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Dr Han Zhang


Research Overview


Dr. Han Zhang is a Lecturer in School of Engineering and Materials Science at Queen Mary University of London. His research motivation comes from the need for the next generation of advanced composite materials with integrated multifunctionalities for future lightweight structural applications. His research areas mainly focus on smart multifunctional materials, hierarchical composites and nanomaterials. The multifunctionalities in polymer composites his research group have developed include strain and damage sensing, self-healing and easy repairing with preserved original properties, and self-regulating heating based on nanostructured composites for sustainable manufacturing.  Han has experience from design and processing to advanced characterisations and interpretation of polymer and composite materials, with more than 40 publications in peer-reviewed journals including Advanced Functional Materials, Composites Science and Technology, Nature Communications, ACS Nano and ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Han is the recipient of the 2010 RH Craven Award from Institute of Materials, Mineral and Mining (IOM3) for his excellent in polymer materials. Han is also the Senior Scientist in Composites at Nanoforce Technology Limited, a spin-out company wholly owned by QMUL.


The research areas Han is interested include:

  • Hierarchical composite manufacturing, with industrial feasible methods.
  • Multi-scale mechanical reinforcement, i.e. toughening and out-of-plane properties.
  • on-line SHM and sensing based on electreical methods.
  • Multifunctionalitional composites.
  • Energy-efficient sustainable manufacturing of composite materials.
  • Easy-repairing of high performance lightweight structural composites.