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Academic Members

Prof Althoefer

Prof Kaspar Althoefer

Professor of Robotics Engineering
Professor Althoefer's research focuses on robot autonomy, soft robotics, systems engineering, modelling of tool-environment interaction dynamics, tactile sensing and haptic perception with applications in robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery, rehabilitation, assistive technologies and human-robot interactions in the manufacturing environment.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 3419     Email k.althoefer@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Avital

Dr Eldad Avital

Reader in Fluids and Acoustics
Aero-hydrodynamics Engineering: Energy, Water and Biofluid - Fundamentals: (i) Computational (and experimental) aero/hydrodynamics and acoustics (ii) Fluids-structure interaction (iii) Biofluids (iv) Particle flow (v) Magnetohydrodynamics and radiative transfer. Applications: (i) Power fluid systems, airborne and terrestrial (ii) Hydrodynamic and water engineering; ocean and waterways (iii) Biofluid devices and disinfection (iv) Fusion energy fluid engineering
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 3616     Email e.avital@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Balcombe

Dr Paul Balcombe
MEng, PhD, CEng, MIChemE, FHEA

Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering and Renewable Energy
Specialises in developing unique technology-specific, probabilistic emissions/cost modelling of energy supply chains, particularly relating to methane emissions from natural gas, as well as hydrogen and ammonia supply chains.
Email p.balcombe@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Bempedelis

Dr Nikos Bempedelis

Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics
Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multiphase Flows, Aerodynamics, Wind Energy, Data-driven Modelling, Cavitation and Bubble Dynamics
Email n.bempedelis@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Buchan

Dr Andrew Buchan

Senior Lecturer in Engineering Science
I design numerical models for predicting the behaviour and understanding the uncertainties in the operation of nuclear reactor cores and other nuclear processing facilities. In particular I develop mathematical models to accurately predict neutron and gamma transport within nuclear reactors, and couple these to thermal hydraulic codes that model coolant flows and heat transfer within a core. I am particularly interested in analysing both current nuclear reactors as well as those due to be built within the UK in the coming years, in particular the boiling water reactors, small water reactors. I am also heavily involved in the design of new mathematical models that predict the progression/state of a nuclear reactor's core in the event of severe accident scenarios.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 6087     Email a.buchan@qmul.ac.uk

Prof Busfield

Prof James Busfield

Professor of Materials
Examining the physical behaviour by experiment and modelling techniques of soft matter such as elastomers and rubber materials. Properties of interest include abrasion, friction, fracture, creep, fatigue, viscoelastic behaviour, modulus enhancement, self healing, recycling, ageing and composite filler reinforcement. Developing smart soft materials that can sense their environment and soft actuating materials that can change shape in response to a physical stimulus.
Email j.busfield@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Cagney

Dr Neil Cagney

My research is focused on experimental analysis of fluid flows, in particular fluid-structure interaction, flow-induced vibrations, mixing and dynamics in complex fluids.
Telephone +44(0)20 7882 8942     Email n.cagney@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Chen

Dr Jun Chen
BSc (Honours), MSc (Distinction), PhD, FHEA

Reader in Intelligent Systems Engineering
My research interests lie at the interface of Computer Science, Operational Research and Control Engineering with a significant overlap with Systems Engineering. Over the years, I have consolidated and structured my research along three themes: modelling, optimisation and decision, four cross-cutting application areas: intelligent decision support for airport operations, human factors & brain-computer interface, future flight deck automation systems and intelligent sewer networks, sponsored by EPSRC and industry and supported by the well-balanced research team consisting of senior academics, post-doctoral researchers and PhD students.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 8873     Email jun.chen@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Grasso

Dr Salvatore Grasso

Senior Lecturer in Ceramics
His current research is around the use of intense Electric (voltages up to 10kV and current up to 0.6 MA) and Magnetic fields (15 Tesla) to develop novel processing techniques to design unprecedented materials properties. Multi fields assisted processing is a key component of his current research vision. The focus is on ceramic materials, including textured ceramics, battery materials, thermoelectrics and transparent oxides. Low energy processing and sustainability are key aspects of his research vision. He is currently Editor of the European Ceramic Society, Associate Editor of both the American ceramic society and International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology. Keywords: Functional ceramics for energy: Fuel cells and solid state batteries Sustainable manufacturing: Ultra-fast high temperature sintering and Cold sintering Advanced material processing: Strong magnetic field alignment, Field Assisted Processing, Thermal shock synthesis
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 2773     Email s.grasso@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Hassannezhad

