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    • Morgan B, Murali AR, Preston G, Sima YA, Chamorro LM, Bourantas C, Torii R, Mathur A, Baumbach A, Jacob M, Karabasov S and Krams R (2023). A physics-based machine learning technique rapidly reconstructs the wall-shear stress and pressure fields in coronary arteries. Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine, Frontiers Media 
    • Gryazev V, Markesteijn AP, Karabasov SA, Lawrence JLT and Proença AR (2023). Jet Flow and Noise Predictions for the Doak Laboratory Experiment. Aiaa Journal, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Aiaa) vol. 61 (7), 3078-3090.  
    • Karabasov SA, Zaitsev MA and Nerukh DA (2023). The nut-and-bolt motion of a bacteriophage sliding along a bacterial flagellum: a complete hydrodynamics model. Scientific Reports, Springer Nature vol. 13 (1) 
    • Naghibi SE, Karabasov SA and Kamenkovich I (2023). Zonal jets in the Southern Ocean: A semi-analytical model based on scale separation. Ocean Modelling, Elsevier, 102198-102198.  
    • Solntsev IA and Karabasov SA (2023). Development of Unstructured Code for Rotating Zones Based on the Cabaret Method with Improved Spectral Properties. Mathematical Models and Computer Simulations, Pleiades Publishing vol. 15 (1), 125-137.  
    • Gurbatov SN, Demin IY, Lisin AA, Karabasov SA and Tyurina AV (2023). Numerical Simulation of the Evolution of an Intense Aerodynamic Jet in the Far-Field of Propagation. Mathematical Models and Computer Simulations, Pleiades Publishing vol. 15 (1), 109-117.  
    • Solntsev I, Chintagunta A, Markesteijn A and Karabasov S (2023). CABARET on rotating meshes. Applied Mathematics and Computation, Elsevier 




    • Liu X, Korotkin I, Rao Z and Karabasov S (2020). A Thermostat-Consistent Fully Coupled Molecular Dynamics—Generalized Fluctuating Hydrodynamics Model. Advanced Theory and Simulations 
    • Markesteijn AP, Gryazev V, Karabasov SA, Ayupov RS, Benderskiy LA and Lyubimov DA (2020). Flow and Noise Predictions of Coaxial Jets. Aiaa Journal: Devoted to Aerospace Research and Development, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1-14.  
    • Tsiklauri D, Karabasov S and Prodaevich VG (2020). The Effect of Particle Gas Composition and Boundary Conditions on Triboplasma Generation: A Computational Study Using the Particle-in-Cell Method. Ieee Transactions On Plasma Science, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (Ieee), 1-12.  
    • Li F, Korotkin I and Karabasov SA (2020). Rheology of Water Flows Confined Between Multi-Layer Graphene Walls. Langmuir 
    • Vorontsov VI, Faranosov GA, Karabasov SA and Zaitsev MY (2020). Comparison of the Noise Directivity Pattern of the Main Rotor of a Helicopter for Flight and Hover Modes. Acoustical Physics vol. 66 (3), 303-312.  
    • Wu Y, Wang W, Mata A, Pugno N, Azevedo H, Karabasov S and Titirici M-M (2020). Disordered protein-graphene oxide co-assembly and supramolecular biofabrication of functional fluidic devices. Nature Communications, Nature Research (Part of Springer Nature) 
    • Воронцов ВИ, Фараносов ГА, Карабасов СА and Зайцев МЮ (2020). Сравнение направленности шума несущего вертолетного винта для режимов полета и висения. Акустический журнал, The Russian Academy of Sciences vol. 66 (3), 308-318.  


    • Karabasov S, Ayton L, Wu X and Afsar M (2019). Advances in aeroacoustics research: recent developments and perspectives. Philosophical Transactions. Series a, Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences vol. 377 (2159), 20190390-20190390.  
    • Markesteijn AP and Karabasov SA (2019). Simulations of co-axial jet flows on graphics processing units: the flow and noise analysis. Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society a Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences, The Royal Society vol. 377 (2159) 
    • Hu J, Korotkin IA and Karabasov SA (2019). Hybrid multiscale simulation reveals focusing of a diffusing peptide molecule by parallel shear flow in water. Journal of Molecular Liquids vol. 280, 285-297.  
    • Rorai C, Zaitsev M and Karabasov S (2019). On the limitations of some popular numerical models of flagellated microswimmers: importance of long-range forces and flagellum waveform. R Soc Open Sci vol. 6 (1), 180745-180745.  


