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    • Jalali SK, Greco G, Rigotti D, Dorigato A, Mirbaha H, Fredi G, Bertolla M, Guerra S, Battistini T, Dal Moro A, Pegoretti A and Pugno NM (2024). A progressive micromechanical model for single-polymer composites and experimental validation on self-reinforced PA6-based composites. Composites Part a Applied Science and Manufacturing, Elsevier vol. 180 
    • Jalali SK and Pugno NM (2024). A Dissolvable Micromechanics Model for Composites. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, Elsevier vol. 266 
    • Heshmati M, Jalali SK, Pugno NM and Daneshmand F (2024). A novel time-dependent micromechanical model on the instability and vibrational behavior of composite pipes conveying fluid with fiber dissolution. Applied Mathematical Modelling, Elsevier vol. 127, 343-365.  
    • Heshmati M, Jalali SK and Pugno NM (2024). Wave propagation in beams with functionally graded porosity distribution under highly transient axial and transverse impacts. Thin-Walled Structures, Elsevier vol. 196 
    • Fazio V, Pugno NM, Giustolisi O and Puglisi G (2024). Physically based machine learning for hierarchical materials. Cell Reports Physical Science, Elsevier vol. 5 (2) 
    • Di Novo NG, Bagolini A and Pugno NM (2024). Ice‐Bridging Frustration by Self‐Ejection of Single Droplets Results in Superior Anti‐Frosting Surfaces. Advanced Materials Interfaces, Wiley 
    • Ryu S, Mitchell GR, Caggiano A, Radovitzky RA, Trovalusci P and Pugno NM (2024). Editorial: Innovators in mechanics of materials. Frontiers in Materials, Frontiers vol. 10 


    • Dong M, Hu Y, Zhang H, Bilotti E, Pugno N, Dunstan D and Papageorgiou DG (2023). Micromechanics of Ti3C2Tx MXene reinforced poly(vinyl alcohol) nanocomposites. Composites Part C: Open Access, Elsevier vol. 13 
    • Bernard C, Carotenuto AR, Pugno NM, Fraldi M and Deseri L (2023). Modelling lipid rafts formation through chemo-mechanical interplay triggered by receptor–ligand binding. Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology, Springer Nature, 1-21.  
    • Parisi M, La Fauci G, Pugno NM and Colonna M (2023). Use of shear thickening fluids in sport protection applications: a review. Frontiers in Materials, Frontiers vol. 10 
    • Shtrepi L, Dal Poggetto VF, Durochat C, Dubois M, Bendahan D, Nistri F, Miniaci M, Pugno NM and Bosia F (2023). Acoustic noise levels and field distribution in 7 T MRI scanners. Frontiers in Physics, Frontiers vol. 11 
    • Momeni Bashusqeh S and Pugno NM (2023). Development of mechanically-consistent coarse-grained molecular dynamics model: case study of mechanics of spider silk. Scientific Reports, Springer Nature vol. 13 (1) 
    • Dixit A, Das M, Singh H, Panda SK, Pugno NM, Katiyar NK and Tiwary CS (2023). Unleashing Enhanced Compressive Strength: 3D Printed Octopus-Inspired Suction Cups Using Topological Engineering. Acs Applied Polymer Materials, American Chemical Society (Acs) vol. 5 (11), 9236-9244.  
    • Mariani S, Cecchini L, Pugno NM and Mazzolai B (2023). An autonomous biodegradable hygroscopic seed-inspired soft robot for visual humidity sensing. Materials and Design vol. 235 
    • Jalali SK, Beigrezaee MJ, Misseroni D and Pugno NM (2023). A modified Gibson-Ashby model for functionally graded lattice structures. Mechanics of Materials vol. 188 
    • Miranda EJP, Dal Poggetto VF, Pugno NM and Dos Santos JMC (2023). Extended plane wave expansion formulation for viscoelastic phononic thin plates. Wave Motion, Elsevier vol. 123 
    • Sasso G, Pugno N, Busfield JJC and Carpi F (2023). Soft robotic patterning of liquids. Scientific Reports, Springer Nature vol. 13 (1) 
    • Pugno NM (2023). Beyond bioinspiration with bionicomposites. Matter vol. 6 (9), 2621-2623.  