Dr Mohammad Hassannezhad

Lecturer in Systems Engineering
Model-Based Systems Engineering, Socio-Technical Systems Design, System Architecture, System of Systems, Human-Machine Interactions, Resilience Engineering
Email m.hassannezhad@qmul.ac.uk

Prof Huijberts

Prof Henri Huijberts
MSc PhD(Twente, Netherlands) PFHEA CMath FIMA

Professor of Engineering Science and Education
Nonlinear control systems, nonlinear dynamics, chaos, synchronisation, robotics, time-delay systems, traffic dynamics
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 8869     Email h.j.c.huijberts@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Ismail

Dr Ahmed Ismail

Lecturer in Fluid Dynamics
My work focuses mainly on multiphase flow in micro-scale. This includes capillary jets, microdroplets and also electrohydrodynamics. The main objective of my research is to understand the physics in such small scale and then use this knowledge to develop different technologies . I use experimental tools such as high speed imaging, theoretical approaches such as dimensionless analysis and development of scaling laws, and numerical methods to tackle challenges that arise from industry in areas such as 2D printing, additive manufacturing and micro-encapsulation. Keywords: Electrospray, Direct Printing, Microfluidics, Drops & Bubbles, Microencapsulation, Capillary jet.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 6272     Email a.ismail@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Jamone

Dr Lorenzo Jamone

Senior Lecturer in Robotics
Cognitive Robotics, Robotic Manipulation, Tactile Sensing, Robot Learning, Haptics
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 7825     Email l.jamone@qmul.ac.uk

Prof Karabasov

Prof Sergey Karabasov

Professor of Computational Modelling
Computational fluid dynamics, computational aeroacoustics and aerodynamics, large-eddy simulations, meso-scale ocean modelling, fluctuating hydrodynamics for nano-scale flows , numerical methods for hyperbolic conservation laws
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 7650     Email s.karabasov@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Liu

Dr Haibao Liu

Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering
Dr Haibao Liu specialises in experimental characterisation and numerical modeling of composite materials. He is currently focused on developing high-fidelity approaches for assessing the performance of composite structures and exploring the use of recycled fibres to create high-performance fabrics and composites.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 8732     Email haibao.liu@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Liu

Dr Tao Liu

Senior Lecturer In Solid Mechanics
Experimental characterisation and numerical modelling of damage and failure of engineering materials; Micromechanics of cellular materials and composite materials; Mechanics of biological cells and active tissues ; Mechanics of fibrous tissues; Impact engineering & dynamic fracture; Numerical modelling on complex multiphysics phenomena ; Mechanics of wet adhesion ; Design Optimization and bio-inspired designs; Mechanics informed machine learning
Email tao.liu@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Motallebi

Dr Fariborz Motallebi
BSc MEng PhD

Senior Lecturer in Aerodynamics
Flow Control, Aerodynamics of Sport Vehicles, High Speed Aerodynamics, Boundary Layer Flows, Instrumentation and Optical Diagnostics in Flow Measurements
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 5182     Email f.motallebi@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Mueller

Dr Jens-Dominik Mueller
Dipl-Ing, MSc, PhD

Reader in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Optimisation
Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Biofluids, Shape Optimisation, Adjoint methods, Mesh adaptation, Sensitivity Analysis, Systems Engineering, Data-driven modelling
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 5421     Email j.mueller@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Nanjangud

Dr Angadh Nanjangud

Lecturer in Aerospace/Spacecraft Engineering
My research group develops robotics and AI technologies; our focus is to work on long-term challenges in the space sector. At this moment, the group focuses on developing the technology stack and investigating the engineering science challenges to unlock autonomous robotic on-orbit assembly of large space structures (telescopes and habitats). A lot of these solutions will be applicable to terrestrial robotics, as well- e.g., nuclear robotics. The foundational research area that underpins our work falls in the area of multibody dynamics (their modeling, simulation, and autonomous control).
Telephone +44 (0) 20 7882 3757     Email a.nanjangud@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Panwisawas

