Sobrido's Group publish new paper on 'Electron Spin Selective Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Evolution Reaction'

5 December 2023

Schematic representation of spin selective transport of electrons
Schematic representation of spin selective transport of electrons

Highly efficient electrocatalysts are crucial to the widespread commercialisation of water electrolysis technology and an important step forward toward a sustainable energy future.

The Sobrido Group's Dr Carlos Mingoes, in collaboration with Dr Schroeder from UCL led a study published in ACS Materials to boost the electrocatalytic activity for oxygen evolution reaction of Iridium nanoparticles through chiral functionalisation.

At a potential of 1.55V vs RHE, chiral functionalised Iridium exhibited an average 85% enhancement in activity. This activity enhancement is attributed to a spin-selective electron transfer mechanism taking place on the chiral functionalized catalysts, a characteristic induced by the chirality of the ligand.

This alternative path for the OER drastically reduces the production of hydrogen peroxide and maximises the oxygen production.

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