Prof Rob Krams

Prof Rob Krams

Professor of Molecular Bioengineering
Chair of Division of Bioengineering
Scientific Director of the CVDHub

+44 (0)20 7882 7940
Engineering 214, Mile End

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support hours:
Monday 2-4 PM
Expertise: mechanotransduction, flow studies, molecular biology, CRISPR, knock out, knock in, finite element modelling, fluid structure modelling, imaging, animal studies
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Brief Biography

Professor Krams was trained at the Free University Amsterdam, where he did his PhD. After two years in the USA, he joined the Bioengineering team of the Thorax centre in Rotterdam. He was a recipient of an Established Investigator (2003-2008). He joined Imperial College London in 2007, where he was a full professor in Bioengineering. In 2018 he joined Qmul as a professor in Bioengineering. he is associate editor of 12 journals and written >500 papers.