Dr Wei Tan


Research Impact

1. Research impact

My research mostly contributes to Materials Science and Engineering. 

Bar chart

My work has been widely cited in the last few years, with over +1300 citation and H-index of 17.



2. Outreach activities

We had a wonderful weekend promoting Engineering and Materials Science at the QMUL Festival of Communities! It is so amazing to engage many families with some engineering prototypes and practical activities. Some parents and kids can't wait for the next event and we are definitely happy to do it again!

We had all-day showcase activities (Hirak KansaraEmilio Felipe Gomez Ulloa, Wenqi Wang) in the stand with the topic "Lightweight materials for sustainable transportation". We have shown the potential of natural fibres in our future vehicles/wind turbine to make it more sustainable and recyclable. The youngsters also enjoyed building their own architected structures using the 3D printing pens.

During the day, we also organised a 45-mins workshop (led by Dr Siamak Khosroshahi). About 15-16 kids joined the competition "Make your crash helmets for eggs challenge". What an exciting and engaging hands-on activity! In the end, the winner used about 30g of sponge, bubble wrap and paper straws to protect an egg (70g) from 2m height drop.

Festival of community