Dr Chinnapat Panwisawas
BSc, PhD, CEng, FIMMM, FInstP, FIMechE

Senior Lecturer in Materials and Solid Mechanics
Dr Chinnapat Panwisawas' research has been concentrated over the last 15 years on advanced process science and engineering of investment casting laser fusion welding and powder-bed fusion additive manufacturing particularly for establishing a multi-scale multi-physics approach to understand the process-structure-property-performance relationship of advanced metallic materials for aerospace energy and biomedical applications.
Email c.panwisawas@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Paykani

Dr Amin Paykani
PhD, FHEA, CEng, MIMechE

Lecturer in Sustainable Propulsion Systems
Thermal propsulsion systems; zero/low-carbon Fuels; computational multiphysics; reduced order modelling; thermal management
Email a.paykani@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Sabnis

Dr Kshitij Sabnis

Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering
My research aims to provide greater understanding of aerodynamics across a wide spectrum of speed regimes. Inspired by problems encountered in practical applications, I conduct tests (mainly wind tunnel experiments) on simplified representations of the real-world scenario to develop greater understanding of the underlying fluid mechanics. These flow problems range from the vortices produced at the tips of racecar wings to the flow separation induced by shock waves in the intakes of supersonic aircraft.
Email k.sabnis@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Shaheed

Dr Hasan Shaheed
PhD (Sheffield), PGCAP (London), SFHEA, MIEEE, CEng, MIET, NTF

Reader in Robotics and Renewable Energy
(a) Systems/Applications: Aerial Robotics, Solarcopter, Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems, Osmotic Power, Blue Energy, Medical Robotics including Miniature Robots for Extreme Environment, Endoscopic Capsule Robots, Leader-follower Robots, Medical / Surgical devices, Prosthetics, Water Desalination and Cancer. (b) Approaches: System Design, Modelling, Identification, Control, Optimisation, Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic), Machine Learning (Whale Optimisation, Grey Wolf Optimisation, Ant Colony etc.) Biomedical Signal Processing, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology with application to Cancer Prognosis and Classification.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 7520     Email m.h.shaheed@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Shoop

Dr Karen Shoop

Senior Lecturer in Design
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 8014     Email karen.shoop@qmul.ac.uk

Prof Sui

Prof Yi Sui
PhD, MInstP, Fellow HEA

Professor of Fluid Mechanics
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 7763     Email y.sui@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Tan

Dr Wei Tan

Senior Lecturer in Mechanics of Materials
My research expertise lies in the mechanics of materials, multiscale modelling, multifunctional composites, finite element methods and data-driven methods. In particular, I have developed (1) computational models to understand the failure of composite materials under impact and crush loadings; (2) multifunctional composites for energy storage, shape-morphing and sensing; (3) data-driven methods for topology optimisation of cellular composites.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 8943     Email wei.tan@qmul.ac.uk

Prof Toropov

Prof Vassili Toropov

Professor of Aerospace Engineering
- Development of design optimisation techniques for large-scale engineering problems - Applications to various engineering systems - Improvement of reliability and robustness of engineering systems - Optimisation of composite structures - Inverse problems
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 6296     Email v.v.toropov@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Vepa

Dr Ranjan Vepa
BTech(IITMadras) MASc(Wat) PhD(Stan)

Reader in Aerospace Engineering
My research interests are in dynamic modelling, simulation and control applications related to aircraft flight dynamics, UAVs , robotics, space robotics and space vehicle orbit and attitude dynamics with a focus on aeroelaticity, electric propulsion and optimal trajectory synthesis for aircraft flight, UAVs and space missions.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 5193     Email r.vepa@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Wang

Dr Xinwei Wang
BSc (Honours), PhD

Lecturer in Systems Engineering
My research lies at the interface of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Operational Research with applications in Decision Support and Risk Assessment Systems. Over the years, I have consolidated and structured my research along modelling, optimisation and decision, and cross-cutting engineering applications: optimisation and decision for aerospace and transport systems.
Email xinwei.wang@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Wen

