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Research Funding

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Previous Funded Research Projects

Graphene Flagship Core Project 3

Funding source: EU Commission - Horizon 2020
Start: 01-04-2020  /  End: 31-03-2023

This grant will cofund the establishing of a mini-CDT with 5 PhD studentships in Graphene materials at QMUL.

Previous PhD Studentship Projects

Leak Prediction for Elastomeric Seals in Oilfield Packers

Funding source: Schlumberger Technology Corporation
Start: 22-09-2017  /  End: 21-03-2021

Packers are used to isolate production zones in oilfield completions. These elastomeric sealing elements undergo large deformations during setting and must survive down hole at pressures above 70MPa and temperatures above 230°C. This project will reduce design lead-times by developing constitutive models and methods to predict fluid leakage in these seals.

Elastomer Friction in Subsea Sealing Applications

Funding source: Schlumberger Limited
Start: 22-09-2017  /  End: 21-03-2021

This PhD project aims to improve the design approaches used in Schlumberger to model the behaviour of elastomers for subsea sealing applications. It will initially focus on modelling friction interactions and then consider the material behaviour.