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Dr Andrew Buchan

Dr Buchan
Position: Senior Lecturer in Engineering Science
Honorary Lecturer Imperial College London
Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 6087
Location: 317, Engineering, Mile End
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support hours:
Tuesday 2pm - 4pm
Expertise: I design numerical models for predicting the behaviour and understanding the uncertainties in the operation of nuclear reactor cores and other nuclear processing facilities. In particular I develop mathematical models to accurately predict neutron and gamma transport within nuclear reactors, and couple these to thermal hydraulic codes that model coolant flows and heat transfer within a core. I am particularly interested in analysing both current nuclear reactors as well as those due to be built within the UK in the coming years, in particular the boiling water reactors. I am also heavily involved in the design of new mathematical models …
Research keywords: Nuclear Engineering, Neutron Transport, Adaptive Methods, Uncertainty Quantification
SEMS Research Division:
Affiliations: Member of the OECD-Nuclear Energy Agency Expert Group on Multi-physics Experimental Data, Benchmarks and Validation (EGMPEBV)

Member of JUNO: A Network for Japan - UK Nuclear Opportunities

Brief Biography

- Lecturer in Engineering, School of Engineering and Material Science, Queen Mary University of London, June 2017 to date
- EPSRC Research Fellow, Applied Modelling & Computation Group, Imperial College London. 01/2016 to date
- Imperial College Research Fellow, Applied Modelling & Computation Group, Imperial College London. 01/ 2012 - 12/2015
- Research Associate, Applied Modelling & Computation Group, Imperial College London. 04/2006 - 01/2012
- PhD student and Postdoctoral Research Associate, Applied Modelling & Computation Group, Imperial College London 09/2002 - 04/2006

- Imperial College London (awarded in 2006): PhD in Computational Methods in Neutron Transport & Nuclear Engineering. Thesis title: Adaptive Spherical Wavelets for the Angular Discretisation of the Boltzmann Transport Equation. Awarded in September 2006
- King's College London (awarded in 2001): MSc, Neural Networks & Information Processing. Research project: Model Selection for the Support Vector Machine. Pass with Distinction.

Funding Awarded
- (PI) Predictive Modelling for Nuclear Engineering ,EPSRC EP/M022684/1, (2016-2021) ~£830K
- (Co-I) Multi-phase flow and boiling simulation of thermal hydraulics in Boiling Water Reactors, KESS-II PhD Project (2016-2019),~£100K
- (PI) Self-adaptive radiation transport simulation methods, EPSRC CDT (Nuclear Energy) with AMEC Foster Wheeler PhD funding,(2016-2020) ~£100K
- (CO-I) JUNO: Japan UK Networking Opportunities, EPSRC Networking Grant, ~£400K
- (CO-I) Investigation of the safe removal of fuel debris: multi-physics simulation, EPSRC EP/P013198/1 (2016-2019) ~£650K
- (PI) Computational Nuclear Engineering, funded by HMS Sultan (2015-2017), ~£250K
- (Co-I) Managing Air for Green Inner Cities, EPSRC (2016-2020) ~£5M
- (Scientific Coordinator) Adaptive Hierarchical Radiation Transport Methods to Meet Future Challenges in Reactor Physics, EPSRC EPJ002011/1, (2011-2015), ~£1.3M,
- (Co-I) Reactor core-structure re-location modelling for severe nuclear accidents, EPSRC EP/M012794/1, (2014-2017) , ~£300K
- (Co-I) Realising the Commercial Potential of the Multi-Physics and Multi-Scale FETCH Technology for Nuclear Safety Applications, EPSRC EP/I006265/1, (2010-2011), ~£100K
- (PI) A number of small College/Departmental grants to fund travel for networks and summer student projects, totalling ~£7K

Selected Invited Talks
- Reduced Order Models for fluid and radiation modelling, Workshop in Reduced Order Modelling, University of Milan, 2016
- Multi-Physics Modelling & Simulation for Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Institute, London 2015
- Predictive modelling for nuclear engineering, OECD-Nuclear Energy Agency, Paris, 2015
- Nuclear accident simulation, Singapore government advisor group, London, 2014
- Radiation transport and Multi-phase flows in multi-physics modelling, IRSN, France, 2014
- FETCH: Nuclear System Modelling, Nuclear Advisory Committee, Imperial College London, 2014
- Coupled Radiation Transport, Multi-phase Fluid Flows, and Heat Transfer in Reactor Physics, Chongquin University, China, 2013
- Radiation Transport in Shielding, The Shielding Forum, Bournemouth, UK, 2013
- Multi-Physics Modelling for Nuclear Physics Applications, University of South Carolina, US, 2012