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Research Group News

September 2018

Dr. Giovanni Santagiuliana

Congratulations to Giovanni Santagiuliana

21 September 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Giovanni Santagiuliana who passed his PhD viva on Fri 21 Sept. Giovanni did a PhD on "Preparation, Characterisation, and Modelling of Graphene-based Polymer Nanocomposites with Enhanced Mechanical and Electrical Properties" under the supervision of Emiliano Bilotti, Nicola Pugno and Ton Peijs. [more]

June 2018

A close-up of the enamel-like material

Scientists develop material that could regenerate dental enamel

1 June 2018

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London have developed a new way to grow mineralised materials which could regenerate hard tissues such as dental enamel and bone. Enamel, located on the outer part of our teeth, is the hardest tissue in the body and enables our teeth to function for … [more]

December 2017

Ophiocoma wendtii. Photo: Luis Gustavo Lira

Researchers discover process of creating ‘tempered optical lenses’ underwater

8 December 2017

A researcher from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) was part of a team, led by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, that has figured out the unique protective mechanism of highly resistant lenses located on the arms of a species of brittle … [more]

July 2017

Nicola (seated left) accompanied by his wife Chiara and James Busfield at the gala dinner.

Prof Nicola Pugno is awarded the Griffith Medal of the IOM3

11 July 2017

Prof Nicola Pugno was awarded the AA Griffith Medal and Prize at a gala dinner in London on the 11th July 2017. The prestigious medal and prize is awarded annually by the IOM3. Nicola is the third QMUL staff member to receive this prestigious prize after two former Heads of Departments … [more]

April 2017

Professor Nicola M Pugno

Professor Nicola Pugno wins the IOM3's Griffith Medal & Prize

11 April 2017

Professor of Materials Science Nicola Pugno has won the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining's prestigious Griffith Medal. The award is given in recognition of distinguished work that has made or is making a notable contribution to any branch of materials science and is an incredible achievement. Nicola has innovated … [more]