Graphene Flagship Core Project 3

Principal investigator: James BUSFIELD
Co-investigator(s): , Yang HAO, , Dimitrios PAPAGEORGIOU, Wei TAN, Colin CRICK, Han ZHANG, Himadri GUPTA and Nicola PUGNO
Funding source(s): EU Commission - Horizon 2020
 Start: 01-04-2020  /  End: 31-03-2023
 Amount: £376,501
Graphene layer (Getty Image)

The 5 projects will be supervised by a team of 8 academics in SEMS and are in "Soft actuators and energy-responsive systems based on 2D materials"; "The design and manufacture of graphene related materials for high strength and super hydrophobic materials"; "Developing crashworthy and thermally conductive graphene related composite materials for electrical car battery assembly"; "Graphene based transparent electrodes for tuneable optical devices" and "Multifunctional composite filaments with integrated sensing and easy repairing capabilities".