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David Lee
JOSEPH, RoyDevelopment of an injection moulding grade hydroxyapatite polyethylene compositeLiz Tanner
MCGREGOR, WilliamFatigue behaviour of hydrostatically extruded HAPEX TMLiz Tanner
NANGREJO, RafiquProcessing of ceramic foamsMohan Edirisinghe
NEUMANN, RobertLifetime analysis of a composite flywheel energy storage systemPaul Hogg
OSAWE, MOOpen channel turbulence modelling using layer-averaged large eddy simulation.John Williams
PARSONS, SophieProduction and characterisation of reinforced hydroxyapatite for bone replacementKarin Hing
PEREZ GAVILAN ESCALANTE, JJGalerkin boundary elements in solid mechanicsMH Aliabadi
ROBERTS, S.R.Mechanotransduction pathways associated with intracellular calcium in chondrocytes within 3D constructs.Dan Bader
David Lee
SIVALINGAM, GSoot formation and oxidation in a high pressure spray flame.Roy Crookes
TAY, Bee YenContinuous direct ink-jet printingMohan Edirisinghe
THANOMSILP, ChuleepornToughening of composites for liquid composite mouldingPaul Hogg
THOMPSON, MarkThe design of a novel hip resurfacing prosthesisLiz Tanner
TSUNODA, KatsuhikoThe role of visco-elasticity on the crack growth behaviour of rubberJames Busfield
ZAWAHREH, YousefA novel microwave synthesis of calcium hydroxyapatite: optimisation and investigation of a microwave-assisted reaction routeLiz Tanner
ZNAOR, NevenDevelopment of PEMA based bone cements and assessment of their short and longer term tensile propertiesLiz Tanner


AHMADNIA, AliEnergy absorption of Micro composite laminatesPaul Hogg
BUSFIELD, JamesPredicting the behaviour of elastomer components using finite element analysisCraig Davies
DANIEL, LeoFactors affecting energy absorption capability of polymer composite materialsPaul Hogg
DEEPRASERTKUL, ChudejDynamic properties of carbon black filled elastomers containing liquidsJames Busfield
GOUGH, JuliaStress-strain behaviour of rubberCraig Davies
KRUG, SteffenLarge section ceramic injection mouldingJulian Evans
PEARSON, RichardThe in vitro response to simulated intra-articular environment associated with a cell-seeded ligament repair systemDan Bader
David Lee
RATSIMBA, ChristianFatigue crack growth of carbon black reinforced elastomers.James Busfield
REN, GuogangFibre reinforced ceramic moulding composites: manufacturing and characterisationPaul Hogg
SABERI, RezminCharacterization of femoral prostheses using refined holographic interferometric techniquesJulia Shelton
TON THAT, PeterFatigue characterisation of HAPEX bioactive compositeLiz Tanner


BUCKLAND, ThomasDevelopment of an enstatite glass-ceramic for biomedical applicationsSerena Best
CLARKE, SusanIntegrin expression at the bone/biomaterial interfacePeter Ravell
GERMAN, Matthew J.The mechanical characterisation of a novel biometric hydrogen polymer.Dan Bader
LOBLEY, ChristopherTape casting as a novel processing route for silicon carbide fibre-reinforced titanium metal matrix compositesXiao Guo
MCDOUGAL, IainBiaxial fatigue of titanium-6 aluminium-4 vara for total hip replacementsJulia Shelton
MUSHIPE, MosesUse of biomaterial particulates in bone repair.Julia Shelton
YAMAC, TubaThe extraction and characterisation of wear particles from tissues around failed orthopaedic implants of different designs.Peter Revell


ARJYAL, BishwamberIn-situ stress/strain measurements in composites using an aramid fibre as a sensorCostas Galiotis
CHADWICK, EdelProduction of carbon fibre geopolymer prepregsPaul Hogg
DAVIES, GarethInjection moulding of bioactive compositesLiz Tanner
DUPEE, JamesOn-line crystallinity and temperature measurements of nylon 66 using a remote Raman probeCostas Galiotis
ENOBAKHARE, BrianIn-vitro evaluation of chondrocyte/alginate constructs for tissue engineered articular cartilageDavid Lee
Dan Bader
EVANS, AngusStructure, morphology and crystallisation of synidotactic polystyreneCostas Galiotis
SALIH, VehidEvaluation of novel polymer for articular cartilage repairDan Bader
David Lee
SERGIOU, KarenThe synthesis and characterisation of potentially biodegradable organophosphate co-polymersRay Smith


