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June 2024

Dr Hussain Abid co-chairing a technical session on propeller noise and presenting his work on high-resolution modelling of installed propeller noise

Queen Mary researchers presented their work at the world leading aerospace forum in Rome

11 June 2024

The SEMS computational aeroacoustics team presented their work at the 30th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference (Aeroacoustics 2024), which is the premier international forum for the field of aeroacoustics. Well done to Hussain Abid, Vasily Gryazev, and Amal Murali, whose work on high-resolution unsteady aerodynamics and aeroacoustics modelling and data-driven analyses in … [more]

March 2024

Configuration of the multiscale model, which uses molecular dynamics at solid/liquid interfaces and continuum fluid dynamics to simulate the bulk flow.

A multiscale algorithm drastically reduces computational times when simulating liquid/solid interactions at atomic resolution with realistic hydrodynamics effects

28 March 2024

Sergey Karabasov gave an invited expert talk at the AFM & SPM 2024 Conference organised by the Royal Microscopical Society at the University of Durham. The presentation targeted at a broader audience was about the multiscale method incorporating continuum fluid dynamics and interatomic effects, which was developed by Fan Li, the … [more]


Queen Mary University of London researchers develop AI technique to rapidly reconstruct blood flow patterns in coronary arteries

15 March 2024

New method eliminates time-consuming computational fluid dynamics calculations. Researchers at Queen Mary University of London have developed a simple and rapid technique to reconstruct 3D pressure and shear stress fields in coronary arteries. This new method, published in Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine, could revolutionise the diagnosis and treatment of atherosclerosis, … [more]

October 2023

Queen Mary Professorial Strategic Hires

Queen Mary Professorial Strategic Hires

18 October 2023

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) is recruiting 10 full Professors to establish their research groups at the University. These permanent academic positions will further strengthen our rapidly expanding, world-leading research following an excellent performance in the latest UK Research Excellence Framework (REF 2021) in which QMUL was ranked 7th in the … [more]

August 2023

A virtual test bed of 3D nozzle exhaust designs aimed to reduce jet installation noise

Hussain Abid successfully defends his PhD thesis in Computational Aeroacoustics

9 August 2023

Many congratulations to Hussain Abid for passing his PhD exam hurdle. The external examiner, Professor George Barakos from Glasgow, eminent expert in CFD/CAA and VTOL modelling, was very impressed by the amount and quality of new results in Hussain’s thesis. The models developed in the thesis pave … [more]

June 2023

Large Eddy Simulation showing the effect of the chevron penetration length (PL) and angle (PA) on the high-speed jet development

Congratulations to Hussain Abid, who finished in the top 5 for the Best Student Paper in Aeroacoustics at the 2023 Aviation Forum

15 June 2023

Well done to Hussain Abid, whose paper AIAA 2023-3934 “Numerical Investigation of Jet Installation Noise for Chevron Nozzles” made it to the top 5 Best Student Papers in Aeroacoustics at the 2023 Aviation Forum of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the premier aerospace conference in the world. The paper … [more]

Posing in front of the Pipistrel R&D building, from left to right -- S. Karabasov, H. Abid, and V. Toropov

Propeller noise and optimisation research

2 June 2023

Our computational aeroacoustics and optimisation team took part in a two-day EU project meeting hosted by Pipistrel in Slovenia, the first company in Europe who certified an all-electric passenger aircraft.

December 2022

GPU WMLES of a stalled NACA 0012 at α = 14.5 deg. capturing the leading-edge separated shear layer and extensive trailng-edge vortex roll-up.

New "Aeroacoustics of Dynamic Stall" project funded by EPSRC

20 December 2022

The team of Queen Mary engineers together with colleagues from the University of Bristol and the University of Cambridge has been awarded a significant EPSRC funding to work on dynamic stall noise, using a combination of experimental, computational, and mathematical modelling techniques. Aerodynamic noise from transport vehicles and wind turbines … [more]

August 2022

Lightning strikes within the ash cloud from Mount Rinjani 1995 eruption. Credit: Oliver Spalt CC BY-SA 3.0

Funding for project "Novel plasma reforming technology for tars reduction in BECCS" awarded by UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

4 August 2022

Queen Mary researchers in collaboration with the Chemical Engineering at University College London have won funding for a proof of concept project with the Hydrogen BECCS Innovation Programme, part of the Government’s Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP), which aims to provide funding to support innovation in hydrogen BECCS (… [more]

