Prof Thomas Iskratsch
Dipl.-Ing. (Equiv. to MSc/MEng), PhD


Research Group Members

Research Assistants

Dr Swiatlowska
Dr Luo
LUO, Jiajun

Current PhD Projects

Thesis Title
3D in vitro models; biofabrication; 3D bioprinting;
A Dynamic Model of Soft Tissue Integration to Dental Hard Tissue
Cardiomyocytes, Mechanobiology, Rigidity sensing, Micropatterning, Traction Force Measurement
Developing a CRISPR Methodology for subtle modification of proteins in mammalian cells
Investigation of mechanobiological sensing in cell spreading with label-free photoelectrochemical imaging
Microdroplet-based microfluidics for direct reprogramming of human pluripotent stem cells
Nanotechnology approaches for the investigation of cardiac mechanosensing
The Role of Proteoglycans in Vascular Smooth Muscle Mechanosensing