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May 2024

Prof Ana Sobrido giving a seminar at TU Eindhoven.

Prof Ana Sobrido gives a seminar at Eindhoven University of Technology

16 May 2024

Prof Ana Sobrido gave an invited seminar on electrospun flow battery electrodes and the use of sustainable precursors into the production of these electrode materials. Prof Sobrido’s work on designing the next generation of redox flow batteries electrospinning is part of her UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship research programme. … [more]

April 2024

Ana Sobrido at MIT campus.

Ana Sobrido Gives a Talk at MIT Chemical Engineering as Part of a Royal Society International Exchanges Award

30 April 2024

Ana Sobrido gave a seminar and visited the facilities at the MIT Chemical Engineering Department about her work on electrospinning as processing technique for the next generation of sustainable electrodes for flow batteries. This visit is part of an ongoing collaboration with Prof Brushett within the framework of a Royal … [more]

Ana Sobrido's group at the Gum Wall in Seattle.

Ana Sobrido gives talk at the MRS Seattle on her group's work on Flow Battery Electrodes

24 April 2024

Professor Sobrido was invited to give the talk on 'Manufacturing Electrodes with Tailored Structures for Efficient Mass Transport in Flow Batteries: Challenges and Opportunities'. Deep and rapid decarbonisation of the global energy systems require the wholesale replacement of fossil fuels with renewable resources. However, these resources are intermittent and unpredictable … [more]

March 2024

Prof Ana Sobrido at the Faraday Institution ERC Conference.

Prof Ana Sobrido Gives a Talk on her Career Path at The Faraday Institution Meeting

27 March 2024

Prof Ana Sobrido gave a talk at the Faraday Institution ERC Meeting held on the 26th-27th March 2024 at the University of Warwick. In her talk, Ana shared her journey as an academic, her career transition from postdoc to independent researcher and promotions since she joined QMUL in 2016. Ana gave … [more]

Prof Milana  Trifkovic and Prof Ana Sobrido

Royal Society Awarded Project for New Collaboration Between Calgary University and Queen Mary University of London

22 March 2024

Prof Ana Sobrido and Dr Maria Crespo Ribadeneyra from Queen Mary, with Prof Milana Trifkovic from Calgary University, have been awarded a Royal Society International Exchanges grant to conduct research on Bacterial Nanocellulose-based Polymer Composites as Solid Polymer Electrolyte for Metal Ion-Batteries. Although lithium-ion batteries are widely used in a … [more]

February 2024

Sobrido's team (Hattie Chisnall, Carlos Mingoes, Ana Sobrido and Michael Thielke) stand at the Night of Science and Engineering.

Na-ion Batteries & Redox Flow Batteries for a Sustainable Energy Future

29 February 2024

Dr Maria Crespo Ribadeneyra and Prof Ana Sobrido presented their approaches to sustainable energy storage at the Night of Science and Engineering, held at The Octagon, on the 29th February 2024. We need batteries to store energy from renewables to be able to cope with their inherent intermittency and move away … [more]

Prof Ana Sobrido with Prof Nunez Coello, who supervised Ana's final year research project in 2004.

Prof Ana Sobrido Gives a Keynote Talk at the IIWPECE in Spain

19 February 2024

Prof Ana Sobrido gave a keynote talk on her group's research in 'Approaches to enhance photoelectrochemical performance of hematite towards the water oxidation reaction' at the II Workshop on Materials for Photocatalysis, Energy and Clean Environment (IIWPECE). This research has led to publications in Nanoscale (2021) and JACS (2023). The IIWPECE … [more]

British Conference for Undergraduate Research

Triple success with three SEMS student projects accepted for presentation at prestigious British Conference for Undergraduate Research

16 February 2024

Three SEMS undergraduate student research projects have been accepted for presentation at the prestigious UK-wide British Conference for Undergraduate Research, being hosted by the London School of Economics (LSE). The students who will be presenting at the conference are Barbaros Zeren and Yash Vaghela, both first year students supervised by … [more]

MIT visitors and Ana Sobrido's team members involved in the Royal Society International Exchanges project enjoying a traditional pub meal.

