Dr Kshitij Sabnis

Dr Kshitij Sabnis

Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering
Admissions Lead for Aerospace Engineering

Engineering 311, Mile End

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Friday: 12.30 - 2.30pm
Expertise: My research aims to provide greater understanding of aerodynamics across a wide spectrum of speed regimes. Inspired by problems encountered in practical applications, I conduct tests (mainly wind tunnel experiments) on simplified representations of the real-world scenario to develop greater understanding of the underlying fluid mechanics. These flow problems range from the vortices produced at the tips of racecar wings to the flow separation induced by shock waves in the intakes of supersonic aircraft.
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Brief Biography

Having completed a Masters degree in physics, I moved to the engineering department at the University of Cambridge for a PhD in experimental aerodynamics. During my PhD, I examined supersonic flows relevant to the engine intakes of high-speed aircraft. My subsequent postdoctoral research covered a range of topics including engine nacelle aerodynamics for sustainable civil aircraft, shock/vortex interactions and the development of novel optical diagnostics. My current interests are focused on improving physical insight of flow problems such as vortex dynamics and shock/boundary-layer interactions.