Prof Yi Sui
PhD, MInstP, Fellow HEA


Research Group News

September 2023

Lujain Musafir, Saskia Hale, Aylish Moore and Semhar Misghina (from left to right)

School celebrates student achievements at IMechE awards

14 September 2023

This week, six BEng/MEng Biomedical Engineering students were selected to present their final year projects at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Healthcare Technologies Student and Early Career Awards. Queen Mary's representation included four poster presentations and two oral presentations, given by Saskia Hale, Lujain Musafir, Haipeng Liang, … [more]

January 2023


Congratulations to Nabila, Ruixin and Luoguang on passing their PhD vivas

24 January 2023

Congratulations to Nabila Naz, Ruixin Lu and Luoguang Zhao who passed their PhD vivas on the 9th, 23rd and 24th January 2023, respectively, with minor corrections. All three students are from the Biofluid Mechanics Lab led by Professors Yi Sui and Wen Wang. They have been working on topics including mechanical … [more]

April 2022

Research Paper 1st prize (Materials Engineering) to William Amoako Kyei-Manu, presented by Prof. Hazel Screen (Head of School)

5th Russell Binions Memorial PhD Research Symposium held at SEMS

27 April 2022

The 5th Russell Binions Memorial PhD Research Symposium was held in-person at Queen Mary University of London on 27th April 2022. Over 30 PhD students, in their 2nd and 3rd years, presented their research, to staff and students, in fields ranging from Biomedical, Materials to Mechanical and Robotics Engineering. We had a … [more]

February 2020

Thomas (right) and Corina (middle) being congratulated by Dr Adrian Briggs.

3rd Year Project Poster Winners Announced

26 February 2020

The Spring Industrial Liaison Forum one again played host to the 3rd year project student poster showcase. Two winners were selected from the 300+ posters that were submitted. These were from Thomas Kellock for his poster on "Spiral Microfluidics for Circulating Tumour Cell Isolation" who is supervised by Yi … [more]

November 2019

From left to right Valeriia Kudriavtceva, Megan McFie, Julia Strudwick from Polymax, Hudair Samad  and Prof Martin Knight

Award Winning Research Students in SEMS

20 November 2019

At the SEMS annual research led Industrial Liaison Forum, there was a research showcase from 80 of our current PhD students. The panel of judges this year were made up a wide range of academics from each division. They decided after a careful deliberation to award the following prizes: 1st Prize: … [more]

March 2017

The MEng group and two of their supervisors with their demonstration

Best MEng Group Prize

10 March 2017

In a very tight competition between the 17 MEng group projects this year, the group supervised by Yi Sui, Rafa Castrej√≥n-Pita and Wen Wang working on "A microfluidic device to sort rigid and deformable particles in flows" won the award for the best Group Display at the ILF. The judges … [more]

Other News


03/2023 Hudair Samad passed phd viva with minor corrections. 

01/2023 Nabila, Ruixin and Luoguang passed phd viva with minor corrections. 


07/2021 Ruixin's paper on path selection of a train of capsules in a branched microchannel was published in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics and selected as front cover. 

02/2021 Tao published a series of papers on applications of deep convolutional neural networks in high-throughput mechanical characterisation of deformation capsules flowing in a channel. One paper was selected by editor of Soft Matter as back cover highlight.  


04/2018 Zhen's third research paper from his PhD project was accepted by the Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 2 JFM and 1 PRE from a 4-year PhD, amazing! 


12/2017 Nabila joint the group as a PhD student. She was a top student of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. 

10/2017 Fan passed her phd viva.

05/2017 Zhen passed the phd viva on 22nd of May. 

03/2017 The group of six master students working on microfluidics won the BEST MENG Project of the Year Award, duing the industrial forum at QMUL.  


12/2016 Dr Yongpan Cheng was promoted to the Full Professor at North China Power Electric University in China. Many congratulations, YP!

09/2016 The group welcomed Tao Lin, a top student from China University of Petroleum, as a new PhD student.

08/2016 Zhen's second research paper, entitled ‘Motion of a spherical capsule in branched tube flow with finite inertia’, was accepted by the Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

08/2016 Zhen attended the 24th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ICTAM 2016) in Montreal and presented the work of capsules at a bifurcation. He received the travel grant from the congress. 

08/2016 Dr Sui was promoted to Senior Lecturer.   

07/2016 Dr Sui visited University of New South Wales and Sydney University in Australia, and gave invited talks on modelling of capsules and biological cells in flows.    

07/2016 A paper, ‘Rebound suppression of a droplet impacting on an oscillating surface', first authored by Mr Ashoke Raman, a PhD based at National University of Singapore co-advised by Yi, was accepted by the Physical Review E. 