June 2022

Vasily Gryazev gives a talk on modelling of shock noise typical of rocket engines

Queen Mary researchers present their work on high-speed flow and noise modelling at the leading aeroacoustics conference in Europe

16 June 2022

Vasily Gryazev and Hussain Abid have presented several papers featuring the latest work of the group in application to aeroacoustics of high-speed jets and aerofoils at the 28th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference in Southampton. The presented work includes the modelling of high speed subsonic and supersonic … [more]

April 2022

Hussain Abid with Prof. Screen

Congratulations to Hussain Abid for winning the second award at the 5th Russell Binions Memorial PhD Research Symposium

27 April 2022

Many congratulations to Hussain Abid for winning the second award for the presentation “Theoretical and computational modelling of airframe / propulsion interaction noise for reduced noise aircraft design” at the 5th Russell Binions Memorial PhD Research Symposium [more]

January 2022

Group photo

Fan Li's Graduation

20 January 2022

Many congratulations to Fan Li on officially receiving his PhD Diploma. Nice meeting as the group  for a photo session on a sunny day in Queen Mary.

October 2021

QMUL Aeroacoustics Group  in October 2021

Aeroacoustics research group meetings

26 October 2021

It is nice to be back in office after the long covid break !      

From jet noise modelling to aeroacoustics optimisation research with Dr Vasily Gryazev

Jet noise and aerofoil noise research

26 October 2021

The development of physically insightful low-order methods based on a combination of  Large Eddy Simulation accelerated on GPUs  with theoretical aeroacoustics methods is in making.

September 2021

Prof. Sergey Karabasov

Sergey Karabasov elected to the grade of Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

7 September 2021

AIAA Associate Fellows are individuals of distinction who have made notable and valuable contributions to the arts, sciences, or technology of aeronautics or astronautics. Sergey's citation states: "For career-long work in high-speed flow aeroacoustics for jet engines and rotor noise, pioneering use of Large Eddy Simulations … [more]

April 2021

Afra Pasha presenting her winning poster at the ILF.

Industrial Liaison Forum #4 Prize Winners Announced

21 April 2021

The fourth Industrial Liaison Forum (ILF#4) took place online on 21 April 2021. ILF#4 was the 3rd year undergraduate Project Showcase. We had invited 35 students to present their project posters. The event attended by more than 170 visitors at the peak including several of our Industrial Advisory Board Members, potential new students and … [more]

Karthikeyan Ponniah is awarded the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) Leaders Scholarship

13 April 2021

Well done to my former tutee, Karthikeyan Ponniah, who has been awarded the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) Leaders Scholarship. Karthikeyan is 1 of 30 candidates, who have received this award in this round. Recipients of this RAE award “will get the opportunity to acquire the skills needed to fulfil their … [more]

March 2021

Schematic of flexible rod-canopies placed over an aerofoil surface and preliminary results of Large Eddy Simulations accelerated on Graphics Processing Units for a benchmark aerofoil noise case

Surface treatments for next generation quiet aerofoils

5 March 2021

The team of engineers from Queen Mary has won significant funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) devoted to high-resolution modelling and simulation of aerofoil noise. In the new £405,916 research project, Prof. Karabasov and his team will work in collaboration with the Institute of Sound and … [more]

January 2021

Group photo: Fan Li with Profs. Lockerby, Smoukov and Karabasov

Fan Li Passes his PhD Viva on "Non-equilibrium and hybrid multiscale modelling of molecular systems"

19 January 2021

Many congratulations to Fan Li for successfully passing his PhD Viva with minor corrections on the dissertation “Non-equilibrium and hybrid multiscale modelling of molecular systems”. The Viva was held remotely by Teams. Many problems in science and engineering comprise multiple scales in space and time. A particular example … [more]

April 2020

Vasily Gryazev has successfully defended PhD Viva

23 April 2020

Congratulations to Vasily Gryazev who has successfully passed his PhD viva subject to the usual minor corrections on the dissertation devoted to hot jet noise modelling. Because of COVID19 the viva was held remotely via Teams. Well done -- Vasily! [more]

February 2020

International workshop "Advanced numerical methods for solving evolutionary problems", 14 April 2020

