Full programme accreditation received from the Royal Aeronautical Society

31 March 2023

Business aircraft design, master's project
Business aircraft design, master's project
Centrifugal compressor model, research project
Centrifugal compressor model, research project

The School is delighted to have received full accreditation for our undergraduate and postgraduate taught Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering programmes from the Royal Aeronautical Society until 2027

The School was particularly noted for its good practice in adapting to the impact of Covid-19, its strong drive to prepare its students for future careers, strong educational engagement with its industrial partners and the investment in facilities and staff.

The taught Aerospace Engineering programmes director Dr Avital said, “This is a reflection of the great effort put in by all the aero teaching staff, the supporting professional officers and our students. We are committed to provide a world leading teaching programmes for our BEng, MEng and MSc students while using our excellence in research to enrich our educational programmes.”

The educational lead of the Centre for Intelligent Transport Dr Mueller also said, “This result shows our strong drive to deliver first class educational programmes in transport, recognising that transport has become an integrated sector that includes air, land and sea. We are leading both education and research activities in the centre and I expect our students to much benefit from those activities.”

The taught Mechanical Engineering programmes director Dr Shaheed added, “I am very happy to see that our taught Mechanical Engineering programmes have also been recognised for their excellence by the Royal Aeronautical Society. It highlights the link between Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering programmes and the opportunities that our integrated teaching programmes give to our students.”

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