03/2016 A Royal Society grant was awarded to Yi Sui, to support his collaboration with Dr Quanzi Yuan from Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Science. 

02/2016 Yi Sui received a grant from the State Key Laboratory of Nonlinear Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Science.

01/2016 Yi Sui received a Visiting Fellowship from the University of New South Wales, Australia. 


11/2015 Two joint papers were accepted recently, one with Dr Fangbao Tian from Australia and another with Dr Yongpan Cheng and Prof Jinliang Xu from China.

10/2015 Qin Guo and Awais Yousaf, two top students from the Central South University (China) and Queen Mary University of London, respectively, joined the group as PhD students to work on Biological flows. 

10/2015 Dr Yongpan Cheng and Dr Ke Zhang joined the group as Marie Curie European Research Fellows.

09/2015 Yi Sui organized a mini-symposium 'Understanding Microcirculation Through Numerical Modelling' in the VI International Conference of Computational Bioengineering in Barcelona, Spain. The symposium attracted 13 talks from the Europe, USA, China.  

06/2015 The paper, entitled ‘Non-isothermal droplet spreading/dewetting and its reversal’, was accepted by the Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

04/2015 Yi Sui delivered invited talks at Shanghai Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, University of Science and Technology of China, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Peking University and Institute of Mechanics (CAS).

02/2015 Yi Sui delivered three invited talks at the Cambridge University CUED, Cambridge University BP Institute, and the University of East Anglia. The talks cover both capsules research and the modelling of moving contact lines.  


12/2014 A second Royal Society grant was awarded to Yi Sui, to support his collaboration with Prof Dominique Barthes-Biesel and Dr Anne-Virginie Salsac

10/2014 Yi Sui was awarded a Royal Society research grant.

09/2014 Yi Sui chaired a session in the 4th Micro and Nano Flows Conference.

07/2014 Yi Sui was invited to attend the EUROMECH Symposium DynaCaps2014 at UTC, France. 

07/2014 A paper, entitled 'Moving towards the cold region or the hot region? Thermocapillary migration of a droplet attached on a horizontal substrate', by Yi Sui was accepted by Physics of Fluids.

01/2014 The review article, entitled 'Numerical Simulations of Flows with Moving Contact Lines', by Dr Yi Sui, Prof Hang Ding (China), and Prof PDM Spelt (France), was published in the Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics


11/2013 A paper entitled 'Three-dimensional dynamics of oblate and prolate capsules in shear flow', was accepted by Physical Review E.

09/2013 A paper entitled 'Inertial coalescence of droplets on a partially wetting substrate', was accepted by Physics of Fluids.

09/2013 Fan Wang Joined the Complex Flows Group as a PhD student. Fan graduated from China University of Petroleum and had won numerous awards during her undergraduate study. Welcome, Fan!

07/2013 Professor James J Feng from UBC (Canada), visited SEMS and the Complex Flows Group.

06/2013 Yi Sui and Zhen Wang attended the summer school ' Dynamics of Suspensions, Gels, Cells and Tissues' at the Issac Newton Institue for mathematical sciences in Cambridge. 

06/2013 Professor Dominique Barthes-Biesel, a pioneer in theoretical and numerical studies of capsules in flow, and Dr Anne-Virginie Salsac from the UTC (France) visited SEMS and the Complex Flows Group.

04/2013 Zhen Wang Joined the Complex Flows Group as the first PhD student. Zhen received his B.ENG. and M.ENG. both from Shanghai Jiaotong Univ. He was the first prize winner (top 0.1%) of the 2004 Chinese National Chemistry Olympiad Competition. Welcome, Zhen!  

02/2013 Yi Sui's paper, entitled 'An efficient computational model for macroscale simulations of moving contact lines', was accepted by the Journal of Computational Physics.


12/2012 Yi Sui welcomed his first daughter.

10/2012 Yi Sui's paper, entitled 'Validation and modification of asymptotic analysis of slow and rapid droplet spreading by numerical simulation', was accepted by the Journal of Fluid Mechanics

08/2012  Yi Sui started his new march as a lecturer at the QMUL and established the Complex Flows Group in SEMS during the summer Olympic Games. He felt excited about this job and was eager to seek new challenges.

Before QMUL

01/2012 Yi Sui was awarded the Marie-Curie Intra European Fellowship.

05/2010-05/2012 Yi Sui was a research associate at the Imperial College London.

05/2008-04/2010 Yi Sui was a research fellow at the National University of Singapore.

11/2008 Yi Sui received his PhD in fluid mechanics from the National University of Singapore. His four-year graduate study was fully funded by a NUS research scholarship.

06/2004 Yi Sui received his BSci in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from the University of Science and Technology of China.