    • Korotkin IA and Karabasov SA (2018). A generalised Landau-Lifshitz fluctuating hydrodynamics model for concurrent simulations of liquids at atomistic and continuum resolution. J Chem Phys vol. 149 (24), 244101-244101.  
    • Tan DJ, Honnery D, KALYAN A, GRYAZEV V, KARABASOV SA and Edgington-Mitchell D (2018). Equivalent Shock-Associated Noise Source Reconstruction of Screeching Underexpanded Unheated Round Jets. Aiaa Journal, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics 
    • Zaitsev MA, Goloviznin VM and Karabasov SA (2018). Supercomputer simulation of MATIS-H problem. Supercomputing Frontiers and Innovations vol. 5 (3), 126-129.  
    • Tan DJ, Honnery D, KALYAN A, GRYAZEV V, KARABASOV SA and Edgington-Mitchell D (2018). Correlation Analysis of High Resolution Particle Image Velocimetry Data of Screeching Jets. Aiaa Journal, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics 
    • Zaitsev MA and Karabasov SA (2018). Mathematical Modelling of Flagellated Microswimmers. Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics vol. 58 (11), 1804-1816.  
    • Semiletov VA and Karabasov SA (2018). A volume integral implementation of the Goldstein generalised acoustic analogy for unsteady flow simulations. Journal of Fluid Mechanics vol. 853, 461-487.  
    • NAGHIBI SE, KARABASOV SA, Jalali MA and Sadati SMH (2018). Fast spectral solutions of the double gyre problem in a turbulent flow regime. Applied Mathematical Modelling, Elsevier 
    • Hu J, Korotkin IA and Karabasov SA (2018). A multi-resolution particle/fluctuating hydrodynamics model for hybrid simulations of liquids based on the two-phase flow analogy. J Chem Phys vol. 149 (8), 084108-084108.  
    • Markesteijn AP and Karabasov SA (2018). CABARET solutions on graphics processing units for NASA jets: Grid sensitivity and unsteady inflow condition effect. Comptes Rendus - Mecanique 


    • Tarasova E, Korotkin I, Farafonov V, Karabasov S and Nerukh D (2017). Complete virus capsid at all-atom resolution: Simulations using molecular dynamics and hybrid molecular dynamics/hydrodynamics methods reveal semipermeable membrane function. Journal of Molecular Liquids vol. 245, 109-114.  
    • Kopiev VF, Zaytsev MY, Vorontsov VI, Karabasov SA and Anikin VA (2017). Helicopter noise in hover: Computational modelling and experimental validation. Acoustical Physics vol. 63 (6), 686-698.  
    • Semiletov VA and Karabasov SA (2017). Similarity scaling of jet noise sources for low-order jet noise modelling based on the Goldstein generalised acoustic analogy. International Journal of Aeroacoustics, Multi-Science Publishing 
    • Proskurov S, Darbyshire OR and Karabasov SA (2017). Aerofoil broadband and tonal noise modelling using stochastic sound sources and incorporated large scale fluctuations. Journal of Sound and Vibration, Elsevier 
    • Chintagunta A, Naghibi SE and Karabasov SA (2017). Flux-corrected dispersion-improved CABARET schemes for linear and nonlinear wave propagation problems. Computers and Fluids 
    • (2017). Corrigendum. International Journal of Aeroacoustics, Sage Publications vol. 18 (1), 112-112.  
    • Kalyan A and Karabasov SA (2017). Broad band shock associated noise predictions in axisymmetric and asymmetric jets using an improved turbulence scale model. Journal of Sound and Vibration vol. 394, 392-417.  
    • Naghibi SE, Jalali MA, Karabasov SA and Alam MR (2017). Excitation of the Earth's Chandler wobble by a turbulent oceanic double-gyre. Geophysical Journal International vol. 209 (1), 509-516.  
    • Копьев ВФ, Зайцев МЮ, Воронцов ВИ, Карабасов СА and Аникин ВА (2017). Расчет шума несущего винта вертолета и его экспериментальная проверка на режиме висения, Акустический журнал. Акустический журнал, Akademizdatcenter Nauka (6), 651-664.  


    • Korotkin I, Nerukh D, Tarasova E, Farafonov V and Karabasov S (2016). Two-phase flow analogy as an effective boundary condition for modelling liquids at atomistic resolution. Journal of Computational Science, Elsevier vol. 17, 446-456.  

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