Centre for Intelligent Transport

Research Themes

Energy Systems

EnergyOur research topics involve spacecraft electric propulsion for nano- and micro- satellites, plasma- and hydrogen-powered actuators and thrusters in aerospace, energy, or power in application to aircraft actuators and thrusters

Future Mobility

MobilityCIT has a strong track record in aeroacoustics in the area of community noise modelling  and traffic management in the area of routing, scheduling and control. Research topics include Urban Air Mobility and learning combinatorial optimisation algorithms over graphs.

Robotics and Smart Machines

MobilityResearch in Robotics covers robot design and mechatronics, human-robot interaction, control and systems engineering, autonomous systems, robotic locomotion, sensing and biomedical mechatronics.

Advanced Materials and Structures

materialsThe focuses of this research theme are mechanics and modelling with a coordinated endeavour of solid mechanics, computational modelling and materials science for future transport.

Digital Manufacturing

manufacturingAdvanced additive manufacturing process particularly multi-scale multi-physics approaches to metallic materials for aerospace applications and 3D printing using autonomous robots.

Digital Twins

twinsOptimisation algorithms coupled with extremely demanding physics-based simulations; Robust multi-fidelity modelling using Machine Learning in the whole lifecycle of products.