28 February 2020

The workshop is organised by the Institute of Numerical Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences in the framework of the International Mathematical Centre "Moscow Centre for Fundamental and Applied Mathematics, 8 Gubkin Street, Moscow, Russia, 117333. Organisation Committee: Professor Yuri Vassilevski, Associate Director of Institute of Numerical Mathematics and Corresponding member of the … [more]

PGR Supervisor of the Year

28 February 2020

Sergey Karabasov has been shortlisted as PGR Supervisor of the Year to attend the Education Awards ceremony on Monday 23rd March where the winners will be announced. The event will take place at Drapers’ Hall, Throgmorton Ave, London EC2N 2DQ. [more]

December 2019

A realistic installed jet configuration simulated on a GPU workstation in the 'compute under the desk' mode.

Decrease Jet-Installation Noise

12 December 2019

The new H2020 project "Decrease Jet-Installation Noise" devoted to modelling and reduction of jet-wing-interaction noise typical of large commercial turbo-fan engines will be funded by the European Commission. The project is led by Rolls-Royce and Airbus and includes leading organisations in Europe and the UK and is for 3 years. Our … [more]

October 2019

Frontiers of aeroacoustics research: theory, computation and experiment

Frontiers of aeroacoustics research: theory, computation and experiment

14 October 2019

The Philosophical Transactions A issue on “Frontiers of aeroacoustics research: theory, computation and experiment” will be available online on 14 October 2019. Aeroacoustics studies noise generated by aerodynamic flows. Founded on fluid mechanics and applied mathematics, and relying increasingly upon computational modelling, aeroacoustics has grown into a discipline with its own key … [more]

Invited talk at the Ann Dowling Symposium

Invited talk at the Ann Dowling Symposium

4 October 2019

Dr Sergey Karabasov gave an invited talk at the Ann Dowling Symposium, Emmanuel College, Cambridge. The Symposium was in honour of exceptional achievements and contributions over the long and illustrious career of Professor Dame Ann Dowling FRS. [more]

July 2019

The Sir James Lighthill Best Student Paper Award won by Vasily Gryazev

The Sir James Lighthill Best Student Paper Award won by Vasily Gryazev

22 July 2019

Congratulations to Vasily Gryazev whose paper on the modelling of noise propagation in heated jets won the Sir James Lighthill Best Student Paper Award at the 26th International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV26). The award is for the best paper published in the Proceedings of IIAV Annual International Congress … [more]

March 2019

Abhishek's PhD Success

Abhishek's PhD Success

7 March 2019

Abhishek Chintagunta successfully passed his PhD viva on the thesis entitled "CABARET Schemes for improved  wave propagation and viscous flow modelling".

February 2019

Stanislav Proskurov's PhD success

7 February 2019

Congratulations to Stanislav Proskurov whose corrected PhD thesis “Aerofoil broadband and tonal noise modelling using Fast-Random-Particle-Mesh method and Large Eddy Simulation” has been accepted by the Examiners following the successful Viva defence in April 2018. Since Summer 2018, Stanislav has taken his first post-doctoral position in DLR Braunschweig, Germany. [more]

November 2018

 From let to right are -- Prof. Matej Praprotnik (Laboratory for Molecular Modeling, National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia), Jingyi Hu, Sergey Karabasov, and Yi Sui.

Jin's PhD viva success

22 November 2018

Congratulations to Jingyi Hu who has successfully passed her PhD viva on the thesis entitled "Hybrid multiscale models of liquids with hydrodynamics effects".

August 2018

Dr Anuroopa Kalyan

PhD success for Anuroopa Kalyan

29 August 2018

PhD student, Anuroopa Kalyan has successfully defended her PhD thesis on the topic "Theoretical Modelling of Broadband Shock Associated Noise in Supersonic Jets", she was supervised by Dr. Sergey Karasbov. Anuroopa has already started her first post-doctoral appointment at the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in Southampton. Congratulations Anuroopa! [more]

July 2018

Queen Mary project to reduce aircraft noise awarded funding

Queen Mary project to reduce aircraft noise awarded funding

5 July 2018

A new project led by engineers at Queen Mary University of London that aims to reduce aircraft noise has won significant funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). The £422,275 EPSRC grant will fund the Jet Installation Noise Abatement (JINA) project, which will bring together expertise in experimental … [more]