Dr Ketao Zhang


Research Group Members

PhD Students


Mr Navin Patel

Multi-Agent modelling, Self Organisation, Dynamical Systems and Chaos, Control theory, Robotics modelling, Network theory



Mr Zhujin Jiang

Origami-inspired mechanisms, Artificial mussels, Control theory


c_liu_qmul_ac_uk Mr Chen Liu

Soft Robotics, Actuation and Sensing, Electroactive Technologies



Mr Yan Wang

Multirotor UAVs, Reconfigurable mechanisms


Tayyab Ansari

Mr Tayyab Ansari

Assistive robotics, Rehabilitation robotics



  • Visiting researchers


Dr Wei Ye
Assistant Professor, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
Parallel Mechanisms, Engineering Design, Kinematics, Dynamics


  • MSc and UG

Research Assistants

Dr Zhang
Mr Liu
LIU, Chen

Current PhD Projects

Thesis Title
Assistive Mobile Manipulation for Healthcare Personnel Assis
China Scholarship Council (CSC)
Development of Parallel Mechanisms Based Wearable Exoskeleton System for Lower Limb
Inflatable legs for walking robots
Inflatable legs for walking robots
Innovative Tactile and Optical Sensing and Actuating Devices
Novel multirotor UAVs with reconfigurable/deployable structure
Sensing and navigation for eversion robots operating pipe networks on nuclear sites
Soft eversion robotic mechanism for the inspection of inaccessible spaces in the nuclear sector
Using control and machine learning techniques to optimise the motion performance of a soft eversion robots for underwater applications
Wearable Orthoses with Semi-Active and Active Absorbers for Hand Tremor Suppression

Past PhD Projects

Thesis TitleYear
From Bees to Robots: A Statistical Mechanics Framework for Modelling Shimmering Dynamics and Control of Swarm Systems2024
Pneumatic Soft-Rigid Hybrid Actuators and Evolved Legged-Robots: Design, Modelling and Control2024
Design, fabrication and stiffness control of soft fluidic robots2023
Soft Capacitive and Optical Tomography-based Sensor Skins2023
Integrated Hydraulic Steering And Signal Transmission Technlologies Applied to Novel MRI-Compatible Intravascular Catheters2020