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Dr Hasan Shaheed
PhD (Sheffield), PGCAP (London), SFHEA, MIEEE, CEng, MIET, NTF


Research Overview

Robotics, Aerial/Solar Aerial Robotics (Solarcopter), Healthcare Robotics, Prosthetics, Systems Engineering, Sustainable Energy, Osmotic Power/Blue Energy, Water Treatment


Dr Shaheed carries out research in the fields of a) Aerial Robotics and Solar Aerial Robotics (Solarcopter), b) Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems and their application including Desalination, c) Osmotic Power / Blue Energy, d) Medical Robotics including Miniature Robots for Extreme Environment, Endoscopic Capsule Robots and Prosthetics, e) Master-slave Robots, f) Medical / Surgical devices, g) Water Desalination and h) Cancer.  His group is involved in design, fabrication, modelling and control of the above systems/processes using both model-based and artificial intelligence approaches.  

[a] Aerial Robotics and Solar Aerial Robotics

  • Solar helicopters/aerial vehicles/drones  
  • Quad-copters and drones

[b] Hybrid Renewable energy technologies and desalination

  • Hybrid renewable energy systems combining photovoltaic, wind energy, fuel cell and pressure retarded osmosis.
  • Renewable energy based desalination using reverse osmosis (RO) and membrane distillation (MD).

[c] Harvesting Blue Energy/Osmotic Power from salinity gradient resources

[d] Medical robotics

  • Robotic Active Endoscopic Capsule robots for GI tract screening to diagnose diseases like cancer
  • Prosthetic robotic arms with multiple degrees of freedom for people with amputated limbs
  • Master-slave robotic systems with applications to surgery, elderly care and rehabilitation
  • Exoskeletons/wearable robots

[e] Robotics (general and master-slave)

  • Robotic arms and graspers with applications to remote handling and manufacturing

[f] Medical devices

  • Hand-held retractor to assist laparoscopic surgery
  • Robotic surgical retractor to assist laparoscopic surgery

[g] Computational Biology/Bioinformatics

  • Classification of cancer and other diseases using gene expression (microarray) and next generation sequencing (NGS) data
  • Biomedical signal processing with application to analysis and classification of normal and abnormal ECG, EMG, EEG, EKG signals for the purpose of diseases diagnosis such as epilepsy and control of artificial limbs

 ***Potential students willing to pursue PhD in the fields of Robotics, Medical Robotics, Computational Biology, Nonlinear system modelling/identification and Control are encouraged to contact me.