Dr Pihua Wen

Reader in Computational Solid & Fluid Mechanics
Solid and Fluid mechanics, fracture and damage, computational methods, numerical simulation in manufacturing and engineering
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 5371     Email p.h.wen@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Zhang

Dr Han Zhang

Senior Lecturer in Materials Science
Han's expertise in the field of polymers and composites range from manufacturing to characterization of advanced polymer composites and nanocomposites, especially of multifunctional composites for future lightweight structural applications. His current research focuses on the sustainable development of advanced composites, including energy efficient sustainable manufacturing, integrated health monitoring and easy repairing functionalities for extended components' life.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 2726     Email han.zhang@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Zhang

Dr Ketao Zhang

Senior Lecturer in Robotics
Dr Ketao Zhang's current research include screw theory, origami-inspired design and fabrication techniques, reconfigurable parallel manipulators, biologically-inspired robots, aerial robots, mobile robots and mobile manipulation, and morphable soft-bodied robots. Current research themes in his group are 1) design, modelling and control of novel legged robots, 2) parallel manipulators for manufacturing, 3) automatous mobile manipulators for indoor and field applications, 4) self-folding and morphable soft-bodied robots.
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 5183     Email ketao.zhang@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Zhu

Dr Yunpeng Zhu

Lecturer in Systems Engineering
Data-driven dynamical systems, including Nonlinear dynamics; System identification; Complex systems analysis and design; System condition monitoring; Vibration isolation and control; Energy harvesting, etc., as well as their engineering applications across a variety of disciplines.
Email yunpeng.zhu@qmul.ac.uk

Postdoc Research Associates

Dr Abid

Dr Hussain Ali Abid

Teaching Fellow
Fluid dynamics, computational aeroacoustics and aerodynamics, large-eddy simulations, analytical modelling, applied mathematics.
Email eey042@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Sergey Karabasov

Mrs Abid

Mrs Rabia Abid

Research Assistant
Email rabia.abid@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Eldad Avital

Dr Dawood

Dr Abu Bakar Dawood
PhD, MSc, BEng

Post Doctoral Research Associate
Email exx299@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Kaspar Althoefer

Mr Deery

Mr Conor Deery

Technical Research Engineer
Email conor.deery@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Vassili Toropov

Dr Fu

Dr Jinlong Fu
BEng, MSc, PhD

I have a multi-disciplinary research background with research experience at the interface of computational modelling, data science, numerical analysis, partial differential equations (PDEs), uncertainty quantification, and artificial intelligence (AI). My broad research interests focus on material failure, poromechanics, pore-scale flow modelling, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, model order reduction, and high-performance soft computing. The goal of my research is to model and simulate physical systems at different scales by integrating simulation, modelling, PDEs, data, and AI; and to provide strategies for system learning, prediction, optimization, design, and decision-making in real time.
Telephone +44(0)7743506353     Email jinlong.fu@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Wei Tan

Mr Guo

Mr Ziyu Guo

Research Assistant
Email ziyu.guo@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Yi Sui

Dr Hou

Dr Yingwei Hou
PhD, MSc, BSc

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Email yingwei.hou@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Tao Liu

Dr Kaur

Dr Anureet Kaur

Research Assistant
Email anureet.kaur@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: James Busfield

Dr Markesteijn

Dr Annabel Markesteijn
BSc, MSc, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Fluid Dynamics, Computational Aeroacoustics and Aerodynamics, Large-Eddy Simulations, GPGPU Computing, Multiscale Methods, Fluctuating Hydrodynamics, Non-Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics, Droplet Formation
Email a.markesteijn@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Sergey Karabasov

Dr Naderizadeh

Dr Sara Naderizadeh

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
I am currently working on BFTT, or Business of Fashion, Textiles and Technology project, funded by AHRC-UKRI. This project is a five-year industry-led project, which focusses on delivering sustainable innovation within the entire fashion and textile supply chain. There are several academic and industrial partners around UK in this project. The main project that I involved is in collaboration with Nurvv company, to develop a wearable sensing technology that enables monitoring physical gait and body health with sports, ageing, and healthcare applications.
Email s.naderizadeh@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: James Busfield