ALKALAY, RonThe influence of design features in the biomechanical performance of a fixator for the lumbar spineDan Bader
BIBO, GaryDeformation and fracture of non-crimp fabric compositesPaul Hogg
CAUICH RODRIGUEZ, JuanHydrogels based on poly(vinyl alcohol-vinyl acetate) blends for biomedical applicationsRay Smith
DIMITRIADIS, KlisthenisCharacterisation, processing and mechanical modelling of a thermotropic main-chain liquid crystalline polymerCostas Galiotis
GAIR, StephenThe origin of normal and inverted photoplesythmographic signalsSteven Greenwald
HUANG, JieCharacterisation and evaluation of hydroxyapatite- and Bioglass®-reinforced polyethylene composites for medical implantsBill Bonfield
KENEGHAN, BrendaSynthesis and characterisation of strain-sensitive polyurethane-diacetylene copolymer coatingsCostas Galiotis
KNIGHT, MartinDeformation of isolated articular chondrocytes cultured in agarose constructsDan Bader
David Lee
KNIGHT, Sarah L.Non-invasive techniques for predicting soft tissue status during pressure induced ischaemiaDan Bader
MUSTAFA, RamadanFatigue and fracture behaviour of continuous nicalon fibre reinforced aluminium matrix compositesFrank Guiu
NAZHAT, ShowanDynamic mechanical characterisation of hydroxyapatite reinforced biomedical compositesRay Smith
NEW, AndrewExperimental and finite element studies of acetabular cement pressurisation and socket fixation in total hip replacementLiz Tanner
PAIPETIS, AlkiviadisA study of carbon fibre epoxy resin interface using Remote Laser Raman MicroscopyCostas Galiotis
TAYLOR, MarkLiz Tanner
TOWLER, Mark RobertProcessing, characterisation and mechanical properties of hydroxyapatite-zirconia composites for skeletal implantsSerena Best
VASHISHTH, DeepakFracture of cortical bone under controlled crack propagation and combined axial-torsional fatigue loadingJohn Behiri
Bill Bonfield


BAGNALL, Anne-MarieEffect of osteoporosis and drug treatment on bone biomechanicsLiz Tanner
BASOALTO, HectorWeight function formalism applied to crack bridging problemsRalph Stevens
HARMS, MicheleForce measurement during spinal mobilisationDan Bader
HARPER (nee Sanham) ElizabethDevelopment and characterisation of a hydroxyapatite reinforced poly(ethylmethacrylate) bone cementJohn Behiri
Bill Bonfield
HING, KarinAssessment of porous hydroxyapatite for bone replacementSerena Best, Bill Bonfield
MO, NingMechanical characterisation of bone with laser speckle photographyJulia Shelton
SAPALIDIS, StylianosStress corrossion of glass reinforced plastics at elevated temperaturesPaul Hogg
SHAW, JohnFabrication and characterisation of pourous hydroxyapatiteBill Bonfield
YOOSEFINEJAD, AtaLong term durability of advanced composite materialsPaul Hogg


AKUTAGAWA, KeizoThe effect of incorporation of low molar mass liquids on the dynamic mechanical properties of elastomers under strainCraig Davies
BARRALET, JakeProcessing and sintering of carbonate hydroxyapatiteBill Bonfield
BEECH, PhilipFilmwise condensation of high velocity downward flowing steam on a bundle of horizontal tubes.John Rose
BLATCHER, SteveHolographic interferometric analysis of femoral prosthesisJulia Shelton
DE, DilipDeformation, stored energy functions and crack growth in filled rubbersCraig Davies
James Busfield
FILIOU, DinaIn situ strain measurements in carbon fibre thermoplastic compositesCostas Galiotis
HUANG, Xiao-SongCondensation on integral-fin tubes effect of fin height, thickness and thermal conductivityJohn Rose
KAY, MarcelFactors effecting the failure mechanisms in compression after impact of continuous fibre compositesPaul Hogg
KOSASIE, AlexanderIntensive condensation of mercury.John Rose
SCHECHTMAN, HelioMechanical characteristics of fatigue failure in human tendonsDan Bader
SUWANPRATEEB, JintamaiCreep behaviour of hydroxyapatite reinforced polyethylene composites.Liz Tanner, Bill Bonfield
VLATTAS, CosmasA study of the mechanical properties of liquid crystal polymer fibres and their adhesion to epoxy resin using laser Raman spectroscopy.Costas Galiotis
ZARATE-ESCUDERO, FranciscoThe application of numerical methods to problems in the physics of fractureRalph Stevens


