Prof Hazel Screen
BEng MRes PhD(Lond) CEng FIMechE


Research Overview

organ-on-a-chip, tendon, tissue biomechanics, mechanobiology, tissue engineering, ageing, whole body biomechanics, musculoskeletal bioengineering


Our group are interested in multi-scale mechanics in a range of different connective tissues, characterising tissue behaviour from the whole body (in vivo) level through to the structural response at the nano-scale.

We are currently focusing on some of the soft tissue of the body, particularly tendon, ligament and heart valves. Our work looks at  the in situ mechanical behaviour of these tissues, as well as the physiological loading environments perceived by cells within them. We are interested to understand the mechanisms by which mechanical loading and cell strains may initiate the development of disease conditions, particularly through the initiation of mechanotransduction pathways.
In association with these studies, we are also looking to use this knowledge to develop novel tissue engineering strategies to facilitate tissue repair, based on optimising the cell strain conditions and promoting matrix anabolism.

Data is also fundamental for developing in vitro models of disease which incorporate the varied physiochemical cues of importance in recaptulating tendon physiology and pathology and we are focused in organ on a chip and in vitro model research in this area.

Over the last five years, we have generously been supported by funding from BBSRC, Arthritis Research UK, Orthopaedic Research UK, Wellcome Trust, Horce Race Betting Levy Board and EPSRC.

Details of all our research projects are available on our website: