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Dr Andrew Spowage


Research Overview

Corrosion, Metallurgy, Engineering Education, Transnational Education, Failure Investigation, Materials Selection, Materials in Design


Andrew’s research portfolio reflects his background, in that it is diverse, multidisciplinary and industrially focused. His research can be broadly classified into two broad groups:

Education & Engineering Management.

Work in this group covers elements of enhancing the performance of people, systems and approaches. The work covers performance in both education and industrial environments and has a strong focus on digital technologies and innovation. This work covers methodologies, performance assessment, active learning, quality management, environmental issues and sustainable development. Key skills which enable delivery of this research include:

  • Transnational Education
  • Performance & Assessment
  • University Industry Collaboration
  • Sustainability and Environmental Factors
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Management

The Performance of Materials

Work in this group focuses on understanding the design requirements and then either selecting suitable materials, developing new materials or testing materials to ensure performance in service. This work covers the whole design, operation and disposal cycle incorporating elements of sustainability, lean, six-sigma, quality control, integrity management and environmental concerns. Key skills which enable delivery of this research include:

  • Materials Selection
  • Corrosion Studies
  • Metallurgy & Materials Engineering
  • Characterisation & Testing of Materials
  • Failure Investigation
  • Quality Management
  • High Value Manufacturing