TRAVIS, SimonThe effects of oxidative treatment upon carbon fibre surfaces and adhesion to epoxy resin.Costas Galiotis


LI, MingMicrostucture, thermal stability and fatigue crack growth in ceramicsFrank Guiu
MCCOMNICK, NicholasEdge flaking of brittle materialsFrank Guiu
SERRANIA-Soto, FlorenciaSynthesis and chracterisation of navel phasphons - copolymersPeter Reed
SHAH, DeepakMicrostructural factors influencing the mechanical behaviour of equine cortical boneLiz Tanner


CAMPBELL, AlistairStructure of the phases in polydiacetylenesCraig Davies
HAROLD, StephanieDevelopment of a non-adhesive wound drressingEdgar Andrews
HEELEY, JudithOn the biodegradation of biomedical polymersRay Smith
HEMACHANDRA, KhemchaiMechanical behaviour of hydroxyapatite reinforced polyethyleneLiz Tanner, Bill Bonfield
KATZ, DavidHolographic interferometry in the biomechanical analysis of loading patterns in the human femurJulia Shelton
LEE, M KTensile deformation of methacrylate-butadiene-styrene modified poly(vinyl chloride).Peter Reed
NOURI KHORASANI, SaidThe development and characterization of novel rubber toughened bone cement.Bill Bonfield
POOLAY-MOOTIEN, SatiInternal Stress and creep of twp phase Al-Li base alloysCraig Davies
REHMAN, IhteshamSynthesis of polyurethanes for medical use: biodegradable low adherence films for the prevention of adhesions after surgery.Ray Smith
THOMAS, PaulIn vitro characterisation of novel biodegradable polymeric films for the prevention of post operative adhesionRay Smith


BRIGGS, AdrianForced convection condensation on horizontal integral-fin tubes.John Rose
BUSHBY, AndrewStructure and properties of glass fibre reinforced cements.Craig Davies
HODGKINSON, RichardHigh resolution imaging of the appetite phase in bone tissueBill Bonfield
JAHANKHANI, HamidCharacterisation of Kevlar-49 fibres and interfacial shear strength measurements in model composite materials, using laser Raman spectroscopyCostas Galiotis
LEICY, DaryoushThe impact properties of advanced carbon fibre thermoplastic compositesPaul Hogg
MELANITIS, NicholasAn investigation of the tensile, compressive and interfacial properties of carbon fibres using Raman spectroscopyCostas Galiotis
PRICHARD, JohnPost-impact compression behaviour of continuous fibre composite materials.Paul Hogg
TETLOW, PhilipMicrostructure and creep properties of a commercial aluminium lithium alloy.Craig Davies
WANG, MinCharacterisation and evaluation of a carbon fibre reinforced aluminium alloy compositeBill Bonfield


AL-KHUDHAIRY, DelilahCoal microstructure and structural changes during gasification.Bob Young
ARSIANIAN, YervantStress Corrsion of Sheet Moulding compoundsPaul Hogg
BEST, SerenaCharacterisation sintering and mechanical behaviour of hydroxyapatite ceramicsBill Bonfield
VAUGHAN, DionCyclic and static fatigue properties of ceramicsFrank Guiu
WEN, Xiao-LingFilmwise condensation on horizontal integral-fin tubes.John Rose


DABESTANI, MinooElastic and anelastic deformation of human compact boneBill Bonfield
EVANS, GwilymDeformation and fracture of cortical bone in thoroughbred racehorsesBill Bonfield, John Behiri
KAMYAB, ImanAdhesion of surgical dressings to woundsEdgar Andrews
MEMORY, StephenForced convection film condensation on a horizontal tube at high vapour velocityJohn Rose
PUAJINDANETR, SomchaiCharacterisation of precipitated hydroxyapatiteBill Bonfield
SHARP, DavidThe subchondral bone of the normal and osteoarthritic human femoral headBill Bonfield
SHELTON, JuliaStability and failure of internal fractrure fixation systemsBill Bonfield


CHARALAMBIDES, BeatriceComparison of fracture in cortical bone and analogue compositesBill Bonfield
DRURY, MarionLinear and nonlinear optical properties of Durham polyacetyleneCostas Galiotis
LESNIAREK-HAMID, JulieHigh pressure crystallization of isotactic polystyreneCraig Davies
MICHAEL, AlexisCondensation of steam at high velocity on a horizontal tubeJohn Rose
MONEY, MarkInstrumented falling weight impact testing of polymethylmethacrylate and high density polyethylenePeter Reed
MOZAFARI, AliasgharPredictions and measurements of spark-ignition engine characteristics using ammonia and other fuelsJohn Rose
RAHBAR, ShahrzadEffect of vapour velocity on film condensation of refrigerant 113 and ethylene glycol on a horizontal tube.John Rose


