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    • Vitanov I, Farkhatdinov I, Denoun B, Palermo F, Otaran A, Brown J, Omarali B, Abrar T, Hansard M, Oh C, Poslad S, Liu C, Godaba H, Zhang K, Jamone L and Althoefer K (2021). A Suite of Robotic Solutions for Nuclear Waste Decommissioning. Robotics vol. 10 (4), 112-112.
    • Din AR, Althoefer K, Farkhatdinov I, Brown J, Morgan C and Shahdad S (2021). Innovation in the time of SARS-CoV-2: A collaborative journey between NHS clinicians, engineers, academics and industry. Surgeon vol. 19 (5), e281-e288.
    • Wang K, Mak C, Ho JDL, Liu Z, Sze K, Wong KKY, Althoefer K, Liu Y, Fukuda T and Kwok K-W (2021). Large‐Scale Surface Shape Sensing with Learning‐Based Computational Mechanics. Wiley  Advanced Intelligent Systems vol. 3 (11)
    • Dawood AB, Fras J, Aljaber F, Mintz Y, Arezzo A, Godaba H and Althoefer K (2021). Fusing dexterity and perception for soft robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery: What we learnt from stiff-flop. Mdpi  Applied Sciences vol. 11 (14)
    • Obadina OO, Thaha MA, Althoefer K and Shaheed MH (2021). Dynamic characterization of a master–slave robotic manipulator using a hybrid grey wolf–whale optimization algorithm. Sage Publications  Journal of Vibration and Control, 10775463211-10775463211.
    • Marques L, Murphy R, Althoefer K, Tadokoro S and Laschi C (2021). Robotics Responds to the COVID-19 Outbreak [From the Guest Editors]. Ieee Robotics and Automation Magazine vol. 28 (1), 16-17.
    • Fras J, Arezzo A, Shiva A and Althoefer K (2021). Chapter 27: Soft Robotics Solutions for Minimally Invasive Surgery: The Need for Stiffness Controllability. In Rsc Soft Matter 684-719.


    • Palermo F, Konstantinova J, Poslad S, Althoefer K and Farkhatdinov I (2020). Automatic Fracture Characterization Using Tactile and Proximity Optical Sensing. Frontiers Media  Frontiers in Robotics and Ai
    • Li M, Guo W, Xu J, Xue S, Wu D, Liang Z, Yuan H, Xie J, Xu G and Althoefer K (2020). Attention Enhancement and Motion Assistance for Virtual Reality-Mediated Upper-Limb Rehabilitation. Ieee Transactions On Medical Robotics and Bionics vol. 2 (4), 565-568.
    • Frazier PA, Jamone L, Althoefer K and Calvo P (2020). Plant Bioinspired Ecological Robotics. Frontiers Media  Frontiers in Robotics and Ai vol. 7
    • Ataka A, Abrar T, Putzu F, Godaba H and Althoefer K (2020). Model-based Pose Control of Inflatable Eversion Robot with Variable Stiffness. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (Ieee)  Ieee Robotics and Automation Letters, 1-1.
    • Sadati SMH, Shiva A, Herzig N, Rucker CD, Hauser H, Walker ID, Bergeles C, Althoefer K and Nanayakkara T (2020). Stiffness Imaging with a Continuum Appendage: Real-Time Shape and Tip Force Estimation from Base Load Readings. Ieee Robotics and Automation Letters vol. 5 (2), 2824-2831.
    • Althoefer K (2020). TMTDyn: A Matlab Package for Modeling and Control of Hybrid Rigid-Continuum Robots Based on Discretized Lumped System and Reduced-Order Models. Sage Publications  International Journal of Robotics Research
    • Abrar T, Hassan A, Putzu F, Godaba H, Ataka A and Althoefer K (2020). An Inhomogeneous Structured Eversion Actuator.37-48.
    • Sadati SMH, Noh Y, Elnaz Naghibi S, Althoefer K and Nanayakkara T (2020). Correction to: Stiffness Control of Soft Robotic Manipulator for Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Using Scale Jamming. In Intelligent Robotics and Applications  Springer Nature  c1-c1.
    • Li W, Alomainy A, Vitanov I, Noh Y, Qi P and Althoefer K (2020). F-TOUCH Sensor: Concurrent Geometry Perception and Multi-axis Force Measurement. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (Ieee)  Ieee Sensors Journal, 1-1.
    • Vitanov I, Rizqi A and Althoefer K (2020). Shape Reconstruction of Soft-Body Manipulator: A Learning-Based Approach.58-61.
    • Dawood AB, Godaba H and Althoefer K (2020). Silicone Based Capacitive E-Skin Sensor for Soft Surgical Robots.62-65.


