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Dr Tina Chowdhury


Research Group News

October 2021

Engineer The Story team at recent workshop

Queen Mary launch storytelling workshops to inspire engineering students

12 October 2021

‘Engineer The Story’, run in partnership with the Ideas Foundation, helps engineers tell stories about their career aspirations at Queen Mary and bring engineering research to life. It is supported by the Train the Trainer programme at the StoryFutures Academy, the UK’s National Centre for Immersive … [more]

August 2021

Wound healing in fetal membrane tissue. Images show the protein collagen (left) and cells (right).

Researchers uncover new evidence that fetal membranes can repair themselves after injury

18 August 2021

The integrity of the fetal membranes that surround the baby in the womb during pregnancy is vital for normal development. But fetal membranes can become damaged as a result of infection, bleeding, or after fetal surgery and even diagnostic tests during pregnancy, such as amniocentesis, which require doctors to make … [more]

February 2021

Tina is

New funding for storytelling project to inspire future engineers

25 February 2021

‘Engineer the Story’, run in partnership with the Ideas Foundation, helps engineers create digital stories to bring their research to life. Supported by new funding from the Train the Trainer Initiative of StoryFutures Academy, the UK’s National Centre for Immersive Storytelling run by National Film and … [more]

October 2020

Premature baby in an incubator

New bioengineering approach to fix fetal membranes

13 October 2020

The study, published in the journal Prenatal Diagnosis, found that these molecules, known as peptide amphiphiles (PAs) self-assemble to form a ‘plug’ that seals holes within the fetal membranes, and could potentially help repair any damage. For the study, the researchers established a fetal membrane defect model, which mimics the … [more]

April 2020

‘Magnetically responsive’ microscopic drug carrier

Researchers use magnetism to keep drugs at disease sites

30 April 2020

The researchers were able to use magnetism to hold ‘magnetically responsive’ microscopic drug carriers at chosen sites, even in the presence of external forces, such as flowing liquid, which would normally displace them. They also found that magnetism restricted the movement of cells containing these drug capsules. This suggests that … [more]

March 2020

New date announced

New date for World Biomaterials Congress 2020 announced

31 March 2020

The World Biomaterials Congress with Liz Tanner as a member of the Executive Committee has been postponed from May to December 2020 due to Covid-19. The new dates are Thursday 11th December to Wednesday 16th December. The programme will be similar but there will be new events announced nearer the time. [more]

The microwave sensor technology measuring a droplet of blood.

Researchers use microwaves to measure signs of dehydration

5 March 2020

The researchers are now looking to develop the technology into a wearable device that could be used by athletes, or in healthcare settings, to monitor hydration in real time. For the study, the research team utilised a microwave-based measurement system, developed by NPL, to examine changes to salts and proteins … [more]

July 2019

Dr Chowdhury present a quote from Professor Peter McOwan

Talk about saving babies' lives inspires young people to become bioengineers

12 July 2019

Queen Mary researcher Dr Tina Chowdhury gave an inspiring talk to young people about saving babies’ lives at the eighth St Paul’s Way Trust Science Summer School chaired by Professor Brian Cox (OBE) and Lord Andrew Mason (OBE). Dr Chowdhury’s research is investigating ways to repair holes in … [more]

April 2019

Tina's podcast with The Naked Scientists

New approach to repair fetal membranes may prevent birth complications

23 April 2019

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London and University College London have developed a new approach to repair defects in fetal membranes which could prevent life-long medical conditions and disabilities associated with preterm birth. The integrity of the fetal membranes that surrounds the baby in the womb during pregnancy is … [more]

April 2018

Dr Tina Chowdhury

Storytelling project for engineers and young east Londoners wins funding

5 April 2018

A Queen Mary University of London project which aims to give engineers the skills to create digital stories about how their work can improve the world has received funding from the Ingenious Awards. ‘Engineer the Story’ will bring together engineers to work alongside disadvantaged young people from east London who … [more]

February 2018

News Image

Fake a knee at the Science Museum

1 February 2018

When we loose cartilage tissue in the knee joint and suffer from knee pain, the joint function is impaired and the patient may need a total knee replacement surgery. The procedure involves removal of the damaged and diseased joint and replacement with an artificial joint. Most patients who undergo knee … [more]

September 2017

News Image

Repair of fetal membranes could reduce preterm births

5 September 2017

Life-long medical conditions and disabilities associated with preterm birth could be prevented with a new bioengineering approach led by researchers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). Bioengineers from SEMS working together with clinical practitioners have potentially found a way to reduce preterm births and prevent early deaths of young … [more]