ANSARIFAR, MohammadFracture mechanics of a ductile steelEdgar Andrews
JAMARANI, MohammadFracture of poly(vinyl chloride) thin-walled tubes in impactPeter Reed
MAXWELL, DerrickThe fracture of hybrid particulate compositesPeter Reed
ROBINSON, IanOptomechanics of polymer fibres and compositesCostas Galiotis


LIM, Bah ChinImpact of blow moulded high density polythene containersPeter Reed
MOHAMMED ALI, FedaaCreep of a copper-aluminium alloyCraig Davies
Ralph Stevens
OLDER, AndrewHigh temperature creep of Nimonic 91Craig Davies
Ralph Stevens
SHONAIKE, GabrielCrazing in pre-oriented polycarbonate and polyamide 6Peter Reed


MASUDA, HiroshiFilm condensation heat transfer on low integral-fin tubeJohn Rose
PICKARD, SionFatigue behaviour of strain-ageing Fe-N-C alloysFrank Guiu
STANNETT, GillianStructural changes in coal during gasificationBob Young
YEUNG, Ping HaStructure and deformation of polydiacetylene single crystal fibresBob Young, Costas Galiotis


CHARALAMIBIDES, BeatriceFracture toughness of cortical bone: the effect of specimen geometryBill Bonfield
FRYDAS, ChristakisForced convection condensation of steam in the presence of a non-condensing gas.John Rose
SINGH, DavinderCreep of Ni/Al alloys: the effect of prestrainCraig Davies
Ralph Stevens


PLANELL-ESTANY, JoseDislocation substructures in cyclically deformed molybdenum single crystalsFrank Guiu
VLACHOS, ChristosDurability of epoxy-resin adhesive bondsBob Young


ASSEFPOUR-DEZFULY, MassoudStrengthening mechanisms and microplasticity in elgiloyBill Bonfield
BEHIRI, JohnFracture mechanics of boneBill Bonfield
CARTER, AndrewMorphology and mechanica properties of blands of cis and trans polyisopreneCraig Davies
CHAI, Yap LiongMicrostructure and creep properties of Ni-Co-Al alloysRalph Stevens
Craig Davies
GALIOTIS, ConstantineDisubstituted polydiacetylene single crystal fibresBob Young
LEE, Wa ChengFilmwise condensation on a horizontal tube in the presence of forced convection and non-condensing gas.John Rose
WOLFE, SusanCrystallisation of epoxidized natural rubberCraig Davies


MOVASSAGHI, MehrzadImpact response of poly(methyl methacrylate) platesPeter Reed
READ, RobinMorphology and deformation of a substituted diacetylene polymerBob Young
SPANOUDAKIS, JohnFracture in particle fitted epoxy resinBill Bonfield
TAEFI, MaryamCompatibility of carbon fibres with aluminium and aluminium-tin coatingsBill Bonfield


ANGLADA GOMILA, MarcosCyclic deformation of Niobium single crystalsFrank Guiu
BARNES, StuartFracture mechanics of elastic-plastic solidsEdgar Andrews, Peter Reed
KADIR BIN MOHAMED, AbdulCrack propagation in rubbersAlan Thomas
Craig Davies
NAH, Soo HoeDiffusion and migration of substances incorporated into rubberAlan Thomas
Craig Davies
NASH, AzraViscoelasticity and the mineral phase of compact boneBill Bonfield
STYLIANOU, SteliosHeat transfer during dropwise condensation of steam and ethylene glycolJohn Rose


FOLEY, AndrewThe mechanical properties of aluminium and copper coated carbon fibresBill Bonfield
NIKNEJAD, JalilAn investigation of heat transfer during filmwise and dropwise condensation of mercuryJohn Rose
WILMSHURST, RogerHeat transfer during dropwise condensation of steam, ethane 1,2 diol, aniline and nitrobenzene.John Rose
YAMINI, SalimCrack propagation in epoxyBob Young


CHERN, Ing-ShyanMolecular fracture in stressed nylonPeter Reed
SHADRAKE, LeslieLattice defects in polyethylene crystalsFrank Guiu
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STEVENSON, AndrewFracture of epoxy resin systemsEdgar Andrews
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