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Previous Funded Research Projects

Combined LAPS and SICM for multimodal live cell imaging

Funding source: EPSRC Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Start: 01-09-2018  /  End: 28-02-2023

A novel instrument will be developed that will revolutionise the ability to monitor cellular processes and cell communication in polarised cells by simultaneously imaging cells apically and basally. This will provide information about apical cell morphology and basal ion concentrations and electrical signals such as cell surface charge and impedance.

EPSRC Core Equipment 2020

Funding source: EPSRC Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Start: 01-11-2020  /  End: 30-04-2022

Newton International Fellowship 2019: Dynamics of microcapsules in inertial two-phase flows

Funding source: Royal Society
Start: 01-03-2020  /  End: 28-02-2022

Dynamics of microcapsules in inertial two-phase flows

EPSRC Core Equipment Call

Funding source: EPSRC Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Start: 13-02-2020  /  End: 12-08-2021


Funding source: Commission of the European Community
Start: 01-09-2015  /  End: 31-08-2018

Margination of Microcapsules in Small Arteries

Funding source: Horizon2020 - 658478
Start: 03-09-2015  /  End: 02-09-2017

The aim of the project is to conduct a systematic study of the effects of system parameters, such as the blood flow condition, the particle shape, size etc on the cross-stream migration and margination of microcapsules in blood flows in small arteries.

Global Challenges Research Fund

Funding source: E.P.S.R.C.
Start: 20-07-2016  /  End: 31-03-2017

Newton Research Collaboration Programme

Funding source: Royal Academy of Engineering
Start: 15-08-2015  /  End: 15-09-2015

Previous PhD Studentship Projects

PhD stipend and consumables for Mr S Feng

Funding source: Zhoukou Tianjiukang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd
Start: 01-01-2019  /  End: 31-12-2022

PhD Scholarship: Miss Xinqing Pang

Funding source: Shijiazhuang Huiruan Software Technology Co Ltd
Start: 01-10-2017  /  End: 30-09-2021

PhD Studentship

Funding source: Taiyuan Tongcheng Delivery Limited
Start: 01-09-2016  /  End: 30-09-2020

PhD Scholarship: Mr Yuezhou Zhang

Funding source: Wuxi Second Hospital
Start: 01-10-2017  /  End: 30-09-2020

PhD Scholarship in Complex Networks

Funding source: Shenzhen Aoxinke Electronics Ltd
Start: 01-09-2016  /  End: 30-09-2020

PHD Scholarship in Vascular Bioengineering

Funding source: Ju-Nail Technology Co Ltd
Start: 01-10-2015  /  End: 30-11-2019

Changes in primary cilia mediate the anti-inflammatory effects of mechanical loading

Funding source: China Scholarship Council (CSC)
Start: 29-09-2015  /  End: 28-09-2019

This new PhD studentship follows on from our previous work highlighting the importance of primary cilia in inflammation. Here we will examine whether mechanical loading is anti-inflammatory due to its effect on reducing primary cilia length. The study will initially focus on articular cartilage for which IL-1B stimulates cartilage degeneration as seen in osteoarthritis. Previous studies have shown that compressive mechanical loading is anti-inflammatory. Studies have shown that primary cilia are required for inflammatory signalling and are also modulated by mechanical loading. This study aims to identify the effect of mechanical loading on IL-1B induced inflammatory signalling and test the hypothesis that mechanical loading modulates IL-1? signalling by regulating primary cilia length and trafficking. PhD Student: Su Fu

Biophysical characterization of bleb-based migration in cancer cells

Funding source: China Scholarship Council (CSC)
Start: 01-09-2015  /  End: 01-09-2019

We aim to characterize how the cytoskeleton and ERM proteins polarize their intracellular localization as main driver for directed bleb-based cell migration in cancer cells

PhD Scholarship 2

Funding source: Wuhuan Automobile Industrial Co Ltd
Start: 15-09-2014  /  End: 14-09-2017

The influence of osmotic challenge on chondrocyte mechanics

Funding source: China Scholarship
Start: 30-09-2011  /  End: 01-10-2015

This PhD studentship examines the mechanical properties of articular chondrocytes and the influence of osmotic pressure. In particular hypo osmotic challenge results in an increase in cell size and associated changes in cell mechanics. The study involves quantification of cellular mechanics using micropipette aspiration and analytical modelling and investigation of …

PhD Scholarship

Funding source: Yonghe Anlong Trade Ltd (Beijing)
Start: 01-10-2012  /  End: 30-09-2015

Other Research Projects

Newton International Fellowship 2019: Dynamics of microcapsules in inertial two-phase flows

Dynamics of microcapsules in inertial two-phase flows that supports research on the microfluidics involved in capsule migration in small channels.

Lipid Membranes and Permeation

Lipid membranes are interfacial systems employed by living organisms to encapsulate cells and organelles, transmit information, transport molecules, and store energy. Lipids also have many industrial applications, for example in the areas of drug design and targeted delivery, nanotechnology, and biofuel production. This project will focus on computer simulations of membrane systems using the molecular dynamics method. Fundamental physical properties will be investigated using state of the art software and high-performance computing facilities.

Flexible particles in flow: dynamics and applications in biomedical and pharmaceutical industries

Flexible particles (FP) including capsules, vesicles and cells are small droplets enclosed by thin membranes. They are widely found in nature and have numerous applications in food, cosmetic, textile, biomedical and pharmaceutical industries (e.g. drug delivery and release). In many applications FPs are subjected to external flows wherein quantities …