June 2017

David Barrett

PhD student David Barrett wins 2016 Malcolm Ferguson-Smith Young Investigator award

20 June 2017

Congratulations to our PhD student David Barrett, who has won the prestigious 2016 Malcolm Ferguson-Smith Young Investigator Award for his article published in the October 2016 issue of the Prenatal Diagnosis journal. The title of David's article is “Connexin 43 is overexpressed in human fetal membrane defects after fetoscopic surgery”. The Young Investigator … [more]

March 2017

News Image

Research to heal fetal membranes receives funding from Great Ormond Street and Sparks Charity.

27 March 2017

Dr Tina Chowdhury has been awarded a project grant by GOSH and Sparks charity (£148, 862). The project will develop a novel therapy to heal fetal membrane defects in the womb with Anna David (fetal medicine professor, UCL), Alvaro Mata (nanotechnology professor, SEMS), Jan Deprest (fetal surgeon/professor, Leuven), Dan Bader (biomechanics … [more]

February 2017

News Image

Virtual Lab project wins prestigious higher education award

1 February 2017

The Virtual Lab, a platform that allows students to learn lab skills in bioengineering and the life sciences, has won the Gold Award at the Life Sciences category. The Awards celebrate innovative higher education pedagogies which enhance learning and employability across the globe. The Virtual Lab uses the latest games … [more]

November 2016

News Image

The Virtual Lab shortlisted for prestigious higher education award

15 November 2016

The Virtual Lab, a platform that allows students to learn lab skills in bioengineering and the life sciences has been nominated for the e-Learning Innovation category in the Reimagine Education Awards 2016. Dr Tina Chowdhury, Senior Lecturer in Regenerative Medicine at the School of Engineering and Materials Science, said: “I’m … [more]

May 2016

The children make biomaterials with James Taylor. Examples include worms and beans from seaweed and sugar that can easily change shape.

Opening young minds to bioengineering

5 May 2016

A pioneering scheme called The Bioengineering Experience, developed for school children to explore advances in science, engineering and materials hosted a group of ten-year olds from St Joseph’s in the Park returning for their second visit to Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). Led by Dr Tina Chowdhury from … [more]

June 2015


The Bioengineering Experience 2015

9 June 2015

Dr Tina Chowdhury's new fillm called "The Bioengineering Experience" can be seen here:

May 2015

News Image

The bioengineering experience 2015

5 May 2015

Children aged 10 from St Joseph’s in the Park visited the Institute of Bioengineering and experienced real, hands on lab activities at the School of Engineering and Materials Science. The project funded by the Center for Public Engagement, was a fantastic event encouraging young people to experience bioengineering first hand. … [more]

January 2015

CNP microcapsules

New ‘microcapsules’ have potential to repair damage caused by osteoarthritis

21 January 2015

A protein molecule called C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP), which occurs naturally in the body, is known to reduce inflammation and aid in the repair of damaged tissue. However, CNP cannot be used to treat osteoarthritis in patients because it cannot target the damaged area even when the protein is injected … [more]

July 2013


Can a protein help to protect osteoarthritic joints? Dr Tina Chowdhury and team investigate

25 July 2013

For more information on this story, please see the interview on Youtube with Dr Nick Peake, one of the researchers involved in the project.

Other News

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Good luck to Dr Nick Peake who starts a Lectureship position at SHU


Tina's work on the virtual lab with Prof Peter McOwan and Keith Turner is published in Labs for the 21st Century in STEM Higher Education (Page 91-96).


Tina presents the virtual lab at Foster Court 114, UCL on 29th Nov (1-2pm). The virtual lab mimics research facilities in the life sciences and enables students to practise techniques and learn from mistakes before undertaking practicals in the real lab. The platform integrates assessment and peer-review, helping students to learn in an exciting way.  Image shows routine biochem equipment in the virtual lab (sponsored by Eppendorf and Ocean Optics)


Ellie and Reshma present research in osteoarthritis at the BSMB meeting, Cardiff.

Sept 2013: Reshma, Ellie and Nick present at the BSMB meeting, Cardiff.


Tina and Nick discover promising new protein to treat osteoarthritis


Arthritis Research UK highlights research about CNP


Tina and Nick discuss CNP research

Tina and Nick talk about CNP research


Virtual lab shortlisted Finalist for the 2013 S-Lab awards:

Virtul lab