Prof Huasheng Wang


Research Overview

Thermofluids Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multiphase Flows, Advanced Thermal Management, Sustainable Energy, Systems Engineering, Modelling and Simulation, Intelligent Buildings


Professor Wang's research has been funded by EPSRC, EU, the Royal Society and industrial partners. His research covers theoretical and experimental studies of condensation heat transfer on low-finned tubes and in microfin tubes, Marangoni condensation on tubes and in microchannels, condensation and flow boiling heat transfer in microchannels, condensation and flow boiling heat transfer of zeotropic refrigerant mixtures, design of condensers and evaporators, molecule dynamics simulation of condensation and boiling/evaporation, multiscale simulations, room temperature magnetic refrigeration, building energy efficiency, sustainable thermal energy systems (geothermal heat pump heating systems, aolar assisted air source heat pump based heating systems, solar PV/thermal systems, organic Rankine cycle, thermal management of batteries), energy storage, advanced intelligent control for building management systems.