Dr Pang

Dr Yong Pang

Research Fellow
Email yong.pang@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Tao Liu

Dr Sadati

Dr Seyedmohammadhadi Sadati

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Email exx775@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Kaspar Althoefer

Dr Shi

Dr Jing Shi

Research Associate
My research is focused on fluids and droplets, in particular droplets formation during inkjet printing of complex fluids, drying of inkjet droplets, and multiphase flows.
Email jing.shi@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Neil Cagney

Mr Tamussino

Mr Max Tamussino

Research Assistant
Email m.tamussino@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Ketao Zhang

Mr Thorn

Mr Thomas Thorn

Research Assistant in Polymers and Composites
Thomas's expertise lies in the field of polymers and composites, developing toughened fibre-reinforced composites with integrated structural health monitoring and repairing functionalities for more sustainable and cost-effective future materials. Thomas is proficient in the manufacturing and characterization of polymers and their composites/nanocomposites. His current research investigates the development of repeatably repairable thermoset matrix composites for lightweight structural applications.
Email t.thorn@qmul.ac.uk
supervisor icon Supervisor: Han Zhang

Professional Services

Current PhD Projects

Thesis TitleSupervisor
Design, Simulation and Control of an Integrated Wave and Tidal Energy Converter (WATEC) for optimum power transfer in shallow seasRanjan Vepa
Models development for integrating membrane-based desalination with Pressure Retarded Osmosis as power generationHasan Shaheed
Routing and scheduling movement at airports considering interdependence & intermediate holding.Jun Chen
Soft eversion robotic mechanism for the inspection of inaccessible spaces in the nuclear sectorKaspar Althoefer
Enhancing Battery Materials through Magnetic Field AlignmentSalvatore Grasso
Development of Parallel Mechanisms Based Wearable Exoskeleton System for Lower LimbKetao Zhang
Automated design of physical telecommunications networksJun Chen
Design, Dynamics, and Control of a Space ManipulatorAngadh Nanjangud
Structural optimization of the RAT rotor of a commercial ACEldad Avital
A Miniature Low-cost Assistive Robotic System for Disabled and ElderlyHasan Shaheed
Multi-objective shortest path approach for routing and schedulingJun Chen
Research - Multidisciplinary multifidelity stochastic topology optimisation Title - Level Set Multidisciplinary Topology OptimisationVassili Toropov
Experimental study into the performance of vertical axis wind turbinesNeil Cagney
Fluid-Structure Interaction Modelling for Smart Blades of Renewable Energy TurbinesEldad Avital
Associate Engineering--visiting PhD studentWei Tan
Investigating Pyroresistive Conductive Polymer Composites with Improved Thermal StabilityHan Zhang
Optimal Distributed Propulsion Systems for All-Electric AircRanjan Vepa
Reducing emissions from gas supply chainsPaul Balcombe
Lifetime predictions of ElastomersJames Busfield
Nano-engineered Smart Coatings for Multifunctional CompositesHan Zhang
Solar-powered VTOL Unmanned Aerial System Design and ControlHasan Shaheed
Ultralightweight Mechanical Metamaterials for Future Sustainable Air TransportationTao Liu
Developing crashworthy and thermally conductive graphene related composite materials for electrical car battery assemblyWei Tan
Modelling and characterisation of cells in flowsYi Sui
Modeling and control of a robotic retractor for minimally invasive colorectal surgeryHasan Shaheed
Development of a Prosthetic HandHasan Shaheed
Rich Simulation Driven Design OptimisationVassili Toropov
Pneumatic Soft-Rigid Hybrid Actuators and Evolved Legged-Robots: Design, Modelling and ControlKetao Zhang
Optimal Design and Simulation of All Electric AircraftRanjan Vepa
