Dr Rehan Shah
BEng (UCL), MSc (Oxf), PhD (UCL), FHEA, MIMA, MInstP


Research Group Members

Research Project Students

Mr. Muhie Sultan Faisal Al Haimus and Mr. Bohdan Skulimovskyi (SEMS undergraduate students) - working on QMCUR undergraduate research project on "Investigating the dynamics of a yo-yo"

Mr. Kennasa Ahmed (SEMS undergraduate student) - working on "Embedding ethics in mathematics" project

Mr. Barbaros Zeren and Mr. Yash Vaghela (SEMS undergraduate students) - working on QMCUR undergraduate research project on "The mathematics of playground swinging",  work presented at the QMUL ILF forum, Greenwich TMT and the LSE BCUR undergraduate conferences)

Ms. Elena Dimova (UCL undergraduate student) - working on several research projects on "Community-based learning and teaching" and "Education for sustainable development", work presented at UCL Education Conference, QMUL Festival of Education, UK&I EERN symposium and UK&I HEIR conference)

Ms. Sujitha Kunalan and Ms. Bilges Kacmaz (SEMS PhD students) - worked on "Community-based placements" project, Ms. Sujitha Kunalan awarded QMUL SEED award for her contributions, work presented at QMUL SEMS and UCL CEE seminars) 

Ms. Ava Dahlia Belafonte (SEMS undergraduate student) and Ms. Maria Fernanda Pintado (SMS PhD student) - working on "Diversification of STEM curricula" project, work presented at QMUL CAISE workshop, Posters in Parliament event and at QMUL Festival of Education - awarded 'Best Innovation' poster prize)

Mr. Ismail Moalin (SEMS undergraduate student) - worked on "dynamics of swing pumping" research project as part of the Faculty of Science and Engineering's BAME Undergraduate Research Internship award

Mathematical Enrichment 'Slug Club' 

A group of mathematically talented and highly motivated first year undergraduate SEMS students meeting for dedicated weekly sessions covering advanced topics and solving challenging problems in mathematics and mechanics under the supervision and mentorship of Dr. Shah.

Core Members:  

Mr. Barbaros Zeren 

Mr. Yash Vaghela 

Mr. Bohdan Skulimovskyi

Mr. Muhie Sultan Faisal Al Haimus