Hyperlink team wins Bright Network award

9 March 2023

The team representatives wining the award
The team representatives wining the award

The Hyperlink student team wins the Innovation Award by Bright Network for their innovative solutions of developing a hyperloop transport technology.

The student team is based at the School of Engineering and Materials Science at Queen Mary University of London and has student members from other schools as the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, and student members from University College London, Imperial College London and University of Cambridge.

This UK success follows a success in the open Canadian student competition last year, where this year teams aims to exhibit and compete with its newly improved hyperloop vehicle in both the Canadian event and in the European hyperloop week.

The Team Writes:

"Hyperlink is a student-led initiative based in Queen Mary University of London that is working towards bringing the future of transportation to the present. The team has been working tirelessly on developing technology that could revolutionise the way we travel. Their work has not gone unnoticed, as they recently won the Innovation Award by Bright Network.

The Hyperlink team is made up of students from Queen Mary University of London, University College London, Imperial College London and Cambridge University who are passionate about technology and engineering. They have come together to create a hyperloop prototype that could change the way we travel in the future. Hyperloop is a transportation system that uses pods to transport passengers or cargo through a vacuum-sealed tube at high speeds.

The team has been working on their project since 2020, and as a relatively young team, they have made significant progress. They have developed a functional prototype of the hyperloop pod. The team is also focusing on building a business case study on the socio economic feasibility as well as geographical route of the hyperloop. Hyperlink is the only team in the world to focus on the biomedical aspects related to the hyperloop pod and its passengers, having produced two research papers so far.

The Hyperlink team, led by Balvinder Dhillon along with Rajmony Hasan, Ghalia Almukhaizeem, and Aks Khurana, have put in a lot of hard work and dedication into their project, which is also project-managed by Queen Mary students Octavio Echeverría and Dalir Kosimov. As a result, they were recently awarded the Innovation Award by Bright Network, which recognizes outstanding student-led projects in the UK. The award recognizes the most innovative and forward-thinking student-led projects in the UK. The Hyperlink team was chosen for their exceptional work on the hyperloop project, which has the potential to revolutionise the transportation industry.

The award is a significant achievement for the Hyperlink team, and it will help them to continue their work on the hyperloop project. The team is committed to advancing our current systems and fostering international collaboration. To that end, the team intends to showcase their innovative ideas and high-performing systems at esteemed events like the European Hyperloop Week and Canadian Hyperloop Conference.
In conclusion, the Hyperlink team's work on the hyperloop project is groundbreaking and has the potential to change the transportation industry forever. Their recent win of the Innovation Award by Bright Network is a testament to their hard work and dedication. We look forward to seeing the team's continued progress and their eventual success in bringing the hyperloop to reality."


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