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Prof Henri Huijberts
MSc PhD(Twente, Netherlands) PFHEA CMath FIMA


Research Funding

Other Research Projects

Synchronisation of Complex Time-Delay Systems

Power Control of Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks

Formation Control of Mobile Robots

This research addresses the problem of formation control of nonholonomic unicycle mobile robots. To solve the problem, we propose two distributed formation control algorithms supported by the virtual structure approach. Because the control of individual robots in the formation is based on local interactions between…

Anticipating Synchronization of Chaotic Systems

In their ground breaking 1990 paper, Pecora and Carroll showed that, in spite of sensitive dependence on initial conditions, coupled chaotic systems can synchronize. Following this work, in the last decades considerable interest in the notion of synchronization of complex or chaotic systems has arisen. Among others, perhaps the…

Analysis and Control of Complex Time-Delay Systems