Team from MIT visit SEMS for Royal Society International Exchange Project

2 February 2024

A team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), led by Prof Brushett, recently visited Queen Mary for a two week period as part of an exchange project funded by The Royal Society. Running from 2022, and finishing this year, the project seeks to improve upon one of the performance-determining components of … [more]

January 2024

Dr Michael Thielke (QMUL) presented his work on sustainable electrodes for flow batteries.

Queen Mary Hosts Workshop on Redox Flow Batteries

25 January 2024

QMUL held a workshop on Redox Flow Batteries, a key player in the transition to a sustainable and net zero future for energy technologies. The event was hosted by Prof Ana Sobrido and her team. Dr Mauricio Murillo took the lead for the organisation of the space, talks, poster presentations … [more]

December 2023

Schematic representation of spin selective transport of electrons

Sobrido's Group publish new paper on 'Electron Spin Selective Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Evolution Reaction'

5 December 2023

Highly efficient electrocatalysts are crucial to the widespread commercialisation of water electrolysis technology and an important step forward toward a sustainable energy future. The Sobrido Group's Dr Carlos Mingoes, in collaboration with Dr Schroeder from UCL led a study published in ACS Materials to boost the electrocatalytic activity for … [more]

October 2023

Schematic representation of a solar flow battery used in Sobrido's group for direct storage of solar  energy.

Ana Sobrido Shortlisted for the 2023 Journal of Materials Chemistry Lectureship

25 October 2023

Prof Ana Sobrido has been shortlisted for this year's Journal of Materials Chemistry Lectureship Award for her work on solar flow batteries, a niche technology able to directly store solar energy and use it to photocharge a battery. The Journal of Materials Chemistry annual lectureship honours researchers who have … [more]

September 2023

Plenary talk at the Henry Royce Institute National Conference.

Ana Sobrido gives an Invited Talk at the Royce National Conference 2023

7 September 2023

Prof Sobrido gave a talk at the Henry Royce Institute National Conference held at the University of Manchester (6th-7th September) on her group's research work on sustainable materials for flow batteries. Flow batteries are a type of stationary energy storage technology where chemical energy is … [more]

July 2023

In situ photocatalytically enhanced thermogalvanic cells for electricity and hydrogen production

Collaboration with NPU Results in a Publication in Science

20 July 2023

A collaboration led by NPU's academic Prof Xuanhua Li in collaboration with Dr Ana Sobrido has resulted in a publication in Science, In situ photocatalytically enhanced thermogalvanic cells for electricity and hydrogen production. In thermogalvanic cells, temperature-driven concentration gradients of redox active species can lead to a potential difference … [more]

Photo of Participants at the Leadership Retreat Workshop organised by FLF Development Network

Ana Sobrido Participates in a Leadership Retreat Workshop in Reading

10 July 2023

Ana spent three days in Reading at a workshop on leadership organised by the FLF Development Network, along with other 19 fellows. The workshop programme, facilitated by Steve Joy and Tracey Stead, included topics such as self-leadership, team dysfunction, important conversations and action planning. For those FLF who have not had … [more]

June 2023

Carlos after passing his PhD viva with supervisor Ana Jorge Sobrido and examiners Guanjie He and Oliver Fenwick

Carlos Mingoes passes his PhD Viva

1 June 2023

Carlos defended his PhD project on the 1st June 2023 and passed with very minor corrections - well done Carlos, many congratulations! His PhD studied the electron spin selectivity through chirality and probed the effect of electrons spin selectivity on oxygen evolution reaction. Carlos was supervised by Dr Ana Jorge Sobrido. [more]

April 2023

Ana giving a talk at CIC energiGUNE

Ana Sobrido presents research on electrospun carbon electrodes for redox flow batteries at CIC energiGUNE

