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Status, opportunities and risks of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in the Aviation Sector

Funding source: Gas Safety Trust
Start: 01-07-2020  /  End: 31-01-2021

Every year incidents in general aviation are caused by exposure of the flight crews to CO. The outcome of such incidents range from a mild headache to death of the crew and major collateral damage. The Gas Safety Trust (GST) has a continuing mission to support research and raise awareness of incidents relating to CO positioning in all sectors. With the generous support of the GST the project team have reviewed the available data, developed a broad range of new primary data and created a white paper which aims to raise awareness of the issues. Currently the team is in discussions with the GST to expand the scope of the work to create a public awareness campain and develop scoping documents for follow on research projects. Any one who has an interest in expanding this work is encouraged to get in contact with Andrew Spowage.