Dr Andrew Buchan


Research Funding

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Previous Funded Research Projects

Fukushima ALPS water A modelling framework for predicting tritium dispersion released within the marine environment

Funding source: EPSRC Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Start: 01-10-2023  /  End: 29-02-2024

Predictive Modelling for Nuclear Engineering (Early Career Fellowship)

Funding source: E.P.S.R.C
Start: 19-06-2017  /  End: 18-12-2020

To develop numerical models that predict the coupled neutronics-thermal hydraulics physics with nuclear reactor cores and to quantify the uncertainties in these predictions.

Other Research Projects

Risk Evaluation Fast Intelligent Tool (RELIANT) for COVID 19, EP/V036777/1, 2020-2022, £204k.

Development of computational tools for prediction of the spread of COVID19 in large indoor environments.