KiriTEG (Smart Grants)

Principal investigator: Emiliano BILOTTI
Co-investigator(s): Michael REECE, Oliver FENWICK and Han ZHANG
Funding source(s): Innovate UK
 Start: 01-08-2020  /  End: 31-07-2022
 Amount: £131,117
SEMS division:
The KiriTEG project will develop flexible, miniaturised TEGs allowing the design of non-rigid thermoelectric energy harvester devices. This will be achieved by development of innovative semiconductor materials, materials deposition techniques and production processes to allow the commercial scaling of the project deliverables. This project utilises the skills of 'kirigami' (variant of origami that includes cutting as well as folding) to produce a new generation of low cost, highly flexible devices. These energy harvesting devices will operate between -40C and +120 C, which covers the vast majority of low grade harvesting applications.