Dr Nader Karimi


Research Group Members

PhD students:

  1. Mr Graeme Young, Thesis title: Investigation of the near-wall reacting flows over heterogeneous catalysts, September 2020-ongoing.
  2. Mr Israfil Soyler, Thesis title: On the combustion and thermal cracking of ammonia and ammonia blends, October 2020-ongoing.
  3. Mr Muzumil Anwar, thesis title: Physics Informed Neural Network modelling of thermal management of water electrolysers for hydrogen generation, May 2022-onging.
  4. Mr Harry Jackson, October 2022-ongoing.
  5. Mr Ali Saeed, Thesis title: Investigation of unsteady effects on thermal management of Li-ion batteries, October 2019-ongoing, Graduated in 2024.
  6. Mr Amir Mohammad, Thesis title: Computational modelling of heat transfer enhancement in solar thermal collectors, June 2019-ongoing, Graduated in 2023
  7. Mr Oguzhan Kazaz, Thesis title: Investigation of heat transfer characteristics of nanofluid in heat storage systems, September 2019-ongoing, Graduated in 2023.
  8. Mr Nur Alam, Thesis title: Investigation of catalytic combustion of ultra-lean hydrogen-air mixtures, January 2021-ongoing, (at University of Glasgow, principal supervser: Prof Manosh Paul)

Current PhD Projects

Thesis Title
Investigation of combustion of ammonia blends for power and heat generation
Investigation of the near-wall reacting flows over heterogamous catalysts
Investigation of the near-wall reacting flows over heterogamous catalysts
Prediction of battery cooling processes in electric vehicles
Thermal Management of Batteries