    • Ongaro F and Pugno NM (2023). Mechanical modelling of viscoelastic hierarchical suture joints and their optimisation and auxeticity. Mechanics of Materials vol. 186 
    • Jalali SK and Pugno NM (2023). 2D Spring-block model to study the transition from static to kinetic friction of complex-micro-textured contact surfaces. Tribology International vol. 188 
    • Yaqoob B, Dottore ED, Mondini A, Rodella A, Mazzolai B and Pugno NM (2023). Towards the optimization of passive undulatory locomotion on land: mathematical and physical models. Journal of The Royal Society Interface vol. 20 (205) 
    • Liu Y, Lott M, Seyyedizadeh SF, Corvaglia I, Greco G, Dal Poggetto VF, Gliozzi AS, Sartor RM, Nurra N, Vitale-Brovarone C, Pugno NM, Bosia F and Tortello M (2023). Multiscale static and dynamic mechanical study of the Turritella terebra and Turritellinella tricarinata seashells. Journal of The Royal Society Interface, The Royal Society vol. 20 (205) 
    • Kudela P, Ijjeh A, Radzienski M, Miniaci M, Pugno N and Ostachowicz W (2023). Deep learning aided topology optimization of phononic crystals. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing vol. 200 
    • El Hajjar RF, Pegoretti A, Movchan A, De Falco P and Pugno NM (2023). The case study of a brittle failure of a mountain bike frame composed by carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Polymer Composites vol. 44 (10), 6349-6362.  
    • Yaqoob B, Rodella A, Mazzolai B and Pugno NM (2023). Investigating the dynamic influence of passive effects on undulatory locomotion in viscous environment and unleashing the potential of hybrid friction. Extreme Mechanics Letters vol. 63 
    • Jalali SK, Busfield J and Pugno N (2023). Micromechanics Model for Rubber Blends Filled by a Nano-Reinforced Devulcanized Recycled Rubber: Application in the Automotive Industry. International Journal of Automotive Technology vol. 24 (4), 983-994.  
    • Greco G, Schmuck B, Jalali SK, Pugno NM and Rising A (2023). Influence of experimental methods on the mechanical properties of silk fibers: A systematic literature review and future road map. Biophysics Reviews vol. 4 (3) 
    • Horst F, Beyreuther E, Bodenstein E, Gantz S, Misseroni D, Pugno NM, Schuy C, Tommasino F, Weber U and Pawelke J (2023). Passive SOBP generation from a static proton pencil beam using 3D-printed range modulators for FLASH experiments. Frontiers in Physics vol. 11 
    • Sack KL, Mandel N, Pugno NM, Bezuidenhout D, Limbert G, Moscato F, Davies NH, Franz T and Abdalrahman T (2023). Micromechanical homogenization of a hydrogel-filled electrospun scaffold for tissue-engineered epicardial patching of the infarcted heart: a feasibility study. Meccanica vol. 58 (8), 1641-1655.  
