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Dr Nader Karimi

Dr Karimi
Position: Reader in Mechanical Engineering
Location: E407, Engineering, Mile End
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Expertise: My research is in the general area of thermofluids with an emphasis on energy conversion and storage. This includes activities on renewable energy carriers, chemical/electrochemical energy storage and, production and utilisation of carbon free/neutral fuels. Practical examples of these involve cooling of batteries in electric vehicles, storage of the surplus of renewable power by hydrogen production and phasing out the use of fossil fuels. The research is at both fundamental and applied levels and includes using a wide range of mathematical modelling and experimental techniques. My work also involves close collaboration with researchers in the field of Artificial …
Research keywords: Energy Conversion and Storage: Renewable energy carriers; chemical and electrochemical energy storage; solar fuel and electro-fuel technology; biomass gasification; hydrogen production and storage; power to gas and liquids; micro-reaction technology; thermo-economics. Thermal Science: Transport and reactions in porous media and catalysts; multiphase heat transfer; micro and nano-scale transport phenomena; ion transport; transport in batteries and electrochemical systems, nanofluids and complex fluids; colloids and interfaces; non-equilibrium and statistical thermodynamics. Chemically Reacting Flows: Combustion of carbon free/neutral fuels; combustion and flame dynamics; flame stabilisation; heat transfer in combustion; combustion noise; catalytically reacting flows; flow chemistry and heterogeneous reactive systems; reactive molecular dynamics; low-order predictive modelling.
SEMS Research Division:
Affiliations: Fellow of Advanced HE

Brief Biography

I completed my first degree in mechanical engineering in 2000 at AmirKabir University of Technology in Tehran/Iran. This was followed by a master's degree in energy conversion at Sharif University of Technology, Tehran in 2002. I was awarded a PhD in 2009 for my experimental and theoretical work on unsteady combusting flows at University of Melbourne in Australia. In between 2009 and 2011, I was a Marie Currie post-doctoral researcher at Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany. I then moved to the Department of Engineering at University of Cambridge in the UK and worked there as a research associate for almost two years. In late 2013, I was appointed as a lecturer in mechanical engineering at James Watt School of Engineering, University of Glasgow where I served till early 2020. I am currently a Reader in Mechanical Engineer at the School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary University of London.