Using control and machine learning techniques to optimise the motion performance of a soft eversion robots for underwater applicationsKaspar Althoefer
Developing crashworthy cellular composites using machine learningWei Tan
Trustable Public Transit through Integrated Multimodal Transit Networks and Trip PlanningJun Chen
Elucidation of Smear Wear MechanismJames Busfield
Carbon black reinforcement of tyre tread compoundsJames Busfield
Towards Intelligent Decision Support and Risk Assessment TraXinwei Wang
Numerical Modelling of Cancer cells in flowsYi Sui
Sustainable composites with easy repairing capabilitiesHan Zhang
Shape optimisation of winglets and wing appendages using CAD-based shape optimisationJens-Dominik Mueller
Development of exoskeletons for elderly and stroke patient with motor tremor problemKetao Zhang
modeling and algorithm design in transportation systemJun Chen
China Scholarship Council (CSC)Ketao Zhang
Learning Combinatorial Optimization Algorithms for Time-dependent Multi-objective Multigraph Allied to Airport AutomationJun Chen
High-Fidelity Modelling and Validation of Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing.Chinnapat Panwisawas
Sensing and navigation for eversion robots operating pipe networks on nuclear sitesKaspar Althoefer
Thermal Management of Electric Traction MotorsAmin Paykani
supersonic jet noise modelingSergey Karabasov
Fluid-Structure Interaction of offshore aquaculture units and particle dynamics for disinfection controlEldad Avital
Inflatable legs for walking robotsKaspar Althoefer
Sustainable Future Footwear and Fashion TechnologyJames Busfield
Prosthetic Hand Control with ML/AI MMG Signal ProcessingHasan Shaheed
Filler Reinforcement of ElastomersJames Busfield
Methane emissions in Europe: by how much can they be reduced and how do we get there?Paul Balcombe
Integrated Airport Airside Simulation, Control & Decision-makingJun Chen
From Bees to Robots: A Statistical Mechanics Framework for Modelling Shimmering Dynamics and Control of Swarm SystemsKetao Zhang
Optimisation of a Novel Polymeric Heart ValveJames Busfield
Project Title Hydrodynamic printing of complex biomaterialsAhmed Ismail
Harnessing wind energy using a flapping aerofoilNeil Cagney
Optimisation of Tyre Wear PerformanceJames Busfield
Framework for novel hybrid neutron transport ROMsAndrew Buchan
Effective Energy and Infrastructure Management through Simulation-based OptimisationJun Chen
Self-healing Polyurethane Composites as Coating Materials for Wind Turbine BladesWei Tan
Nanostructured Reinforcing Fillers to Enhance Physical and Mechanical PropertiesJames Busfield
Graphene based transparent electrodes for tuneable optical devicesJames Busfield
Novel 3D Shapes for MDO of Fans and CompressorsVassili Toropov
Machine learning based prediction of combustion chemistryAmin Paykani
Innovative Tactile and Optical Sensing and Actuating DevicesJames Busfield
A Soft Hand Exoskeleton for Haptic FeedbackKaspar Althoefer
Disintegration of liquid fragmentsAhmed Ismail
Multifunctional composites with integrated sensing and easy repairing capabilitiesHan Zhang
Controlling Droplet Impact and PenetrationAhmed Ismail
Scalable cellular composites for improving the crash energy absorption of transportation vehiclesWei Tan
Novel multirotor UAVs with reconfigurable/deployable structureKetao Zhang
Energy efficient manufacturing of multifunctional fibre reinforced compositesHan Zhang
SustainElectrode: 3D sustainable composite electrodes for next-generation energy storage devicesWei Tan
SEMS-PHD-507 (2023 SEMS CSC JC), SEMS-PHD-447 (2023 SEMS XW)Jun Chen
Intelligent Miniature Aerial Vehicles for Disaster Sensing and Monitoring in Extreme EnvironmentHasan Shaheed
The Finite Integration Method?Algorithm and its Applications in Solid MechanicsPihua Wen
Welding of dissimilar materialsChinnapat Panwisawas