    • Hauck M, Saure LM, Zeller-Plumhoff B, Kaps S, Hammel J, Mohr C, Rieck L, Nia AS, Feng X, Pugno NM, Adelung R and Schütt F (2023). Overcoming Water Diffusion Limitations in Hydrogels via Microtubular Graphene Networks for Soft Actuators. Advanced Materials vol. 35 (41) 
    • Hauck M, Saure LM, Zeller‐Plumhoff B, Kaps S, Hammel J, Mohr C, Rieck L, Nia AS, Feng X, Pugno NM, Adelung R and Schütt F (2023). Overcoming Water Diffusion Limitations in Hydrogels via Microtubular Graphene Networks for Soft Actuators (Adv. Mater. 41/2023). Advanced Materials vol. 35 (41) 
    • Parisi M, Allen T, Colonna M, Pugno N and Duncan O (2023). Indentation and impact response of conventional, auxetic, and shear thickening gel infused auxetic closed cell foam. Smart Materials and Structures vol. 32 (7) 
    • Ongaro F, Bosia F and Pugno NM (2023). Elastic wave dispersion in layered media with suture joints: Influence of structural hierarchy and viscoelasticity. Proceedings of The Royal Society a: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences vol. 479 (2273) 
    • Brondi C, Di Novo NG, Pugno NM, Mensitieri G and Fraldi M (2023). Prediction of virus survival timescales in surrogate respiratory sessile droplets. Physics of Fluids vol. 35 (5) 
    • Mariani S, Cecchini L, Mondini A, Del Dottore E, Ronzan M, Filippeschi C, Pugno NM, Sinibaldi E and Mazzolai B (2023). A Bioinspired Plasmonic Nanocomposite Actuator Sunlight-Driven by a Photothermal-Hygroscopic Effect for Sustainable Soft Robotics. Advanced Materials Technologies vol. 8 (14) 
    • De Falco P, Ongaro F and Pugno NM (2023). Multi-hit damage and perforation of plates inspired by the attacks of the mantis shrimp. Mechanics of Materials vol. 181 
    • Fazio V, Pugno NM and Puglisi G (2023). “Water to the ropes”: A predictive model for the supercontraction stress of spider silks. Extreme Mechanics Letters vol. 61 
    • La Fauci G, Parisi M, Nanni A, Crosetta L, Pugno NM and Colonna M (2023). Design and proof-of-concept of an advanced protective system for the dissipation of tangential impact energy in helmets, based on non-Newtonian fluids. Smart Materials and Structures vol. 32 (4) 
    • Gabbrielli R and Pugno NM (2023). The impact of mean body mass index on reported mortality from COVID-19 across 181 countries. Frontiers in Public Health, Frontiers vol. 11 
    • Li W, Chan CW, Li Z, Siu SY, Chen S, Sun H, Liu Z, Wang Y, Hu C, Pugno NM, Zare RN, Wu H and Ren K (2023). All-perfluoropolymer, nonlinear stability-assisted monolithic surface combines topology-specific superwettability with ultradurability. Innovation vol. 4 (2) 
    • Dal Poggetto VF, Bosia F, Urban D, Beoletto PH, Torgersen J, Pugno NM and Gliozzi AS (2023). Cochlea-inspired tonotopic resonators. Materials and Design vol. 227 
    • Yaqoob B, Rodella A, Del Dottore E, Mondini A, Mazzolai B and Pugno NM (2023). Mechanics and optimization of undulatory locomotion in different environments, tuning geometry, stiffness, damping and frictional anisotropy. Journal of The Royal Society Interface vol. 20 (199) 
    • Cecchini L, Mariani S, Ronzan M, Mondini A, Pugno NM and Mazzolai B (2023). 4D Printing of Humidity-Driven Seed Inspired Soft Robots. Advanced Science vol. 10 (9) 
    • Cecchini L, Mariani S, Ronzan M, Mondini A, Pugno NM and Mazzolai B (2023). 4D Printing of Humidity‐Driven Seed Inspired Soft Robots (Adv. Sci. 9/2023). Advanced Science, Wiley vol. 10 (9), 2370048-2370048.  
    • Fazio V, De Tommasi D, Pugno NM and Puglisi G (2023). Corrigendum to Spider silks mechanics: Predicting humidity and temperature effects: Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 164 (2022) 104857 (Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids (2022) 164, (S0022509622000709), (10.1016/j.jmps.2022.104857)). Journal of The Mechanics and Physics of Solids vol. 173 
    • Pedrielli A, Dapor M, Gkagkas K, Taioli S and Pugno NM (2023). Mechanical Properties of Twisted Carbon Nanotube Bundles with Carbon Linkers from Molecular Dynamics Simulations. International Journal of Molecular Sciences vol. 24 (3) 


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