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June 2022

Hyperlink students at the competition

Queen Mary's Hyperlink group wins the Low Power Award for the Electronic System and awarded second place for Propulsion System in an international student competition hosted by the University of Waterloo, Canada

9 June 2022

Hyperlink is a London student group that is mostly based at the School of Engineering and Materials of Science, QMUL (https://www.hyperlinklondon.com/). The QMUL students - Katarzyna Lichy, Marcin Bielicki, Michal Makowka and Matthew Clisby attended the Canadian Hyperloop Competition that  took place  in Waterloo, Ontario 27… [more]

March 2022

QM Hyperlink Student Group

SEMS students working on Hyperloop project progress to the next stage of the 2022 European Hyperloop Week

24 March 2022

Hyperlink is a Queen Mary based student team developing a fully operational Hyperloop Pod prototype and researching the business, social and safety aspects of making the novel transportation system a reality. For the past two seasons, Hyperlink has been competing in the European Hyperloop Week conference. In January, the team … [more]

December 2021

Cover figure of the EPJE Dec 2021 issue

The European Physical Journal E (EPJE) has chosen its cover figure of the December 2021 issue from our study on self-propelling Janus particles.

17 December 2021

The paper presents an analytical study of self-propelling Janus particles to predict the temperature and velocity fields.  The particles are powered by light irradiation of a defocused laser beam. Practical analytical approximations are given with good agreement with experiments. EJ Avital, T Miloh (2021) Self-thermophoresis of laser-heated spherical Janus particles, … [more]

August 2021

Coronavirus particles spread through tiny droplets of liquid floating through the air. Credit: fpm/iStock.com

Queen Mary part of international research collaboration to prevent spread of Covid-19 and TB in India

12 August 2021

The project, involving researchers from Queen Mary, the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Chennai and pioneering Delhi-based startup, Magneto Cleantech, will create revolutionary, air filtration technologies that use Ultraviolet C (UVC), a type of radiation known to be very effective at ‘killing’, or … [more]

July 2021

Congratulations to Mingyang Wang for passing his PhD viva

19 July 2021

The PhD student Mingyang Wang successfully defended his PhD project title “Hydrodynamics and Suspended Sediment Transport in Partially vegetated Channel Flows” subject to style corrections on July 19th. Mingyang has already published three journal papers in the Journal of Hydrology, Advances in Water Resources and Computational Particle mechanics … [more]

SEMS students with the Jetstream 31 aircraft

Cranfield flight course successfully carried out this year adapting to Covid restrictions

15 July 2021

On June 22nd a group of aerospace students travelled to the national flight lab centre at Cranfield to successfully experience flights demonstrating flight dynamics principles they have studied this year, while seeing and analysing real-time flight data. Due to the Covid situation the group was limited to 18 students and MEng … [more]

June 2021

"Mitigating and harnessing sound for renewables and power generation", a talk will be given on Dr Avital group's research in this field as part of the UK Acoustics Network seminar programme.

7 June 2021

We will look at several cases studies spanning from high to low intensity sound applications for energy engineering and sound-structure interaction. The first case is the high speed jet noise, where focus will be given to crackle noise which appears in supersonic jets but difficult to capture using power spectrum … [more]

Large Eddy Simulation of an H vertical axis wind turbine, produced by Dr Yan

Special Issue "Fluid Dynamics of Renewable Energy"

1 June 2021

A special issue in the Journal Fluids has been commissioned on Fluid Dynamics of Renewable Energy and is edited by Dr Avital and Prof Ji. Accepted papers will be offered 50% discount. Further details are on https://www.mdpi.com/journal/fluids/special_issues/Fluid_Renewable_Energy [more]

April 2021

MEng group presenting a poster in an international research workshop, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge

27 April 2021

The MEng group working on “Novel air filter to suppress viral load in confined space” along with fellow students from IIT Madras and VIT Chennai India presented a poster in the workshop “Environment and aerosol transmission of COVID-19”  that took place in the Isaac Newton … [more]