Principal investigator: Lei SU
Co-investigator(s): Martin KNIGHT and
Funding source(s): EU Commission - Horizon 2020
 Start: 01-10-2018  /  End: 30-09-2020
 Amount: £156,364
Directly incurred staff: Luming Zhao
Raster scanning the focusing at the tip of an imaging optical fibre

Modern laser microsurgery requires compact ultrafast laser sources and miniature fibre-optic probes. The aim of this project is to develop miminally invasive optical fibre scalpel to perform image-guided high-precision microsurgery. In this timely project, the Fellow will first develop a new dissipative-soliton-resonance (DSR) ultrafast fibre laser and will then integrate the DSR laser to the optical fibre imaging system in the supervisor’s group. This multidisciplinary research is expected to make new advancements and discoveries in a number of emerging topics at the forefront of Photonics, such as DSR ultrafast fibre laser technology, optical fibre imaging, and ultrafast laser microsurgery. In addition, the results arising from nonlinear imaging (two-photon and second-harmonic-generation imaging) of the biological tissue and ultrafast-laser-tissue interaction will inform clinical and biomedical research on biomaterials properties and disease pathology.