Prof Hazel Screen
BEng MRes PhD(Lond) CEng FIMechE


Research Group Members

Some of our group together with Professor Martin Knight's group on an away day to "Go Ape" - Summer 2016

Research Assistants

Dr Grossemy
Dr Zamboulis
Prof Screen

Current PhD Projects

Thesis Title
Development of an arterial organ-chip to study the role of primary cilia in atherosclerosis
Development of an Organ-chip Model to examine Muscle Degeneration
Development of organ-chip models of the growth plate with mechanical stimulation
Development of Parallel Mechanisms Based Wearable Exoskeleton System for Lower Limb
Exploring tendon health and disease with tendon-on-a-chip models
Investigating the influence of synovium on cartilage response to inflammatory stimuli using predictive invitro models.
Novel Models of Tendinopathy on a Chip
organ chip model development- - integrating mechanobiology
Synthesis of polymeric/pyrolytic carbons composite heart valves
The interfascicular matrix niche ? novel approaches to identify the aetiology of tendinopathy

Past PhD Projects

Thesis TitleYear
Factors Impacting Tissue Compliance in the Human Left Atrium and its Effect on Radiofrequency Ablation Success2023
Investigating Human Achilles Tendon Biomechanics Using Novel Ultrasound Imaging2022
Modulating tendon micromechanics for injury prevention or management2022
Investigating the Role of Elastin in Tendon Function2019
Mechanical and biochemical guidance of hMSC developmental trajectories monitored by cytoskeletal morphometrics2019
Advanced Polymeric Materials for Tendon Repair2018
The role of primary cilia in tendinopathy2018
Micro-patterning of peptide-based biomaterials2017
Prognosis and classification of multi-category diseases using biological data2017
The Effects of Loading Frequency on Tenocyte Matabolism2017
A novel fibre composite system to investigate tenocyte metabolism under physiological and pathological loading conditions.2016
Micro-structure reorganisation of the aortic heart valve under a biaxial loading condition2016
A Biomechanical Characterisation of Eccentric and Concentric Loading of the Triceps Surae Complex2013
Structure-Function Relationships in the Aortic Valve2012
The Influence of Microstructure on the Mechanical Behaviours of Tendons2010