19 April 2023

Ana Sobrido presented her work on electrospun carbon electrodes for redox flow batteries as part of her UKRI FLF at CIC energiGUNE, in Vitoria, Basque Country, Spain. In her talk, Ana shared her research group's latest findings on how to optimise the microstructure of self-supporting electrospun carbon fibre electrodes … [more]

March 2023

Ana during her talk at UoS - 22nd March 2023

Ana gives a seminar at the University of Southampton

22 March 2023

Ana Sobrido gave a seminar at the University of Southampton invited by the Smart Electronic Materials and Systems division and Dr Dimitra Georgiadou.  Ana shared her work on Sustainable Electrodes for Redox Flow Batteries, as part of her UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship.  [more]

January 2023

Event poster

First 'National Battery Day' celebration @QMUL!

27 January 2023

We are celebrating the National Battery Day on Friday 17th February and we want to harness this opportunity to promote battery careers as widely as possible with our amazing QMUL undergraduate students! What? Short 10 min talks by some of QMUL's leading scientists in battery science. Q&A session … [more]

Proposed mechanism and optimised structures of reaction intermediates for the oxygen evolution reaction of sIr/hematite photoelectrocatalyst system.

Single Atom Iridium on Hematite for Solar Water Splitting: Catalyst or Spectator? SEMS Leads an Innovative Study that Brings New Understanding on the Processes Controlling Solar Water Oxidation

12 January 2023

Single-atom catalysts (SACs) on hematite photoanodes are efficient co-catalysts to boost photoelectrochemical performance. However, the specific role of SACs on hematite photoanodes is not fully understood yet: Do SACs behave as a catalytic site or a spectator? By combining spectroscopic experiments and computer simulations, a research led by Ana Sobrido … [more]

December 2022

Ana Jorge Sobrido

Ana becomes a mentor for Destination STEMM - Chemical Sciences with Windsor Fellowship

10 December 2022

Ana Jorge Sobrido has just started her role as Mentor for Destination STEMM - Chemical Sciences, an initiative led by Windsor Fellowship in partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry. Destination STEMM is a national mentoring programme for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students in year 12. Mentoring is a key … [more]

November 2022

Electrospinning process for electrode fabrication

To switch to renewables, we need better energy storage

15 November 2022

Ana Jorge Sobrido explains why she works on Sustainable Electrodes for Redox Flow Batteries The dual energy and climate crises have increased global focus on renewable energy generation through wind and solar: the need for low cost, efficient energy storage is greater now than ever. Even before the present gas … [more]

Ana with a summary of her FLF research done by artist Vanessa Damianou.

Ana participates in the Crucible Programme Workshop in Wetherby

10 November 2022

Ana Jorge Sobrido participated in the two-day residential crucible programme organised by FLF Development Network, at the Wood Hall Hotel in Wetherby. The programme is designed to foster collaborations between researchers and introduce new ways of thinking and working, to form interdisciplinary, cross-sector networks between researchers who normally … [more]

July 2022

Pavel with examiners Dr Cristina Giordano (SPCS) and Prof Chris Howard (UCL).

Congratulations to Pavel Victoria Tafoya for Passing his PhD Viva!

20 July 2022

Many congratulations to Pavel for passing his PhD viva on the 20th July 2022 with minor corrections with Dr Cristina Giordano (QMUL, SPCS) and Prof Chris Howard (UCL). Pavel was supervised by Dr Ana Jorge Sobrido and the recipient of a CONACYT studentship from the Mexican government. During the last months, … [more]

Linh Tran Thi Ngoc

Congratulations to Linh Tran Thi Ngoc for Passing her PhD Viva

12 July 2022

Many congratulations to Linh on passing her PhD viva on the 12th July 2022 with minor corrections. Linh's PhD thesis studied the synthesis of nickel and iron layered double hydroxides supported on electrospun lignin-derived carbon fibres and their application as oxygen bifunctional electrocatalysts under the supervision of Dr … [more]