Past PhD Projects

Thesis TitleSupervisorYear
Electric Breakdown of Dielectric Elastomer Actuator MaterialsFederico Carpi, James Busfield2017
Design modelling and control of a miniature robotic system for surgical applicationsM Hasan Shaheed, Ranjan Vepa2017
Predicting tyre compound wear.James Busfield, Emiliano Bilotti2017
Development of materials and applications for electroactive compositesJames Busfield, Federico Carpi2017
Model Predictive Controller design for an Efficient Hybrid Energy Wind/Solar/FC/BS Power System.M Hasan Shaheed, Hua Sheng Wang2017
Experimental and Numerical Study of Surface Curvature Effects on the Performance of the Aerofoils Used in Small Wind TurbinesTheodosios Alexander, Eldad Avital2017
SmartNanoHeat - Self-regulating heating compoundsEmiliano Bilotti, James Busfield2017
Fatigue life prediction in aircraft tyresJames Busfield2017
Design, Modelling and Fabrication of a Robotic Retractor for Colorectal SurgeryPihua Wen, Ettore Barbieri2017
Robust and Stable discrete adjoint solver development for shape optimisation of incompressible flows with industrial applicationsJens-Dominik Mueller, Eldad Avital2017
Optimal pump characteristic design for MCS devices suitable to different stages of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)Theodosios Alexander, Fariborz Motallebi2017
High Performance Flow Control & Shape Optimisation SolverJens-Dominik Mueller, Sergey Karabasov2017
Motion of deformable capsules in complex flowsYi Sui2017
Vassili Toropov2017
Modelling, optimisation and control of osmotic energy extraction from natural salinity gradients using pressure retarded osmosisM Hasan Shaheed, Theodosios Alexander2016
The Strain Dependent Dielectric Behaviour of Carbon Black Filled Natural RubberJames Busfield, Emiliano Bilotti2016
Parallelization solutions for the YNANO Discontinua Simulations in 2DAnte Munjiza, Pihua Wen2016
Numerical shape optimisation of flow around turbomachinery bladesJens-Dominik Mueller, Andrew Wheeler2015
Efficient Methods for Robust Shape Optimisation for CrashworthinessFabian Duddeck, Jens-Dominik Mueller2015
Modelling and Interactional Control of a Multi-fingered Robotic Hand for Grasping and ManipulationM Hasan Shaheed, Henri Huijberts2015
The development of a novel nanostructured silica filler for high friction and low rolling resistance rubber applications.James Busfield2015
An investigation into Turbine Blade Tip Leakage Flows at High SpeedsEldad Avital, Theodosios Alexander2015
Numerical Simulation of a Marine Current Turbine in Turbulent FlowJohn Williams, Eldad Avital2015
A Study of the Fluid Dynamic Coupling Between LP Steam Turbine and its Exhaust HoodAndrew Wheeler, Jens-Dominik Mueller2015
Numerical Simulation of a Marine Current Turbine in Turbulent FlowJohn Williams, Eldad Avital2014
Failure of Rubber Components under FatigueJames Busfield2014
The behaviour of hollow sphere filled rubber materials under strainJames Busfield2014
Sensitivity computation and shape optimisation in aerodynamics using the adjoint methodology and Automatic DifferentiationJens Mueller2013
Tearing of rubberJames Busfield2013
The Impact and Deformation of Press-Fit Metal Acetablular ComponentsJulia Shelton, James Busfield2012
Computational and Experimental Study of Nasal Cavity Airflow DynamicsEldad Avital, Fariborz Motallebi2012
Numerical investigation of the effect of free-surface flow past submerged bluff and streamlined bodiesJohn Williams, Eldad Avital2012
Formation control of nonholonomic mobile robots: the virtual structure approachHenri Huijberts2012
Natural Rubber/Organoclay NanocompositesJames Busfield2012
Comeld Joints: Optimisation of Geometric Parameters of the ProtrusionsPihua Wen, Felicity Guild, Paul Hogg2011
Experimental Aeroacoustics Study on Jet Noise Reduction Using Tangential Air InjectionEldad Avital, Chris Lawn, John Cater2011
Adaptive Filtering Applications to Satellite NavigationRanjan Vepa2010
Numerical Structure for Milling Proceses of Thin Wall StructuresPihua Wen2010
Viscoelastic Properties of Elastomer under Complex LoadingJames Busfield2010
Investigation and Modelling of Rubber FrictionJames Busfield2010
Transmission power control in wireless networksHenri Huijberts2010
Model Identification and Robust Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of a Twin Rotor MIMO SystemHasan Shaheed2009
Carbon Black Filler Reinforcement of ElastomersJames Busfield2009