    • Li M, He B, Liang Z, Zhao C-G, Chen J, Zhuo Y, Xu G, Xie J and Althoefer K (2019). An Attention-Controlled Hand Exoskeleton for the Rehabilitation of Finger Extension and Flexion Using a Rigid-Soft Combined Mechanism. Front Neurorobot vol. 13, 34-34.
    • Wang S, Housden RJ, Noh Y, Singh A, Lindenroth L, Liu H, Althoefer K, Hajnal J, Singh D and Rhode K (2019). Analysis of a customized clutch joint designed for the safety management of an ultrasound robot. Applied Sciences (Switzerland) vol. 9 (9)
    • Shiva A, Sadati SMH, Noh Y, Fraś J, Ataka A, Würdemann H, Hauser H, Walker ID, Nanayakkara T and Althoefer K (2019). Elasticity Versus Hyperelasticity Considerations in Quasistatic Modeling of a Soft Finger-Like Robotic Appendage for Real-Time Position and Force Estimation. Soft Robotics vol. 6 (2), 228-249.
    • Matsuno T, Wang Z, Althoefer K and Hirai S (2019). Adaptive update of reference capacitances in conductive fabric based robotic skin. Ieee Robotics and Automation Letters vol. 4 (2), 2212-2219.
    • Wang S, Housden J, Noh Y, Singh A, Back J, Lindenroth L, Liu H, Hajnal J, Althoefer K, Singh D and Rhode K (2019). Design and Implementation of a Bespoke Robotic Manipulator for Extra-corporeal Ultrasound. J Vis Exp (143)


    • COTUGNO G, KONSTANTINOVA J, ALTHOEFER KA and Nanayakkara T (2018). Modelling the Structure of Object-Independent Human Affordances of Approaching to Grasp for Robotic Hands. Public Library of Science (Plos)  Plos One
    • ALTHOEFER KA (2018). Localised Online Learning-Based Control of a Soft Redundant Manipulator Under Variable Loading. Taylor & Francis  Advanced Robotics
    • OBADINA OO, THAHA MA, ALTHOEFER K and SHAHEED MH (2018). A Modified Computed Torque Control Approach for a Master-Slave Robot Manipulator System., Editors: Giuliani M, Assaf T and Giannaccini ME. Springer Verlag  Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 28-39.
    • ALTHOEFER KA (2018). Reactive Magnetic-Field-Inspired Navigation Method for Robots in Unknown Convex 3-D Environments. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers  Ieee Robotics and Automation Letters
    • ALTHOEFER KA (2018). iCLAP: Shape Recognition by Combining Proprioception and Touch Sensing. Springer Verlag  Autonomous Robots
    • ALTHOEFER KA (2018). Real-Time Vision-Based Stiffness Mapping. Mdpi Ag  Sensors
    • ALTHOEFER KA (2018). Antagonistic actuation and stiffness control in soft inflatable robots. Nature Reviews Materials
    • Sadati SMH, Sullivan L, Walker ID, Althoefer K and Nanayakkara T (2018). Three-Dimensional-Printable Thermoactive Helical Interface With Decentralized Morphological Stiffness Control for Continuum Manipulators. Ieee Robotics and Automation Letters vol. 3 (3), 2283-2290.
    • Abidi H, Gerboni G, Brancadoro M, Fras J, Diodato A, Cianchetti M, Wurdemann H, Althoefer K and Menciassi A (2018). Highly dexterous 2-module soft robot for intra-organ navigation in minimally invasive surgery. International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery vol. 14 (1)
    • Konstantinova J, Wurdemann H, Shafti A, Shiva A and Althoefer K (2018). Soft and Stiffness-controllable Robotics Solutions for Minimally Invasive Surgery:. River Publishers  1-420.
    • Stilli A, Althoefer K and Wurdemann HA (2018). Soft robotics. Bio-inspired antagonistic stiffening. In Biosystems and Biorobotics 207-214.


    • Lee KH, Fu DKC, Leong MCW, Chow M, Fu HC, Althoefer K, Sze KY, Yeung CK and Kwok KW (2017). Nonparametric Online Learning Control for Soft Continuum Robot: An Enabling Technique for Effective Endoscopic Navigation. Soft Robotics vol. 4 (4), 324-337.
    • ALTHOEFER KA, Sareh S, Li M, Noh Y, Tramacere F, Sareh P, Mazzolai B and Kovac M (2017). Anchoring like octopus: biologically inspired soft artificial sucker. Royal Society, The  Journal of The Royal Society Interface vol. 14 (135)
    • KONSTANTINOVA J, Stilli and Althoefer (2017). Fingertip Fiber Optical Tactile Array with Two-Level Spring Structure. Mdpi  Sensors vol. 17 (10)
    • Sareh S, Althoefer K, Li M, Noh Y, Tramacere F, Sareh P, Mazzolai B and Kovac M (2017). Anchoring like octopus: Biologically inspired soft artificial sucker. Journal of The Royal Society Interface vol. 14 (135)
    • Sadati SMH, Naghibi SE, Walker ID, Althoefer K and Nanayakkara T (2017). Control Space Reduction and Real-Time Accurate Modeling of Continuum Manipulators Using Ritz and Ritz–Galerkin Methods. Ieee Robotics and Automation Letters vol. 3 (1), 328-335.
    • Sadati SMH, Naghibi SE, Shiva A, Noh Y, Gupta A, Walker ID, Althoefer K and Nanayakkara T (2017). A geometry deformation model for braided continuum manipulators. Frontiers Robotics Ai vol. 4 (JUN)

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