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School of Engineering and Materials Science Research Studentships

The explosion of research in the School is set to continue this year with further PhD places available. The places currently on offer come with a variety of funding packages. Many of the projects are fully funded by EPSRC, direct industrial support, European programmes and Queen Mary start-up funds. In other cases the funding is partial, in some cases limited to the provision of fees. All student support funds are competitive. We welcome all applications from suitable qualified students from across the world (minimum equivalent of a 2:1 hons degree from a UK university). Some of the funding available is limited to UK/European students. Please apply early if you wish to apply for funding in order to check your eligibility and to improve your chances of selection.

Project Supervisor(s) Deadline
CONACyT (Mexico) Studentships for entry in 2019/2001-07-2020
Electrostatic jetting for high definition printingAhmed ISMAIL28-02-2020
Experimental study into the performance of vertical axis wind turbinesNeil CAGNEY22-11-2019
Halide perovskite thermoelectric materialsOliver FENWICK22-11-2019
Synthesis of carbon based catalysts for the sustainable upgrade of agro-waste pyrolysis products into biofuels for rural areasRoberto VOLPE22-11-2019
Developing highly efficient next generation solar cells based on non-fullerene acceptors with improved stabilityZhe LI22-11-2019

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