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Dr Tina Chowdhury

Dr Chowdhury
Position: Senior Lecturer in Regenerative Medicine
Intercalated BSc Programme Director
Biodivision Admissions, Public Engagement and Outreach Director
Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 7560
Location: 117, Engineering, Mile End
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support hours:
Monday (1-2pm)
Tuesday (1-2pm)
Networks: Twitter
Expertise: Inflammation, mechanobiology, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, musculoskeletal science and bioengineering
Research keywords: Inflammation, tissue engineering, mechanobiology, regenerative medicine, biomechanics.
SEMS Research Division:

Brief Biography

Dr Tina Chowdhury completed her PhD in 2002 and joined QMUL as a PDRA until she was appointed an Academic Fellow (2005), Lecturer (2008) and Senior Lecturer (2012). She was awarded a Drapers Fellowship (2014-17), the Queen Mary University Senior Fellowship (2018) and is Senior Fellow of the HEA (2018). Tina's work in developing teaching innovations has been recognised by the prestigious 2014 Times Higher Education, 2016 Reimagine Education and 2018 Ingenious Royal Academy of Engineering Award.

In her research role, Tina leads research in regenerative medicine which aims to identify therapeutics that slow down inflammation and repair tissues in a variety of models. For example, thousands of people in the UK undertake knee replacement surgery and are participating in her research, which has been highly successful in identifying new molecules and mechanisms that cause osteoarthritis. She has served on the editorial board and referee panel for several journals (eg. OA & Cartilage, Plus One) and charities (Arthritis Research UK, AO Foundation) and is a member of the prestigious ORS and OARSI. She has been invited to contribute to seminars, review articles and expert opinions by journals including Arthritis and attracted funding worth £1.5M through ongoing collaborations with Malaysia, USA and Europe. In addition, her research funded by the AO Foundation was nominated for the 2015 Berton Rahn Research Fund Prize Award.

Tina is responsible for organising several modules at SEMS and is the Programme Director for the Intercalated BSc in Biomedical Engineering and Clinical Materials. She has been awarded several prizes and project grants in developing teaching innovations (Drapers award, SEIF, Westfield Trust, EPSRC IAA).

For example, the virtual lab is an e-learning tool used by QMUL students to learn inter-disciplinary techniques in cell biology and bioengineering.

Tina leads a number of iniatives in community science engagement events and public engagement. Examples include the "bioengineering experience" and "Staying Strong-Joints in Space" programme with the UK Space Agency and the Ideas Foundation.

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