Dr Rehan Shah
BEng (UCL), MSc (Oxf), PhD (UCL), FHEA, MIMA, MInstP


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    • Shah R, Preston A and Dimova E (2023). Making community-based learning and teaching happen: findings from an institutional study. Ucl Press  London Review of Education vol. 21 (1), 1-17.
    • Shah R and van der Heijden GHM (2023). Static friction models for a rod deforming on a cylinder. Elsevier  Journal of The Mechanics and Physics of Solids vol. 173, 105224-105224.


    • Shah R and Van Gorder RA (2016). Localized nonlinear waves on quantized superfluid vortex filaments in the presence of mutual friction and a driving normal fluid flow. American Physical Society  Physical Review E vol. 93 (3)