UK RFB Network Committee - Dr Ana J Sobrido, Dr Kathryn Toghill and Dr Declan Bryans

UK Redox Flow Battery Network Annual Meeting Hosted at Queen Mary University of London

11 July 2022

The 6th Annual Meeting of the UK Redox Flow Battery Network  (UKRFBN) took place on the 11th July 2022. This year the event was held at Queen Mary University of London and hosted by Ana Jorge Sobrido, who is an active member of the UKRFBN Committee. Around 80 people registered … [more]

Participants of the EPSRC-supported workshop on the future of Electrochemistry

Ana Jorge Sobrido Participates in EPSRC-supported Workshop on the Future of Electrochemistry in the UK

7 July 2022

Organised by Prof Dryfe (University of Manchester), Prof Katherine Holt (University College London), Dr Mark Symes (University of Glasgow) and Dr Upul Wijayantha (Loughborough University), this stimulating event gathered around 40 academics from UK institutions working on topics with a significant electrochemistry component to debate current challenges of the area and … [more]

June 2022

Szymon with examiners Mike Reece and Caroline Knapp and supervisor Ana Jorge Sobrido

Congratulations to Szymon Doszczeczko for passing his PhD viva

28 June 2022

Many congratulations to Szymon on passing his PhD viva on the 28th June 2022 with minor corrections. Szymon's PhD thesis studied the synthesis of cobalt-based materials and their application as oxygen bifunctional electrocatalysts. He will continue in Ana Sobrido's Group as a postdoc working on 3D-printed microstructured electrodes … [more]

A diagram of a redox flow battery. Credit: Ana Sobrido

Queen Mary partners with the Faraday Institution to power up redox flow batteries  

1 June 2022

Queen Mary’s Dr Ana Jorge Sobrido will lead a project to overcome engineering issues that are currently preventing the wide-spread adoption of redox flow batteries (RFBs).    RFBs are emerging as a crucial technology for the transition to renewable energy, since their large capacity can help to … [more]

May 2022

Workshop at the Wellcome Collection, 13th May 2022

Ana Sobrido selected to participate in the workshop "Working with Creative Industries"

13 May 2022

Ana was among the selected candidates to participate in the workshop organised by Plus Funds Programme and the University of Bristol (Dr Victoria Bates) on Working with Creative Industries. The workshop runs from May 2022 to June 2023, with a variety of activities directed to understand how to develop more impactful … [more]

April 2022

Ana enjoying the award ceremony at Drapers' Hall

Ana Jorge Sobrido shortlisted for Education Award

6 April 2022

Congratulations to Ana who was among the nominees for an Education Award in Teaching for Sustainable Development. The award ceremony  was held in the evening of Wednesday 6 April 2022, at Drapers' Hall in The City of London. Although she was not awarded the prize, Ana is  … [more]

MEng group

Best MEng project in SEMS Industrial Liaison Forum 2022

6 April 2022

Congratulations for the MEng group that has won the best project 2022. This is supervised by Dr Wei Tan and Dr Ana Belen Jorge Sobrido. A group of MEng  students (Moizz Ali, Aqil Ali, Jabril Abdinur, Rafi R. and M. Mebeha) attended an Industrial … [more]

MEng project presentation prize winners

MEng Group Project Presentation prize awarded at ILF April 2022

6 April 2022

Our MEng students presented their Research & Design Team Projects at the Industrial Liaison Forum on 6th April 2022. Our MEng students conduct team projects in their 4th year in groups of about 5 students. Currently towards the end of their projects, they were able to present a mix of prototypes, samples … [more]

March 2022

Logo of Royal Society

Ana J Sobrido awarded a Royal Society International Exchanges Grant with MIT

28 March 2022

Ana has been awarded a Royal Society International Exchanges Grant with MIT. This grant (March 2022 - March 2024) will start a new collaboration with Prof Brushett from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chemical Engineering Department) and his team. During this collaborative project Prof Brushett and several members of … [more]

