Dr Wei Tan


Research Group Members

Postdoctoral researcher:

Jinlong Fu

Dr. Jinlong Fu is now a postdoctoral researcher in Mechanical Engineering. He started his research career in computational mechanics and numerical modelling by studying at Swansea University as a PhD student in October 2016. After a four-year study, He completed my PhD project in September 2020. He was awarded the Roger Owen Prize 2021 for the Best PhD Thesis in the UK Association for Computational Mechanics (UKACM). He has a multidisciplinary research background with research experience at the interface of porous media, data science, numerical simulation, physics-based modelling, and artificial intelligence (AI). His broad research interests focus on material failure, pore-scale flow modelling, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, model order reduction, and high-performance soft computing. 

PhD students:


Emilio Gomez is a second-year PhD student. He has completed Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering (First Class with Honours) from Queen Mary University of London. He is developing thermally conductive and crashworthy composite materials using thermal-mechanical modelling. His work is funded by Graphene Flagship Core project 3. (Supervisors: Dr Wei Tan, Prof. James Busfield, Prof. Nicola Pugno) [Conf. Paper 1]


Hirak Kansara is a first year PhD student who has completed Master of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering (First Class with Honours) from Queen Mary, University of London. Hirak is currently developing novel cellular composites for Crash Energy Absorption using Data-driven methods, on a project funded by the EPSRC. (Supervisors: Dr Wei Tan, Dr. Pihua Wen) [Paper 1] [Conf. Paper 1]




Wenqi Wang is a first year PhD student in SEMS, Queen Mary. He was educated in the Beijing Institution of Technology from 2014 to 2018 (Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering) and Queen Mary University of London in 2019-2020 (Distinction Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering). He was under the supervision of Dr. Jun Chen in his MSc research project for flight simulation framework research. He also worked in the medical equipment research group of Chinese Academy of Sciences for CT radioactive source materials. Now he is working on the cellular composites structure for crashing energy absorption, mainly focus on the design methods of the micro-structures of cellular composites to improving their mechanical properties. (Supervisors: Dr Wei Tan, Prof. Vassili Toropov)




Jie Yang is a 1st year PhD student at SEMS, Queen Mary funded by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) scholarship. He completed his Bachelor and Master Degrees in Mechanical Engineering at Jiangsu University, China. He is interested in coupled electrochemical-mechanical modelling of battery degradations. (Supervisors: Dr. Wei Tan, Dr. Ana Jorge Sobrido)



Afni Restasari is a 1st year PhD student at SEMS, Queen Mary University of London funded by Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP) scholarship. She completed her Bachelor degree in Chemistry at Diponegoro University, Indonesia. She completed her Master degree in Polymer physics at Kanazawa University, Japan. She is interested in nanoparticles reinforced rubber composites. (Supervisors: Dr. Wei Tan, Prof. James Busfield)


More group members:


Research Assistants

Dr Fu
FU, Jinlong

Current PhD Projects

Thesis Title
Associate Engineering--visiting PhD student
Developing crashworthy and thermally conductive graphene related composite materials for electrical car battery assembly
Developing crashworthy cellular composites using machine learning
Scalable cellular composites for improving the crash energy absorption of transportation vehicles
Self-healing Polyurethane Composites as Coating Materials for Wind Turbine Blades
Spider silk bio-inspired composites for high thermal and mechanical properties
SustainElectrode: 3D sustainable composite electrodes for next-generation energy storage devices
The Finite Integration Method?Algorithm and its Applications in Solid Mechanics