Qian with her PhD examiners (Prof Dunn and Dr Steier) and her supervisor (Dr Ana J Sobrido)

Qian Guo passes her PhD viva

25 March 2022

Congratulations to Qian Guo for passing her viva on 25th March 2022 with Prof Steve Dunn and Dr Ludmilla Steier as examiners. Well done Qian! Qian's PhD project focused on the synthesis and study of photoelectrochemical systems based on hematite for photo-assisted water oxidation, supervised by Dr Ana Jorge Sobrido … [more]

November 2021

Professor Bill Bonfield FRS FREng FMedSci, second Head of Materials showing some of the materials developed by Materials at Queen Mary, including HAPEX used in over 500,000 patients worldwide

Materials Celebrates 50 Years of Graduations

15 November 2021

50 years of Materials graduates from the Mile End Campus in London and the first cohort from Queen Mary Engineering School (QMES) at our campus at Northwestern Polytechnic University in Xi’an China were celebrated on Friday 5th November. 120 people gathered in the Octagon with another 45 people on-line to … [more]

September 2021

sense about science

Ana Sobrido participates in the Standing up for Science Workshop organised by Sense about Science

24 September 2021

Ana took part in the Standing up for Science Workshop organised by Sense about Science, held on the 24th September 2021.  The panel sessions focused on the ways the media, policymakers, scientists and the public interact and consider questions of evidence. The workshop was very  helpful in … [more]

March 2021

High-speed, high resolution photoelectrochemical imaging

Photoelectrochemical imaging with high spatiotemporal resolution: publication in Biosensors and Bioelectronics

1 March 2021

Electrochemical or photoelectrochemical imaging of living cells has great potential for label-free, functional monitoring of cell responses, but is either relatively slow or suffers from poor resolution. Detailed electrochemical imaging has been limited to single-cell investigations, making it time-consuming to produce biologically relevant data. Our publication “Photoelectrochemical imaging system … [more]

October 2020

Dr Sobrido

Queen Mary researcher awarded UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship

15 October 2020

Dr Ana Jorge Sobrido from Queen Mary University of London has today been named as one of UK Research and Innovation’s (UKRI) Future Leaders Fellows for her work to develop innovative energy storage systems. The £1.4m Future Leaders Fellowship (FLF) award will support Dr Sobrido’s … [more]

April 2020

Advanced Energy Materials cover showing a 3D porous structure consisting of carbon nanotubes and graphene layers for oxygen and hydrogen electrocatalytic applications.

Advanced Energy Materials Cover on 3D Carbon Materials for Efficient Oxygen and Hydrogen Electrocatalysis

1 April 2020

A review by Ana Jorge Sobrido (QMUL), Rhodri Jervis (UCL), Magda Titirici (ICL) et al. has been featured as the cover for the latest edition of Advanced Energy Materials journal. The cover was designed by PhD student at ICL Jingyu Fen. This review summarises the latest advances in 3D porous … [more]

September 2019

Professors Steffi Krause,  Julien Gautrot and Henri Huijberts.

Success for SEMS Academics in 2019 Promotion Round

17 September 2019

Following the 2019 Promotion Round we are very pleased to announce that eleven members of staff from SEMS have been promoted. This is a fantastic achievement that demonstrates the quality of work undertaken by staff in the School. In particular congratulations to our three new Professors - Julien Gautrot, Steffi Krause … [more]

October 2018

L-R: Professor Diana Lopez, Dr Ana Jorge Sobrido and Professor Magda Titirici

Queen Mary researchers nominated for £200K science prize

4 October 2018

Two researchers from Queen Mary University of London are part of a team that is shortlisted to win a £200,000 science prize for their work in creating sustainable energy storage technologies from palm tree residue in Colombia.  Professor Magda Titirici and co-investigator Dr Ana Jorge Sobrido, both from Queen Mary’s … [more]